Posted By: Turbo Fire

Voyage - 02/13/06 01:32 AM

Hi all Turbo here playing Voyage now can't seem to get a handle on the base 20 math any teachers out there?
Please hep me!!!
Posted By: MaG

Re: Voyage - 02/13/06 01:48 AM


You should see 2 numbers on the panel and 2 numbers on the floor in front of the panel.
Those are the numbers you will add.
One dot is 1and a bar is 5.
You add the right number on the panel to the right number on the floor. Same goes for the left number.
The only change is that if you add the right numbers and it goes over 20; then one is added to the 2 numbers on the left. For example: the sum is 23 of the right numbers. Then 3 is kept on the right column and one is added to the left columm numbers. luck
Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/13/06 05:56 PM

Hi Turbo and Mag,

I'm just starting Voyage too. I guess I am about where Turbo is, only I don't even see any numbers on the floor! I see green lights on the panel right of gate, but don't know what to do with them.

And math isn't my thing either....

Mag, said I'd see you soon..well here I am and glad you are, too!

Turbo, let me know how you are doing.

Posted By: MaG

Re: Voyage - 02/13/06 06:32 PM


You might be at a different panel than where the base 20 is used. Can you tell us eactly where you are located and also what you see on the panel.
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/13/06 07:02 PM

Misskedi are you locked behind gates at the top of the Necropolis?

Posted By: Turbo Fire

Re: Voyage - 02/13/06 11:45 PM

Thanks MaG and good luck Misskedi it sounds like your at the pad on the other side of the gate.
Posted By: Turbo Fire

Re: Voyage - 02/13/06 11:48 PM

I have another question do you need to keep learning the language on the pad to earn more points?
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/14/06 12:05 AM

Turbo unless you are extremely good with sound puzzles, I'd find a different way to gain intelligence points. You can go in and out of the Necropolis gates, feed Ardan potions that you've cooked up [please keep a glass of water near by just in case] and take the written Selenite test to identify symbols.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/17/06 03:14 PM

I'm still confused about the math puzzles, but will keep working on it.

I can get to elevator and get to some of the floors. I got to the Selenite dignitary. Did the learn to read and speak Selenite, so have some more intellegence. Did some selling to him.
That's where I am right now.

One question for beginning of game, do I need to make all the grafted seedlings, plants and compotes I can and save pots of them? I never seem to have the right color of fruits,etc. when I need them. I got into section where I got some red fruit, can't find right fruit to get back there again . So, guess what I want to know is, should I do all I can of these things before I can go on to other parts of game.?

Hope you can figure out what I mean

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/17/06 03:24 PM

Misskedi you only need to feed the Selenites in this area the fruit compotes that will allow you access to their areas to pick up things you may have tossed out of the space ship. You do need to make some grafted seedlings to get past the aggressive plants. I believe that you can grab fruits off the ground in the guarded areas once you have calmed the plants. As to making tons of hybrid plants, you'll be able to make plenty after you get to the top of the Necropolis.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/18/06 05:08 PM

Thanks again ,
I looked at all 5 areas and picked up everything , I think. I got to Necropolis, enough points to get my key 1 and use elevator.

So am now at the level of exploding mushrooms and the math process there. Not doing well there, but hope to figure out the base 20 business sooner or later!!

Guess as it is a random puzzle, I will have to figure it out myself. Been reading all replies to others having same problem, so will keep on trying.

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/18/06 05:21 PM

Hi Misskedi. Just be sure to add the numbers on the floor to your total. Remember a bar is equal to 5 and a dot to 1. Anything over 20 on the right side is carried over as a 1 to the left side. So if the total on the right is 23...........the answer on the right would be 3 dots and you would add one extra to the left side total.
Good luck and if you continue to have problems, feel free to send me your saved game and I'll solve the puzzle for you and return your game.

Sue wave
Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 02:22 AM

Hi again,
I am getting a little further into the game but stuck again
2 questions... I now need the #3 key and tells me I have to put back the four items I got from where I got them. I have the globe filled with something. Do I empty that out and get all things back Later?

Other question.... I am by the purifier and need grease to make it work. But I make the stuff I need and try to use it on purifier and of course it doesn't work!!

I find it kind of hard to follow the wt and maybe I'm getting ahead of where I should be.

Hope you can help

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 03:00 AM

Hi Misskedi. Yes you can be sneaky and put the globe back, get the key and go back and get the globe to use again. OR, you can just buy a globe to use and not worry about making the big guy angry.
If you made the correct stuff for the grease, you should be able to use it on the valves without any problem. Are you mixing the Zubroo with the secretion to make the grease?

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 04:33 PM

Ok about the globes. I can always catch more mushrooms I guess, so will dump that globe, if I can.

About the grease mixture, no I haven't added it. I don't remember seeing anything about Zubroo. Can you tell me what it is or how to make it? Guess I missed that along the way, unless it is in the Log, which I sometimes forget to read!! frown

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 04:36 PM

Misskedi you need to make a compote of the purple and red fruits and put it in the purifier. You will have to use the repaired mechanical arm to keep the vents of the machine from burning your mixture. Once you have finished, you will have Zubroo and can mix it with the secretions you have picked up and you will have made a greasy substance to use on most of the machines to keep them from sticking.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 05:13 PM

Hi again,

I made the compote of purple and red fruit and frying pan. Clicked it on fire then on purifier and it says "It doesn't work" And get the message that purifier still has one problem to fix with this machine.

Could it be that I haven't used the glue at all the spots ? I think I tried that already ,but didn't do anything.

Vents just keep saying I need the grease.

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 05:20 PM

Did you already repair this machine? You need to find a shovel to use at the base of the machine, a belt goes on the wheel on the right side and you need a glass globe to put on the top of the machine. Have you already done these things? Have you repaired the mechanical arm already?

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 05:40 PM

Yes, to all of these, but I think the shovel folded up on me or somehow dissapeared!. Maybe I'm messed up there. Will check that out. I just tried bringing the shovel back to the purifier, but can't find any place to use it!!

I try to put the compote in the box right in center under the machine, right?

Really confused.
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/23/06 06:14 PM

Misskedi the compote goes at the bottom of the machine, where you placed the shovel earlier. Just take your skillet with the cooked compote in it and click on that area.
If you can't get it to work, send me your saved game and I'll see if I can't figure out what might be wrong.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/24/06 05:40 AM

Sorry to be so much trouble. I found out I didn't put the empty globe on the LEFT side. Was one one the right but not on left. So my purifier works fine now.

I can get back into shell ,getting ready to back to earth. Got my Key3 also.

I made powder for blue rocket, but don't have any left for the red one. I had sold box of cartridges and bought them back for blue rocket.

Also lost my can opener, will try to find another I guess??

Don't know how anyone can get threw game without this wt. Thanks so much for help and hope you can get me through to the end.
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/24/06 01:39 PM

Misskedi have you already made extra explosive powder? You will need some for the shelf in the room where your space capsule is. You will also need to make some potassium to take with you in the space capsule. Have you contacted Earth and gotten everything that you need from them already? If you haven't, you will need to repair your can opener by either making some gluance in the purifier or by buying some.
Good luck

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/24/06 04:53 PM


Thanks for reminder to contact earth. Will that help me get another can opener?

I don't know how I can make any more explosive powder, as I sold my cartridges, bought them back, and used them to make my blue rocket. But have only an empty red rocket.

WT says use "barrel of powder or cartridges to get explosive powder", but I have none in inventory. So how can I make more? I have an empty red rocket which I need to fill. Will I maybe be able to get some from Earth? I will contact Earth and see what happens.
Got the Control box , but can't fix mirror yet, will try that again.
I sure don't want to start this game all over again!! as I am so close to end. I'm enjoying it very much, maybe will have to ask you for a saved game from after putting the exiles back where they belong.

Sure glad there's a place like this to get help, THANKS

I'll keep working at it................
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/24/06 05:02 PM

Misskedi you can make explosive powder in the purifier easily enough, you also can make the glue you need. Purple and green fruit made into a compote and put into the purifier will give you a substance, add some of the secretions that you probably have in inventory and you should end up with something called gluance I believe. That will be the glue you need for the can opener and I think the mirror.
You can make explosive powder by grafting a red and purple plant and putting it into the purifier then mix that powder with an exploding mushroom.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/25/06 09:03 PM

Got can opener fixed. Contacted Earth, got new picture called "Lumenplay" Don't understand it's secret. Where do I put the numbers about the hours in day and night hiding their face?

In the explosive powder I think I missed putting in the mushroom spores. Will try that again.

Then MAYBE I will be able to get through this game.

Thanks again
Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/25/06 09:31 PM


Just got to thinking, I don't see Turbo Fire on here any more. Did I do wrong by posting here? Should I have stared a new topic? And not used this one?

I'm sorry if I did wrong, as I am pretty new at this

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/25/06 09:32 PM

Misskedi the riddle refers to a puzzle that is in the turbine room. But you got salt from another source so just ignore that part. The answer to the riddle would have allowed you to open that skull looking puzzle in that room. It's not necessary to do though.
Just carry on with your game.

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/25/06 09:49 PM

Misskedi you did nothing wrong. Turbo may have finished the game or been to busy to play for awhile.

Posted By: pittston

Re: Voyage - 02/25/06 10:40 PM

Hi Sue
I'm now playing Voyage. I just got off the
elevator on the first floor and trying to do that math problem.I am reading your instructions
However I don't see any numbers on the floor
or on any wall .Did I leave something out that
I should have done?Please help Thanks
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/25/06 10:48 PM

Pittston you don't see a line or a dot in white on the floor? There is a small metal panel on the wall.........that's the one you need to solver. If you click on it, it will show you lines and dots.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/26/06 04:47 AM

Well, I thought I had everything done , but can't take off . Have the explosive below the keyhole.
Do I have to make the "air" before I do this part.?
Called The "Brozlyss Concentrate.
Last part of wt isn't too clear on the way to finish game. Or maybe it's me that isn't too clear!!

Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/26/06 04:58 AM

Misskedi you need to make a few batches of potassium. One batch of potassium you need to mix with a globe full of chlorine gas that's in that hall.
Did you set the timer in the small room just before you tried to ignite the explosives?

Posted By: pittston

Re: Voyage - 02/26/06 02:46 PM

I'm playing Voyage and I too am having problems
with the Math puzzle.I'm trying to follows your instructions. I'm one the first floor and I
cannot see any numbers on the floor.Did I
leave something out that I should have done.
Please help Thank you Pittston
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/26/06 02:55 PM

Pittston I answered you yesterday. Do you not see any white lines or dots on the floor? The lock is a smallish metal box on the wall and you click on it to get other combinations of the dots and lines after you go into a closeup view.

Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/27/06 05:49 PM

Sue, I think I did Chlorine gas and potassium 'cause I have Chlorate of Potash and/orBorzluyak both. Also have some potassium left.

I will try the Clorine gas thing again, see if I did something wrong.

I'm trying to use some of these things in shell, but tells me that "machine that renews oxygen don't work.
Also get message about the twisted pipe that I see now, with a flame coming out. Do I have to fix that?

Too many chemicals in here, think I'm getting intoxcated!!! Hope you can help me
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 02/27/06 06:27 PM

Okay, since you have explosive powder and extra potassium, you should be set. You have filled both of the rockets with either gunpowder or explosive powder?
Put explosive powder on the shelf and see if you can blast off. Be sure to set the timer so that you have ample time to get into the capsule and replace the porthole cover.....don't forget to tighten the bolts down.


I don't remember being able to straighten out the bent thing with the flame. I think you still have to put potassium in the basin part of it though.
Posted By: misskedi

Re: Voyage - 02/27/06 07:33 PM

Texaslady and all others who helped me.....Hooray!!!! I finally made it to earth..My last mistake was in not pulling down the right lever.....................Thanks so very much for everyone's help. I may go back to Rhem 2 or maybe to URU which I was playing a long time ago. But now I know about this forum, maybe I can go on in that game. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Posted By: pittston

Re: Voyage - 03/05/06 09:38 PM

I finally saw the numbers and by following your
instructions I did complete the math problem.
I'm sorry you received two messages I thought my
first did not go through. Sorry it too so long for my thanks' but thank you again for all
your help.
Posted By: pittston

Re: Voyage - 03/09/06 01:44 AM

I now have another problem.Hope you can help.
I made all the hybirds and all the other things
in the lab except i now have to mix glue with
the broken flute ,but I don't have the flute
Please tell me what did I miss? Thanks again
Posted By: Chief

Re: Voyage - 03/09/06 01:58 AM

Pittston, you will find the flute on the mountaintop, in the Necropolis, in a sarcophagus, on the right as you enter.

You will need a tool to open it.

And you will have to fix the flute.

Good luck.

Chief wave
Posted By: pittston

Re: Voyage - 03/09/06 03:25 PM

Your a life saver. I thought I would have to
start the game over again. But I managed to get back to the mountain top through the elevator
and I got the flute. Thanks again
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 03/14/06 06:18 PM

Pittston posted:

Sue I have another problem can you help? I have 732 points I returned the items. Didn't have to do the puzzle again to unlock the gate it opened when I clicked on the panel. He says Ihaven't finished my investigation. I hope you can help. Thank you
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 03/14/06 06:35 PM

Pittston I tacked your latest post onto the thread you originally posted on.
Have you talked to the rooster that was on the space craft with you?
Did you read the note that was in the capsule?

Posted By: pittston

Re: Voyage - 03/14/06 09:17 PM

Thank you so much I didn't talk to the rooster.
I just finished talking to the rooster and
now I completed the investication. Getting
ready to get back to Earth. Hope I make it through. Again I want to Thank you for
helping me.
Posted By: texaslady

Re: Voyage - 03/14/06 09:27 PM

Good for you Pittston. At times, I didn't think I'd ever get back to earth. I kept forgetting to do things so I could leave. But the ending was worth the hassle.

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