MI4 - Lua Bar

Posted By: kat165

MI4 - Lua Bar - 06/07/02 01:41 AM

I think I'm doing something wrong. I never get GB out of the kitchen before the chef comes back in. And when he does it's a while before I have control of Guy. It also takes awhile to get control of him after he dumps the Grog into the generator.

I think I have the paintbrush jammed into the right spot. I jam it in just as the flame boat is rounding that big pole and almost under the painting. Then as soon as I can get control of Guy, we run into the kitchen and pour the grog in. There's a cutscene of the monkeys stopping and then it goes to the chef by the conveyor and then when I finally get control of Guy I try to hightail it out of there but I never make it out of the kitchen.

I also make sure Guy comments on everything he can comment on and that he also notices that the painting is rather Meathooky. But still, I can't get this to work.

Also, I've noticed that after I'll look in my inventory and I'll have a 1/2 can of Grog left. Do I need to pour the Grog into the generator twice so that the can is empty??? Please help. I would LOVE to be able to get somewhere with this game. Thank you!

PS I also downloaded a new patch for the new install too. I don't think this is a tech issue anymore, but a gaming issue. I just can't seem to get this puzzle to work and I must be leaving something out or doing something wrong.
Posted By: kat165

Re: MI4 - Lua Bar - 06/09/02 05:10 AM

Hi, Syd, hi, Jen. Syd, the saves didn't work. Still getting bad data. However, I was finally able to work this puzzle out myself. I was totally shocked when it happened and for future gamers, here's what my problem seemed to be: I was jamming the conveyer too soon or too late. Just as the flaming scuttlefish went behind the back pole, I jammed the paintbrush in then ran to the kitchen, poured the grog and I must have gotten the ship in the right position finally cause I got the famous cutscene at last.

Now I'm actually starting to enjoy this game. Thanks again for your help!
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