ND Midnight in Salem

Posted By: meryl

ND Midnight in Salem - 12/29/19 12:07 PM

I have two questions on altering settings which i can't find.

Can I switch from Master to Amateur detective during the course of the game?

Is there a way of rebalancing the sound level between dialogue and background music ?

Thanks guys
Posted By: Marian

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/29/19 12:18 PM

One of the things that HeR Interactive has said about the game is that "you can now toggle difficulty in the middle of the game versus only at the beginning." I haven't tried this myself so can't comment on that further.

If you go to the Advanced settings, you can set volume for voices, music, and sounds independently of one another. You just have to scroll down a little.

Nice to see you, and I hope all is well. reindeer
Posted By: meryl

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/29/19 06:38 PM

Thank you Marian. Guess i haven't gone far enough into the settings.

The music is driving me mad and masking the dialogue. Hope I can put a stop to that.

As to the difficulty i think I have got thru' the really difficult bit - the frequency adjustment on the machine - but there may be more challenges so will be nice to find out how I can toggle.

Haven't played games for a year or so. How nice that ny absence was noted. It's fun to be back.

Edit Have just found and altered the sound settings under advanced settings. Have scrolled all the way down and can't find anything that toggles the difficulty of game play. Can anyone else help identify where this is to be found please?.
Posted By: Marian

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/29/19 07:45 PM

The only place I ever saw to choose difficulty level of the game was at the beginning, where you choose between Amateur and Master sleuth. That is why I am puzzled when they say that you can toggle difficulty in the middle of the game.

Maybe someone else can explain this.

And yes, your absence was certainly noted. smile12
Posted By: meryl

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/30/19 07:44 PM

I need some help badly now.

Every time I use the memory stick on the computer the game crashes. I've never known a Nancy drew game to malfunction before.

Is there anyone with a saved game just after the point that Nancy uses the memory stick? I've checked the walkthrough and I have done everything up to this point.
Posted By: Marian

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/30/19 07:56 PM

Unfortunately, HeR Interactive switched to a new game engine with this game and it appears to be much more prone to technical problems. Not sure how doing this improved the series at all, sadly. It also requires higher system specs and a lot of folks on laptops and on low-end computers either can't run the game at all or have slow loading/crashing issues.

Where did you get the game? Steam download? HeR Interactive download? Or a physical DVD? That is information that might be relevant when asking for a saved game. I don't have any, so we will just have to wait and see if anyone else does. Sorry this happened to you.

I just found a thread here on Steam discussing the same problem. A couple people said they managed to get past the crash by changing everything in the Menu graphics settings to the lowest possible settings. Read through the whole thing, as there are a few other suggestions there as well - maybe one of them would work for you and get you past this point.

Posted By: meryl

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/31/19 08:31 AM

Thanks Marian. The last comment from the steam thread has done the trick. Manipulate the view so you are squarely face on to the computer and use the stick on the tower. I'm hoping this will work every time as I've had to come out of it now and to retry the video I've got to use the stick again.
I downloaded the game from HER. I'm playing on a PC specially built to specs given by lovely Gameboomers techies but that was a few years ago now. Fingers crossed.
Posted By: Marian

Re: ND Midnight in Salem - 12/31/19 02:20 PM

I am so glad that you were able to get past this part, meryl! Thanks for letting us know. I hope you can get through the rest of the game uneventfully. happydance12
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