JTTCOTE Pharmacy

Posted By: maryc64

JTTCOTE Pharmacy - 11/14/03 08:06 AM

I talked to the pharmacy lady. I punched the holes in the card. I am unable to show her the note nor give her the card. Must I replay from the last game save and have the card already punched and hand her the note before talking to her? Retracing will be a lot of work from the communication room where my last save was. I think it's a manipulation of the card and note problem.
Posted By: kwbridge

Re: JTTCOTE Pharmacy - 11/14/03 01:00 PM

Did you talk to Adam about the note that you found? And did you read it after putting in into your inventory? That might also be what is getting in your way ... I liked this game but some of the linearity was really frustrating.

Posted By: KateVa

Re: JTTCOTE Pharmacy - 11/14/03 01:16 PM

Kim has the answer for you Mary. If you don't have Biocardamon as a choice to talk about, then you should read the note on the laptop and see if it appears a choice. Once she sees that you will offer her the ticket to get rid of her. You won't give the prescription (the punched card) to Armanda directly, but will use it after she leaves.
The short-tempered pharmacy lady
Posted By: Namma

Re: JTTCOTE Pharmacy - 11/14/03 03:42 PM

I had trouble with this one also. No matter what I did she would not take the punchcard. I finally found out that I could not just hand her the card but had to put it in the slot below the window. Since Ariane was standing in front I never saw the slot. Took a bit of manipulation to get her to move out of the way. Big thanks here goes to Mags walkthrough.

Hugs, Cheryl
Posted By: SuMac

Re: JTTCOTE Pharmacy - 11/16/03 09:20 PM

I am stuck at this same place. I have the code book and the puch cards; picked up the note about the Biocardium, I read it in the computer, but I can't talk to Adam about it. That dialog option is not available. When I go to the pharmacy I can not talk about it with the pharmacist either. So I guess I need to go back to a saved game to try to get through this.
Posted By: MaG

Re: JTTCOTE Pharmacy - 11/16/03 10:39 PM

I think that Adam will be the one to talk to you about needing a precription once you see him at the secret office.
Then you make the precription by punching holes on the punch card with the needle.
From here since you have the code book, newly made prescription and the note - you can talk to the pharmacist about biocardamom until she leaves with your pass.
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