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Uru - 09/08/13 02:23 AM

Finally getting around to Trying to play this. I am stuck in Eder Kemo. You're supposed to jump on some rock and from there jump onto a ledge to pick up some page. I've been stuck here for a few days. A couple of times I've made it onto the rock (a couple out of a hundred) but I can't get anywhere near the ledge. Any tips on making these jumps?
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Re: Uru - 09/08/13 03:21 AM

oldbroad, unless you want absolutely to pick up all the pages in the game, this one is not necessary. It only adds decoration at your Relto.

I tried many times to get that page and remember getting it once.

I do not know of a great tip to do it.

Good luck.

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Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Uru - 09/08/13 03:34 AM

Thanks Chief. I had decided to try to move on without getting the page. I was hoping I didn't need it. I am following a walkthrough but still having a lot of trouble with the game.

I got into the cave with my firelies but the w/t says I need more fireflies for some other cave and to "build a bridge across to the lower cave". I don't know what that means. I have the barrel things (3 of them) to build a bridge but don't understand what lower cave it means. The same one I was already in? The new cave is up higher but I have to jump the waterfall to get it and you can only jump once with the firelies so that would be my one jump I'm guessing, and therefore I cannot have any jumps into the original cave like I did the first time. Is that right or am I way off base?

I am quitting for the night as I have tried to make my way back into the caves with more fireflies (using bridges and without jumping)a couple of times but have not made it. I am getting frustrated having to keep going back and forth and also getting dizzy. I don't really like this type of movement in a game.
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Re: Uru - 09/08/13 03:45 AM

Are you using the Coelho Buda walkthrough that we have in the WT section?

I used it to play the game a few times and thought it gives some good explanations.

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Re: Uru - 09/08/13 04:02 AM

I've got the one by Graham printed out. Upon looking at it further (online here) I see my question answered. I just had to read down another paragraph. Maybe tomorrow I can figure out how to get the second bridge I need into the right position. Of course, my first bridge needs fixing again now too.

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Re: Uru - 09/08/13 04:33 AM

oldbroad, are you playing the ONLINE version of this game, or the one that installs from a CD/DVD? The online version is a bit different and it allows you to play with others (multiplayer online).

Let me know which you are playing. It's a great game either way.

Dadguy :-)
Posted By: Geo

Re: Uru - 09/08/13 08:39 AM

Don't forget about "F1".It gives you a different view.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Uru - 09/08/13 10:30 AM

The section with the bridges and fireflies takes a lot of patience old broad. Good Luck!
Posted By: Rushes

Re: Uru - 09/08/13 03:04 PM

luck oldbroad.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Uru - 09/08/13 08:33 PM

I'm playing the disc version dadguy.
Thanks Geo, Gerry, and Rushes.
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