Traitors Gate

Posted By: Chuck M

Traitors Gate - 12/12/05 06:48 PM

Hi anyone. Can anyone tell me when firing up
above to rid the screen of the Menu
and Inventory places on each end. Surely this
does not stay on screen while playing game.
Posted By: MaG

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/12/05 06:53 PM


Those inventory menu do stay on the screen. Sorry.
Posted By: Chuck M

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/16/05 06:09 PM

Hi Mag...can you answer. Close to beginning..
Queen's House. To get Flat Key from heraldic
book. I can find no Key and cannot turn pages
(if supposed to). Any comment as to what could
be my problem. Need Key to unlock "Chinese Box"
Posted By: MaG

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/16/05 06:20 PM


This graphic solutions by MegaZina might help you better.

This is the part about (EDITED) getting the keys from the safe. You need to use the one found in the small table in this room.

This is the Queen Box part. It might tell you what you missed. Keep us posted and I can still look for some more help if not proceeding further.
Posted By: Chuck M

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/16/05 07:30 PM

Hi MaG..used both your infos..I have 7 keys now
..went back to table..the book..cursor turned to
hand..tried to turn pages for key..could not do..
..your info does say to turn pages for key...
your info shows book and pic of key...does not
match any of my 7 keys. Any further suggestions?
Posted By: MaG

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/16/05 07:46 PM

Sorry - try this link.
Posted By: Chuck M

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/30/05 11:42 PM

Hi MaG...playing several games now and just
went back to TG and tried to get Flat Key
again..started over 3 times to that point..
cursor turns to hand, no turn page or get
key. Have sent problem again to Dreamcatcher
games. Guess there is no Save Game for this.
Thanks for your help...Chuck...
Posted By: MaG

Re: Traitors Gate - 12/30/05 11:54 PM


I have not found any saved games for this one.

Check this walkthrough by Mike Jones. You might find something that can get you going. luck
Posted By: Chuck M

Re: Traitors Gate - 01/03/06 05:19 PM

Hi MaG...problem solved. Dream support thought
problem of not able to turn pages and obtain
Flat key...was Quicktime. Was right..deleted
all QT and TG and reinstalled and took TG's
QT3. Thanks much for all your help...moving
Posted By: Chuck M

Re: Traitors Gate - 01/10/06 07:08 PM

Hi stuck again. Must grapple to
St. Thomas Tower. Cannot make shot. Anyone
know about where should place grapple for
the shot. Tried dark window across way...
what should I look for and should I be at
end of walkway? Thanks...Chuck...
Posted By: MaG

Re: Traitors Gate - 01/10/06 07:18 PM


Check the picture here from MegaZina's wt and see where you are and which window.

Here's a better picture of which window to shoot at:
Posted By: Jenny

Re: Traitors Gate - 01/10/06 07:18 PM

Chuck, our dear Soren A. has a walkthrough here at GameBoomers in which he says to shoot the grapple "through the open window" in the tower across from you... luck
Posted By: Chuck M

Re: Traitors Gate - 01/11/06 12:01 AM

Hi MaG....problem solved..trying to shoot
without loading,etc...thanks much..Chuck
Posted By: Indy1958

Re: Traitors Gate - 02/25/06 12:36 AM

Dear All:

Good evening from Canada!!! I hope this finds you and yours well. As for me, I could complain...yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is a suggestion for all those playing Traitor's Gate who have a lousy sense of direction, like me, and keep getting lost in the sewers: Every time you find a place like the Devereaux Tower, the false wall or the Hospital Block, save it.

Save a whole lot of time, wet boots and headaches!!!!

Live long and prosper, take care and thank you kindly!!!

Sincerely yours always,

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