Aurora The Secrets Within

Posted By: Bluto

Aurora The Secrets Within - 03/28/21 02:19 PM

I am currently at the point in the game where you click on the piano keys those letters
And the message is suppose to appear above that the person is into something.
But I can't count how many times I keyed in the letter on the piano with no success

All help here will be appreciated

Posted By: Marian

Re: Aurora The Secrets Within - 03/28/21 02:45 PM

I moved your post over to Adventure Game Hints.

I see that the walkthrough at GameBoomers says this:

Go back to the guest room and the piano. Look closely at the sheet of music and see at the top: A=la, B=ti, C=do, D=re, E=mi, F=fa, G=so. Look down at the keyboard and starting with the first active key on the left, numbered 1 – 7, left to right, click on 5 – 6 – 7 - 3. It spells out GABE. If you have done it right the picture above the piano will move back exposing the missing jewels.

Perhaps your keys are numbered incorrectly?

Maybe another player can help you out here.
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