Mata Hari

Posted By: old lady

Mata Hari - 08/10/09 12:19 PM

I'm trying to get into the British Embassy. I have spoken to the clark who said he would give me a pass and the diary has "get pass" ticked but I don't have the pass in my invantory when I speak to the guard. I've tried hiding the camera but it does not help. Any ideas folks? insane
Posted By: nanette

Re: Mata Hari - 08/10/09 01:01 PM

From time to time you'll see a man leave the embasssy. Talk to them and choose an option - hard to say which one, just pick one. It wasn't until the fourth or fifth man that I fanally picked the right answer and he gave me the pass
Keep moving around/talking to the guard to trigger the next men coming out if necessary
Posted By: Rushes

Re: Mata Hari - 08/10/09 01:07 PM

Thanks, nanette.
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Re: Mata Hari - 08/10/09 01:17 PM

I have talked to the guard about 4 or 5 times and meet the clark who said he would give me the pass. What I don't understand is why the requirment to get the pass is ticked in the diary but I don't seem to have it?
Head is now hung in shame. As the other door keepers want to see the pass I expect this one to do the same. In the embassy you just have to hid the camera and walk in. Stupid me blush thanks for your time.
Posted By: MaG

Re: Mata Hari - 08/10/09 01:45 PM

Glad you got through.

Check the updated walkthrough. There are spy points added today - especially at the British Embassy. You don't want to miss those spy points. smile
Posted By: old lady

Re: Mata Hari - 08/10/09 01:47 PM

Thank you
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