Syberia 3

Posted By: maggsie

Syberia 3 - 03/27/19 07:55 PM

Hi I am looking for some help .This game is driving me nuts. the controls are a nightmare. I am at the part where Kate is trying to fill the skip with coal. I looked on you tube and I seems as if I am doing everything right. I have her hitting the post to get the coal, then you have to click on it again to get to the screen to change to the trap door so to fix on the chute. But she just keep hitting the post and cant it to change to the trap door.
Hope you guys have a solution.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/27/19 08:27 PM

We have some Syberia 3 players who should be able to help you - let's wait and see what they have to say.
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/27/19 09:53 PM

I played this game but don't remember the area you are talking about, however, Mr. Bill has a great walkthrough that might help you:
Posted By: Lion_1251

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/28/19 02:25 PM

There is also a English text walkthrough wit lots of screenshots on www.
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/28/19 02:30 PM

maggsie, this part drove me nuts too! I wasn't positioned correct near the end of this process... I ended up going to youtube and watching this part on a video walkthrough to see where I was doing it wrong... I am walking out of the house right now but if you can't find the video upon my return I will find it. Yes this Game was a nightmare trying to use the controls!
Posted By: maggsie

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/28/19 02:54 PM

Thanks Gameboomers I have printed out Mr Bills I will try it out this evening Crazy Crazy controls
Posted By: oldbroad

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/28/19 06:07 PM

Good luck maggsie and Lion_1251 is right when he says they have lots of screenshots in their walkthrough. Take a look at it also.

Lion - I did think of your site after I posted about Mr. Bill's but then I couldn't get to the site to link. I have now fixed my "bookmark" in my browser.
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 03/30/19 02:39 PM

How did it go maggsie?


Posted By: maggsie

Re: Syberia 3 - 04/04/19 10:56 AM

Hi Thanks its heavy going but your walkthrough is helping a lot .Now I have problems with Room Three I guess I will have to go to a new topic
Posted By: Lion_1251

Re: Syberia 3 - 04/04/19 01:39 PM

I am busy making a walkthrough for The Room 3, I am halfway the last chapter.
After that I only have to write the 4 endings, take a lot of screenshots and put them together.
I also have to translate the walkthrough, so you know there is a walkthrough coming for The Room 3.

Success with Syberia 3

Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Syberia 3 - 04/04/19 02:49 PM

Thanks Lion
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