Amazon Queen

Posted By: PeggyH

Amazon Queen - 10/10/03 02:20 AM

I have this game working fine sound- and display-wise, but have only made it to the lobby after a tour through the basement. I can't get the conversational choices to come up when I try to talk to the bellman about the key. <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> Help!! (Please.) smile

Thanks, Peg
Posted By: Jenny

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/10/03 03:06 AM

Peg, are you using the "talk to" icon at the bottom of your screen...
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/10/03 04:42 AM

Hi, Jenny. Yes, I've tried the icon and all matter of combinations (as in "always talk to"). I've clicked on the key and get the bellboy's response and I've been sent back to the room rather red-faced after sashaying past the goons. I even set my options so the words show, but just can't get my conversational choices.

Checked the walkthrough and have done it all up to this point. My fear is a defective game and I'll probably never find another!

Thanks for responding!
Posted By: Jenny

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/10/03 04:58 AM

That's too bad, Peggy--I wish someone could figure out what your problem is. Maybe it would be a good idea to post a question down in Glitches, on the off chance it might be some sort to technical problem...
Posted By: Mad

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/10/03 06:26 PM

Hi PeggyH smile

I've played this game several times and never had the problem you describe frown

There are three different walkthroughs at :
If you have the patience to check them all out you might discover something you could have missed that triggers the bellboy conversation you want ?? wave
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/10/03 10:11 PM

Thanks for your suggestions mad and Jenny. I looked through the walkthroughs and restarted the game making sure I clicked everywhere I could. No go. I've put this on two computers and get the same result so it has to be some kind of glitch. Will post in "Glitches.." and then continue with Clive Barker's Undying. Talk about two totally different games!! LOL

Again, thanks for the help.

Posted By: Scout

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/11/03 04:31 AM

Peggy H.

I had the same problem. Syd played up and through that spot, sent me a save and after I installed it, the rest of the game ran fine. Another Boomer had the same problem a while back and I sent him the save and it worked. There is a bug at that part of the game for some computers. PM me your e-mail and I'll send you the saved game that gets you past the bug.

Posted By: PeggyH

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/12/03 04:43 AM

That's the best! happydance

I'll be looking forward to receiving the save. Amazing how disappointing it is to realize one of the older games (not readily replaceable) is just not going to work. It is not often that anyone has a save left from one this old. (1995)

Thanks, Scout. lol

Posted By: Jude

Re: Amazon Queen - 10/31/03 12:47 PM

I was starting to think this is a very unforgiving game. I have the same problem and was wondering if I had to carry out all the tasks in exactly the same order as mentioned in the walkthru.

The desk clerk only spoke to me the first time I tried, to tell me about the entrance, after that he ignores me!
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