Anacapri: The Dream
A First Look

By Inferno

Come with me for a moment to a wondrous place. A place that holds unending warmth and hospitality.
A place of pearlescent beaches, forever embraced by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean rhythmically lapping upon the shores in an eternal kiss. A place of vibrant color and lush rolling hills, of verdant greens perfumed with the delicate scents of herbs and wildflowers. It is an ancient island whose majestic cliffs and hidden grottos appear to be hewn by the gods themselves.

Come with me

…to the island of Capri.

Gey and Silvio Savarese have beckoned us back to Capri once again, to explore the other side of this intoxicating island in their new adventure --Anacapri: The Dream. Those of you who played and enjoyed their first offering -- A Quiet Weekend in Capri -- will be quite pleased with some new features. These include a full screen during regular game play, 360 degree panning and over 8,000 gorgeous images to drool over. You will also find a strong and introspective story, thought provoking puzzles, more varied and improved maps and of course, the music

… “tale musica bella.”

As for game play – similar to AQWIC we are presented with four options:

  • Anacapri: The Dream
    – The English version of the adventure story.
  • Anacapri: The Dream
    – The Italian version of the adventure story. (This is delightful just to hear this beautifully succulent language – even if you don’t speak a word.)
  • Anacapri: The Dream – A travelogue.
    - This version allows you to “tour” around the entire town of Anacapri, learn its history and customs with an English-speaking tour guide.
  • Anacapri: The Dream - A travelogue.
    - This does the same as the one above but it is in Italian

… “Que bella.”

Even though most of you will only be interested in the first module (the English version of the adventure itself), I encourage you to play through all four.

“Chi sa?” Maybe you’ll want to learn the language.

The installation of the version that I played through had no glitches and the game responded well to my Windows XP Home system. No bugs or crashes, just a sweet and serene experience.

The Main Menu is logical, as are the sub menus, which allow nine “game save slots”, options to start from the beginning, from the last save, “jumping points” that you have previously visited or any of your other “saves.” The map is large and clear. There is also information on the Designers and Credits here as well as the option to turn Hot Spots and Screen Numbers either on or off.

The “instruction menu” is nicely done and even offers a workaround for some of the more difficult puzzles. Something I was truly grateful for during that last slider … which was “Un enigma squisito difficile.” But no matter, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

This time we will discover Anacapri, its past, its people and maybe -- just maybe -- a little of ourselves if we are lucky. Here we will learn about the infamous Obsidian Disk and its possible impact upon mankind. We will discover the heavens from “Il Codex Astrorum.” We will meet the “Nereids” and learn about their proper care. By listening carefully to them, we may even have the chance to hear the wisdom of Nereus. We will discover the true personae of dolphins, seagulls, snakes and geckos … and what they may or may not be. These are all just a tiny part of what makes up Anacapri: The Dream. In this adventure we have the ability to uncover human duality… while sipping on chilled limoncello in our new handmade leather sandals.

How? You may ask.

By delving into what is “reality” and what is “dream” you will eventually find the answer. There are many factors and points of advice in this along the journey ahead. The Turtle knows … she will offer you guidance. So will various spirits and townspeople you will meet. Or is it something more?


Observe your surroundings carefully during your waking hours. The clues are all there …you only have to set aside your mundane assumptions and let fly your imagination. You’ll find in the end, the path will be clear. The choice, however, will be up to you. Choose wisely.

During your journey don’t forget to look at the exquisite panoramic seascapes. The still images of these brilliant vistas with their shimmering cerulean waters have a haunting, magical quality … as though one could be ported back to another time and place. There is one primordial location on this timeless island that I found to be my favorite. A place so tranquil, so full of history that I could almost feel the sea breeze lightly tingle my skin and the luscious scent of wildflowers envelop me in the warmth of the Capri sun as I made the long descent to the shores below. The place I speak of is “Lo Scala Fenicia”, an ancient stone staircase. For it was here that the combination of the breathtaking scenery and the quietly bittersweet music of “Lagunna al Tramonto” brought a tear to my eye and touched my heart, making me homesick for a place known only in dreams.


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