I'm looking to buy a copy of Deponia,Captain Morgane, and To The Moon. Does anyone here have copies of these they'd be willing to part with? Much appreciated!

I went to take out a copy of Grim Fandango I got a year or so ago from a seller. I found that the discs were taped to the jewel case, the second I saw this I thought, 'oh god, this can't be good'.

I started carefully trying to peel the tape off, but a chunk of the silvery CD came off the with the tape, about the size of half a penny. So disc A is now ruined. Please never, ever ever ever use tape on CDs, this was a totally bonehead move on the part of the seller. Use a rubber band or something.

Now, that said, is there anyone around here who would be willing to part with Grim Fandango? If all you have is the discs, that fine. If you have the little cardboard case that would be even better, because the seller didn't include that with the boxed copy I got.

Thanks all!


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