The Lost Crown

Posted By: cutiechix37

The Lost Crown - 05/22/08 10:49 PM

Hi Everybody!
I see a lot of comments about the Lost Crown. That is my favorite game by far!!! Okay, I have a question, though. What was the significance of Nigel appearing in the Agar photo in Gruel’s ‘den’? Are we part Agar ourselves?

Also, there is a tribute to the game on YouTube. Check it out, and tell me if you don't laugh out loud!!!!

Thanks for your contributions!!

Posted By: Darleen03

Re: The Lost Crown - 05/22/08 11:10 PM

Hi.. cutiechix37

welcome To Game Boomers..

The tribute is very interesting...Although when I play my games it is totally By myself lol

Thanks for the tribute
Posted By: Phoebe

Re: The Lost Crown - 05/23/08 01:37 AM

Welcome cutiechix37 welcome

I also love the Lost Crown, is a brilliant game!Thanks for the link.

Love Maria hearts
Posted By: seagul

Re: The Lost Crown - 05/23/08 03:52 PM

What a wonderfull tribute!
A whole family playing together an adventure and beeing afterwards creativ about it! I love it! bravo
Posted By: Volkana

Re: The Lost Crown - 05/23/08 04:27 PM

Lost Crown is a very good game with amazing story and atmosphere... I didn't finish it yet, i play a little bit from time to time, but i definitely like it grin
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