Black Dahlia sequel announced

Posted By: ray

Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 09:31 PM

Interplay announced today the development of the sequel to its popular Black Dahlia.

To be called "Again With the Black Dahlia!", it'll ship on seventeen disks.

Interplay is hoping to correct some of the mistakes they felt they made in the first game.

First of all, they feel the first game was too easy. In the sequel, the only illumination in the entire game will be Jim's flashlight.

Second, Interplay VP Cynthia Crool said, this time around the puzzles won't be the walk in the park they were the first time. For example, several of the 113 puzzles must be solved on a completely black screen. Also, all clues will be written in Urdu, with no translation provided by the game.

Third, Interplay has gotten rid of "that annoying map feature" in BD1. In the sequel, you must walk the entire way between each location in real time. "This will add a stunning degree of realism to the game," Ms. Crool said.

Fourth, to add a sense of real danger to the game that the first game lacked, instead amusing "easter eggs" planted here and there in the game, there will be 74 "land mines." These land mines are invisible hotspots, that if clicked, reformat your hard drive.

Fifth, they are replacing the actor who played the lead, Jim Pearson. "We just didn't feel he captured the 40s, broody, smoking attitude, " said Ms. Crool. The original actor has been replaced with Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has made a career out of smoking and pouting, and is evidently looking forward to playing a man. How will she play the character differently than her predecessor? She's not sure, her publicist said in a press release on Monday, but she's definitely decided to play him with no humor whatsoever.

Finally, in order to encourage a "real time" feeling, "Again With the Black Dahlia" will have no "sissified" Save feature.

Due to ship next Friday the 13th, Again With the Black Dahlia will include in the box a complimentary suicide kit.

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Posted By: Sparky

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 09:48 PM

So you really did play the game! I'm sure all of the enhancements to "Again With Black Dahlia" will make this a truly hot seller! Especailly am looking forward to traveling from place to place in "real time"! ROTFLOL!
Posted By: Naive Anger

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 10:04 PM

I knew it's a joke when you said "popular" and "sequel"

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Posted By: Marcie

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 10:22 PM

Very funny Ray, you really got my attention right off with the 17 discs - I'm still LOLWTRDMF - this is your calling - you are definitely the best writer I have come across in quite a while.
Posted By: Bob

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 11:03 PM


You outdid yourself on this one....if that's possible.

You have finally given me reason to start an archive. This post is going to be the first one placed in the Classic Archive
Whenever we need a good laugh, it will always be there.

Your reply to ozma wasn't to shabby either

Posted By: Witchen

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 11:53 PM

Vive la Ray!!! Outstanding! I have to admit that I did think that 17 disks might have been a typo...but the "stinko" title had pretty much given it away. Funny, funny, funny.....Thanks Ray. How odd that you should think of Jennifer Jason Leigh for the title role! FOFL! This will definitely be a cherished jewel for the new archive feature.
Love, Witchen =O)

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Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/30/99 11:54 PM

Supposing this were true. Supposing a sequel to Black Dahlia was in the works... Do you think they'd take me up on my idea for an opening to the sequel? You know...the opening with Jim and Al Capone at Alcatraz, planning and executing their escape together? Time period is perfect for it, I'd say.

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Posted By: MacDee

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/31/99 12:08 AM

Ray...You are one of a kind and a master of your craft! Don't ever change.......

Great idea Bob! Classic Archive

~Dee smile
Posted By: Jokece

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/31/99 12:24 AM

Hi Ray,
Thanks for the laugh.I didn't figure they were going to resurrect a dead guy to have a sequel and all the rest of you tale was very well done.
I wouldn't even buy a game with 17 discs.Can you imagine the bug problems alone.
Posted By: ozma38

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/31/99 02:08 AM

Yes Ray you are the best keep em coming.

Posted By: Witchen

Re: Black Dahlia sequel announced - 08/31/99 03:15 PM

Linda.......I loved your idea.......why not?

Love, Witchen =O)

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