Posted By: The Haze

Anamedia - 01/16/16 08:43 PM

OK, I simply cannot wrap my head around the first puzzle in the demo. (Old age is at least a partial factor.) Can anyone suggest how the bars and the post work? I see the clues in the book, but I can't get the translation.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Anamedia - 01/16/16 10:04 PM

I hope someone will be able to help you.
Posted By: stevefox

Re: Anamedia - 01/16/16 10:13 PM

Click the bars, in this order and on these sides of the post.:

#2 - 1 - #4
***- 5 -***
#3 - 7 - #1
***- 4 -***
Posted By: MaG

Re: Anamedia - 01/16/16 10:43 PM

Thanks, stevefox.

luck The Haze.
Posted By: sanford

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 01:48 AM

I've been roaming around, and I just entered some kind of room that has a purplish plant that glows when you click on it and also a triangular container which has a note in it. I don't have a clue as to what I do next, Cookie. NOW I can use one of your hints, and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. LOL. BTW, Thanks, stevefox, for the above puzzle solution.
Posted By: Paupasia

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 02:20 AM

Hi Sandy! A little help for you laugh
Have you collected the sheet in the music room? Maybe is useful wink
Posted By: sanford

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 04:18 AM

To tell you the truth, Paupasia, I have no idea where the music room IS at this point. I've just been walking around. all I've done so far is solve that "signpost" puzzle (with the help of stevefox. I have the game saved at that point. Thank you for your reply, though.
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 05:40 AM

I'm as lost as you, sanford, but isn't it gorgeous?
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 09:24 AM

we apologize for our possible delay in reply but, as you know, Italy's time zone is several hours ahead yours!

Stevefox....did you really solve the pillar puzzle THAT way? eek

Sanford, I suggest you and everyone who feels lost to make a map. Lanterns and clocks are a good reference point to draw it, even better if you pay attention to their colors! wink
Can you tell me what's in your inventory?

Glad you're having fun, The Haze! ( aka "Haze in a maze" lol ... allow me this pun, I like to joke )

Posted By: sanford

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 09:50 AM

OK, Cookie,
After solving that first signpost puzzle, I have in my inventory: A diary. a book with the picture of a tree and some arrows pointing left, and a paper with a lot of symbols on it. You sure don't make it easy for me. LOL
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Anamedia - 01/19/16 12:15 PM

Hey Sandy!
You surely have to come back to the music room in some way, the one with the old gramophone, and take something wink
But you still have other things to do and pick up, for this reason I suggested to draw a map!
Come on, you can do it! smile

N.B. every collected clue ends up in that book, so check all its pages and read them!
Posted By: sanford

Re: Anamedia - 01/20/16 03:27 AM

OK, Cookie, I'm going to give it the old college try, and see how I make out
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/22/16 08:13 PM

I'm back. Is anyone ready to share some info yet? I have a map which I think is accurate, and have have found lots of "stuff" as well as plenty of codes, pictures, and numbers. Sadly, my brain seems to have atrophied and none of my hints seem to go anywhere or do anything. And with all that I've found, I still have that yellowed piece of blank paper that I can't do anything with. Anyone have a hint or suggestion?
Posted By: Marian

Re: Anamedia - 01/22/16 08:14 PM

I hope that someone will be able to come to the rescue. wave
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 02:31 AM

It's still quiet out there, but I found out what to do with the blank paper. (And "No", I don't have any idea what it means.)
Posted By: Marian

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 02:42 AM

Finding out what to do with the blank paper must assuredly be a good thing. grin
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 04:41 AM

Indeed Marion, finding out anything is a good thing. I haven't been buffaloed by a game like this in a while. It's probably good for me.
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 09:07 AM

Hey Haze! wave

I might be a better support if you were more specific, since I don't know what you have done or not.

Just to start, I guess you have already found the telescope, haven't you?
Well, to solve that puzzle you have to go to the library and write down what you see in the astronomy book. Focus on the symbols and on the torn pages.
While you're at it, you could check the strange table in the middle of the room and solve the bookcase puzzle too. wink

Enjoy and.... please, don't be buffaloed! smile lab
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 04:25 PM

Actually, "Buffaloed" isn't always bad. I'm old enough to know that every so often I need to be shown that I'm not as smart as I think I am.

Anyway. I have found all the items you mentioned. I may have solved the telescope puzzle, but I didn't see anything happen. I also checked the table, but couldn't connect it to anything. As for the books, I'm still trying all the numbers clues I have found thus far. (There are lots of them.) I also found all three screens in the "Radio room," but again I can't connect anything to anything. I have a feeling this is going to be a great game, but I may not be a great gamer.

FYI. my diary has writing, numbers/equivalents, a compass rose, and a vague mechanical picture. I've also located a bronze plaque with a diagram.

Please know that these questions are generally quite entertaining. There are lots of cute things here. My favorite pointless concern is "Why do all the big clocks have little clocks?"

That's most of what I have. Thanks for the response.
Posted By: Paupasia

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 05:36 PM

Hi The Haze! Well, my English is not as good as Cookie, but I'll try to help you. laugh
- When you solved the telescope appeared the inscription under the compass rose in the diary? If not, then you haven't solved. wink
- The clue of the books is only one, the table on the floor.
- The botanical laboratory, did you get the new sheet with legible words?
- Electric lab, the solar reflector needs power
- Clocks....the most big puzzle .... will come later eheh wink

Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 08:09 PM

Thank You, Paupasia. I'll follow up on all your hints. The one that strikes me is the "Botanical" hint, since I got eight letters, but no real words.

I shall proceed.
Posted By: MaG

Re: Anamedia - 01/23/16 11:24 PM

Thanks Paupasia and Cookie! Appreciate the help you give.

luck The Haze!
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Anamedia - 01/24/16 10:27 AM

It's an absolute plasure, MaG! smile

# The Haze
I wouldn't say that you are too old but, paraphrasing one of the most famous G.B.Shaw's sentences, I'd say that
you'll grow old when you will stop playing! yes

Don't get mad about that sheet, as Paupasia surely made a typo writing 'words' instead of 'letters' ... sorry!
- the sheet is useless in the demo version!

Isn't the drawing on the spine of the books ringing any bells? wink

Just out of curiosity, when you mention "a bronze plaque with a diagram" do you refer to the box with 4 keys, didn't you?

Have a nice sunday! thumbsup
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/24/16 12:09 PM

No apologies needed.

I solved the books by trial and error, and the thing which was supposed to move has moved. That's my progress thus far.

As to "A box with four keys," I'm not sure. There was a thing with four long slender knobs which I turned several times. It opened and there was a plaque with with many impressions including four disks with slots in the upper left corner (And a sun, four rectangles, etc.) Is that a box?

"Curiouser and curiouser"

Today is grandchildren's day, but I shall proceed on the morrow. Thanks for adding the info.

Thanks again.
Posted By: Paupasia

Re: Anamedia - 01/24/16 02:32 PM

Eheh! As I said, my english is not so good... words...letters yeah eheh! grin
I think you've missed something in these locations:
Click to reveal..
Telescope: If in the diary, under the compass rose, you don't have the inscription with the coordinates ... you haven't solved.
Solar dish: you attacked the cable?
Sundial at the top of the stairs: you picked up the paper?

For now, happy grandchildren's day and best wishes from me!! rah
Posted By: The Haze

Re: Anamedia - 01/25/16 11:33 PM

Paupasia; Thanks for the "Secrets."
Click to reveal..
I have indeed attached the cable. I have also found the papers by the sundial. I can't yet connect the words and symbols from the book to what I should do with the telescope, but I've found a few other things too.
I also think I need to do a bit more with the plaque/box in the music room, but that's for later. I can't wait to find out what those goofy round things are in every room. Forward progress is all that matters. Thanks again.
Posted By: Paupasia

Re: Anamedia - 03/31/16 04:07 PM

So sorry The Haze! I had not seen the post! Don't worry about the box, contains an important clue that you've seen resolving it.
If I understand you have only the telescope to solve! laugh Use the diary to understand the symbols in the book laugh
Posted By: Marian

Re: Anamedia - 03/31/16 04:08 PM

Thank you for your help, Paupasia. wave
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Anamedia - 03/31/16 04:36 PM

So sorry ...I didn't get the notification neither - and I wonder why! smirk

The Haze, if you want to take some clues from the walkthrough we made, take a look HERE

Cheers to you all! wave2
Posted By: sanford

Re: Anamedia - 04/01/16 01:41 AM

Cookie, thank you SO much for the walkthrough. I had given up on this game, Didn't know where I was going, what I was supposed to do, etc. Now I'm going to start at the beginning again, and I WILL finish this time, thanks to YOU. Can't wait till the full version is released. {"MYST" all over again).
Posted By: Cookie

Re: Anamedia - 04/01/16 06:55 AM

Thank YOU!!! thumbsup

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