Stuck in Schizm

Posted By: petert

Stuck in Schizm - 01/18/18 10:15 PM

I am stuck in Schizm
I have been moderately successful in negotiating my way through the game until a situation has arisen with the pearls.
I have followed the various hints in various walkthroughs and am now on the floating island with Hannah in tow,but appear to be unable to find my way to the "Living Ships area" to talk again to the man about the 1 pearl shortfall.
I am actually in the Control area with Hannah but cannot seem to find my way to the door through which the guy will come and tell me that I need another pearl to augment the 9 that I already have.
I seem to be forever going up and down in elevators but cannot find my way to the spiny walkway, if indeed that is what I should be doing.

Can someone please advise me what I am doing wrong and how I can sort it out?


Posted By: Marian

Re: Stuck in Schizm - 01/18/18 10:38 PM

Hi, there is a Schizm discussion thread a few posts below this one, although I don't think it addresses your predicament. Let's wait and see if another Schizm player can give you some advice.
Posted By: Marinus_Louis

Re: Stuck in Schizm - 01/19/18 09:21 AM

Hi Petert

The advice I can give you is to go to my site and look at my very detailed Schizm 1 walkthrough. It will tell you what you must do to score the pearl you need. You'll find my Schizm 1 walkthrough at:

You probably don't read Dutch, but you may use google translate or just look at all the screenshots I have put in the walkthrough.

Posted By: petert

Re: Stuck in Schizm - 01/19/18 04:38 PM

Hi Louis,
Thanks for the advice but I fear that I am not able to make use of it.

But thanks for trying.


(I think that the only way would be is to try and replay the game in its entirety, though it is a very complicated game of its type/era, and I am not sure that it is worth the effort.)
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Stuck in Schizm - 01/19/18 04:56 PM

I suggest watching a video walkthrough until you get to the point where you are now. It may help you orient yourself better than a word description.

Possibly this one
Posted By: petert

Re: Stuck in Schizm - 01/21/18 03:52 PM

Success, though I don't really know how I managed it.

I managed to get both Sam and Hannah on to Matia, and I'll take from there.

Must say that I don't remember the game being quite so much chasing about hither and yon when I played it some years ago. Perhaps advancing years have dulled my ability to keep all the relevant information in mind when making decisions in order to progress.

As always, thanks to all who helped.

Posted By: Marian

Re: Stuck in Schizm - 01/21/18 04:09 PM

Thanks for letting us know, Peter. Good luck with the rest of the game. wave
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