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I am about an hour in and this feels very much like all the sorts of things we enjoy in something featuring Wadjeteye.

Antiquarian Thomasina Bateman has arrived in the remote town of Bewlay, intrigued by an invitation and the possibility of investigating a local barrow. But the person she is to meet never shows up, her assistant doesn't arrive, and many locals are standoffish and wary. Not to mention her equipment is locked in the postmaster's shed.

While it's early days, something is clearly not quite right. The barrow seems like an out-of-bounds topic, and there is more than just a natural reticence towards strangers. The game itself promises a folk horror tone, with a "dark, complex and evolving storyline" interwoven with elements from English folklore. I look forward to it unfolding.

It's point and click all the way, with pixel-art graphics, an original soundtrack and plenty of places to explore and people to speak to. There is lots to talk about too, even more at times if you right-click to look at objects, and the characters to date are well voiced. A to-do list keeps track of objectives (I have three outstanding at present), and a fast-travel map becomes available early on which makes getting around more efficient. Puzzling so far has revolved around inventory items and asking enough questions to propel things forward. Save at will, highlight hotspots if you wish, have subtitles or not. You can also turn on a developer commentary, although the game warns you about spoilers and suggests you wait until you have played once. I took it at its word so can't tell you about it, but I do tend to like this feature and look forward to investigating it at some point.

I look forward to what is to come.

Once again, weeds are my life!