book of unwritten tales 2,HELP

Posted By: samuel

book of unwritten tales 2,HELP - 05/27/19 07:52 PM

please help me,i play,(the book of unwritten tales 2),i am allmost by the end of
chapter-2,i have to build a golem,then to make it live,i must make a magic potion
1 of the ingridients is something,MaG calls it ,(soot),in whole chapter-2,till making
the golem nothing is mentioned about ,(soot),all i know is,i dont have it,even more
i dont know where to get it,so i am stuck
i thank in advance
Posted By: Marian

Re: book of unwritten tales 2,HELP - 05/27/19 08:22 PM

Here is what the walkthrough says about the soot:

Soot: Go to the classroom. Examine the oven left of the alchemy corner.

Alchemy corner: Look at the alchemy corner. It is the perfect spot to make the magic ink.

Crocodile tears: See a bottle of dried crocodile tears in the flask. We need 2 cl of tears.

Jump to inn. Exit and see a bucket of water (melted by the heat) beside the fireplace.

Use the small glass marked 2 cl that is used by RĂ©mi on the bucket of water. Get 2 cl glass with water.

Mix the ingredients: Go to the alchemy corner in the classroom.

Use the flask of dragon sweat on the pot.

Use the 2 cl glass with water on the dried up crocodile tears in the flask at bottom of screen. Add crocodile tears to the pot.

Look at the weight in the slot of the scale at left. Set the 3 Seastone ounces weight on the left pan.

Right click the chocolate in inventory to see that it is 2 Seastone ounces. Place the chocolate on the right pan.

Add soot on right pan until the scale balances and get one ounce of soot. Place the soot into the pot.

Mix the magic ink.
Posted By: samuel

Re: book of unwritten tales 2,HELP - 05/27/19 10:42 PM

marian the 1st line you write,(examine the oven),i overlooked it thinking its not
so important, but now once i looked at it ,i got the,(soot),from the oven,marian
i thank you for this,i wish you all the best
Posted By: Marian

Re: book of unwritten tales 2,HELP - 05/27/19 10:54 PM

You are welcome. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game.
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