Eyes of Ara

Posted By: FJT

Eyes of Ara - 07/23/16 02:11 AM

Regarding the 2 scrambled rectangular paintings, I need help. Any tips would be appreciated. I went to a video walkthrough, but it wasn't complete. Thanks.
Posted By: MaG

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/23/16 02:58 AM

Let's wait for someone to help us.

Would this steam discussion help - here.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/23/16 02:58 AM

I see 10 parts to the video walkthrough, but I guess you are past that? Let's wait and see if another player can help you out. wave
Posted By: FJT

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/24/16 03:14 AM

Thanks MaG.
Posted By: MaG

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/24/16 04:03 AM

Hope you got through and enjoying the game.
Posted By: flotsam

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/25/16 04:28 AM

One is easier than the other. The third one is harder!
My recollection is every third turn rotates a specific pattern of tiles. I worked one portion at a time, and used the first two rotations to get the tiles aligned or as close to that as I could, and then used the third rotation to move tiles that were not relevant to the portion I was working on. Eventually you will have to move tiles that are already aligned, but I simply moved them four times, which put them back to where they were originally.
Its a bit repetitive but it works.
Also, if you exit to the desktop and return, the puzzle will be back where it started. Which means you can reset if a walkthrough becomes available with step by step instructions.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/25/16 04:43 AM

Many thanks for your help, flotsam. smile
Posted By: Upsydaisy

Re: Eyes of Ara - 07/25/16 08:59 AM

I managed to do both just by choosing one tile, turn to the correct position, then looking around for any tiles that only needed one rotation to be in the correct place. Then go back to the same 1st tile spin four times and repeat. Maybe I got lucky? The third I found easier (there are loads of this kind on Big Fish games). Think we could do with a 'skip' option as all three puzzles are quite tedious. wave
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