Indigo Prophecy

Posted By: funkyhippy

Indigo Prophecy - 12/04/06 04:15 AM

Hi everyone,

I've been playing this challenging game for some time now, but I've reached a point that is driving me crazy. I'm in the game park trying to rescue my girlfriend and have to cross a bridge. I just can't get across that bridge! Any suggestions? It seems like the controls are hypersensitive.


Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 12/04/06 08:26 AM

Hi FH! wave You're right, the controls ARE hypersensitive! There's no easy way, except trying to tap lightly on your arrow keys, not making major corrections either way.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 12/04/06 08:51 AM

If I recall correctly, in this incidence you want to let the pointer reach almost the end of the bar before doing anything. This is the opposite of what you usually do. I believe you can move quickly across.
Posted By: funkyhippy

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 12/04/06 10:25 PM

Thanks guys, I'll try Pokey's suggestion see if that works better.

Posted By: flotsam

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 12/05/06 09:43 AM

Yep, I think Pokey's approach is the way to go.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/14/07 01:30 AM

Hi. I'm playing IP and I am trying to get over the fence to get to the hanger. I think I'd have better luck trying to hoist my "big" bottom over it. Is there something special I need to do in "the game" to get over the fence? I've tried following the pattern at the top of the screen and have also tried to drag my mouse left and then right with no luck.

Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/14/07 08:15 AM

Hi Terri and welcome to Gameboomers!
To get over any of the fences, you have to click on the white dot at the top of your screen and keep the mouse button down, following the movement of the dot, no faster or slower than it goes. I had to try this a number of times to get it right, and what I was doing wrong was letting up on the mouse button too quickly, when it wasn't to the end of the movement cycle. Hope that helps!
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/15/07 05:56 AM

Hi Nickie. I intended to see if I could delete my previous message. I conquered the fence yesterday! I do so appreciate you answering my post. Watch out for me though, 'cause ya never know when I'll be posting here again.
Thank you for the reply and also thanks for the Welcome!
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/15/07 06:24 AM

Hey, great that you could get it done! The game controls can sure be difficult to master, but I think the game is really worth playing, don't you?
You can't delete your own post, but you can click edit and remove what you want. No matter though.
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/16/07 11:13 AM

bravo bravo Welcome to GameBoomers Terri! You are in for many more challanges in IP. Good Luck. wave
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/17/07 07:13 AM

Hi. I was moving right along fairly confident with myself and my ability to use the controls and bamm, I(Lucas) am looking for a place to hide. It's a tad cold outside and that pipe must be too slippery for me to hold onto, more less to climb. Any ideas? duh

Thanks for the welcome Gerry! smile
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/17/07 09:16 AM

Where are you in the game, Terri?
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/17/07 11:07 AM

Not sure where you are either Terri?
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/17/07 06:46 PM

Hi. I am trying to get into Tiffany's. I have gotten by the two cops, climbed the two fences and need to climb up the "drain pipe" in the corner of the building. I hope this helps you find me!
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/17/07 09:43 PM

It can be a little tricky! Make sure you hold your mouse button down until each move is completed - sometimes if you let your mouse up too quickly, the game won't register that you made the appropriate move.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/18/07 04:10 AM

Thanks for the tip. I can't do this more than 5 minutes at a time. I find myself getting really agitated. I think I may have to put this game aside for a while. Lucas' mental health goes down so quickly while trying to do this task. Gee, he should be in my shoes. cry
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/18/07 05:10 AM

Hang in there Terri - it can really be aggravating. This game gives you a workout. You're right though - if Lucas misses a bunch, his mood goes down, and then there's no way he can complete the task. At that point, it's better to start from the beginning of the sequence again. I know you'll do it.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/18/07 08:27 AM

Hi Nickie. Thanks for the words of encouragement but I think I've had all the fun I can stand with this game.

Take care, wave
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/18/07 10:23 AM

Terri I know it can be very frustrating. When I played IP I had to tell myself just relax and pretend this is just practice when I started a difficult sequence. Sometimes it worked by just relaxing and not trying too hard. Good luck! woozy wave
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/18/07 06:27 PM

Sure, I understand that Terri - it's supposed to be a game, and if it's not fun, why do it. Just in case you're interested, on the other Indigo thread there is a link to saved games, if you want to use them and jump over the difficult parts. Whatever you decide, have fun with something, ok? smile wave
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/19/07 07:09 AM

It's me again! Just wanted to say that I have noticed that the control doesn't work the same each time. One time you can hold it down longer than you should and it's fine, next time you fall. Anyway, is there a way to save my last game so I can uninstall the game from my computer? Sometimes when you uninstall it does ask if you want to remove your saved games, sometimes not.

A gamepad doesn't seem to be the answer for me with this game either.
Thanks! woozy
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/19/07 08:10 AM

On the other thread for Indigo, L4L mentions how to create a saved game. It's much different than usual and I won't even pretend I understand it, but I'm sure if you ask her, she will help you. That thread is on the same page as this one.
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/19/07 07:39 PM

Hi Nickie. Trust me when I say this. I would not be able to do the save without some real problems. It would be detrimental to my computer.
I did make the climb last night, twice. I then ran out of time and then fell. Had some problems getting back up the pipe, so I proceeded to change my mouse for some reason and that was a very big mistake! I could not get it to work right after that. duh
Perhaps I'll try again tonight.
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/19/07 08:00 PM

Just a comment, Terri824,
Indigo was one of the first games I played. I posted and posted-cause the controls were driving my blood pressure to the roof eek but after awhile- I got the hang of it-- my hardest part was going thru the basement- into the files- the breathing isssue--- WOW--- But I must say it is now one of my favorites- so far-BS3 close behind-next time I play it- it will be one I replay- I am going to try it with my gamepad control- I have heard it is easier that way. laugh Enjoy
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/19/07 09:19 PM

Hi Winfrey. I think it's a great game but I have a personality flaw, well many, but if I can't do something I have a tendency to get extremely upset!
I am wondering if you might know what the default setting is for the mouse. I accidentally changed my settings.
I also noticed that sometimes the little red ball is not there to follow the big white ball. This has happened everytime I've had to climb a fence. Any clues on this one? rolleyes
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/19/07 11:35 PM

I just reloaded Indigo- if you go into options- keyboard and mouse and the bottom it has a tab that says set default- if you click on that tab it will take you to a screen and one option is to reset to default. if you click on this your controls will reset.- Don't remember what I did on the fence other than retrying- it is there- just real sensitive-
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/20/07 03:02 AM

I tried the default button earlier before my last post. It resets the controls to default but not the mouse. It seems to me that they were all about 4 spaces away from the right end when I changed things at the beginning.
Right now I am back to putting it down. I get up on the ledge but am now having problems with "simon" control. At the rate I'm going, I figure I will get fed up and hit "uninstall" before I take the time to calm down. blush
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/20/07 03:53 PM

Mouse default is 4 from right- you are correct.
Invert Camera-off
Par- Center
Do you have this set as easy. and resolution at 680?
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 02/21/07 02:59 AM

Hi Winfrey. I haven't gone back to the game and checked the settings. I'm sure that I have the resolution set higher, Par sounds right, Invert camera, not sure. I am ever so positive that it is set to "Easy" though. I will check on the rest and fix it if needed. Thanks so much for the information! thumbsup
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 03/17/07 06:15 AM

Hi. I still haven't gone back to the game. It seems to be more like a chore. It had gotten to the point that 5 minutes was my limit when I was challenged. I would like to see how it ends but apparently not enough to get back to the game. Thanks to all that tried to help me with this one!
There's really a great group of people here at GB. Always willing to help you! thanks
Posted By: nickie

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 03/17/07 07:00 AM

Terri, I really wish that they had made different ways of playing that game, having a point and click sort of way too, or at least something a little less confusing. By being so innovative, they left out a lot of players, who in turn had to miss a great game otherwise. I understand how you feel though - it's the only game that ever gave me blisters on my fingertips.
Sure hope you drop by more often, and hope you find some games you like better! wave
Posted By: Terri824

Re: Indigo Prophecy - 03/18/07 01:02 AM

Hi Nickie. I have noticed several posts on the web about a problem with fingers/fingertips in connection to this game. I didn't have a problem with my fingers. My main problem was the climbing technique. I could only fall so many times before I becames a basket case. I had not yet removed the game from my PC, but after reading your post, me thinks it might be time to uninstall.
happydance However, I was hyped after the rooftop scene and accidently moved the mouse the wrong way and picked the wrong outcome. Nuts! I am not happy. frown
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