Baldur's Gate

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Baldur's Gate - 02/16/07 06:08 PM

I have decided to play this classic again and have a question. What should a good party be comprised of;ie melee, range,thief, etc?
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/16/07 06:13 PM

The "classic" part would consist of three fighters (may be fighters, rangers and paladins), one cleric, one thief and one mage. That is six characters in all, and the limit. It works for most situations, though it can be pretty fun to experiment with party compositions. Playing solo can also be a blast.
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My current party of four has been a total blast:

Montaron -- fighter/thief -- traded for Coran when Coran becomes available in Cloakwood

PC -- Fighter/cleric

Imoen - dual-classed to mage right at the start of the game

Kivan -- Ranger
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/17/07 06:37 PM

Thanks everyone, I will start out with 4. Now I have a few questions--1. After I install the game, do I need updates to make it current? I suppose that I won'r be able to find the expansion Tales of the Sword Coast and will play without it. 2. If the PC is a fighter, how do I get him to be a cleric also? 3. What does Imoen start out as and how do I get her to be a mage also? 4. Where do I pick up Kivan to use him as a ranger? I will go to Bioware and see if they have any updates to this game and get back here when I have the game ready to play.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/17/07 06:52 PM

Hi Grandpa
I asked you about those playstation games a few days ago for Barrow Hill and I haven't heard back from you. Are you still interested in trading. An answer either way would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/17/07 06:56 PM

granda ---

here's walkthru

(the one by Dan Simpson) which is very good.

There are other walkthrus mentioned at this site.

A somewhat better strategy guide can be found
(just select Baldur's Gate in the menu to the left

You can also go to http:://
and select Baldur's Gate. There plenty of walkthroughs to peruse.

I can't remember if Imoen is an elf? or human.
I think only humans can dualclass, but any
NPC can multi-class. If you want to either dual or multiclass a NPC, then you bring up the character portrait and click on the button
'dual-class' or 'multiclass'. (amybe this isn't quite right ??).

And yes, bioware do have updates for this game. Be sure to check in games>support->patches for this.

Also, I think there is a patch you need to download if you want to play Baldur's Gate on XP.
(I know I did something to be able to play BG1
on XP, but I can't remember exactly what I did to be able to do this).

I always play with 6 characters, myself, Imoen,
a druid or cleric, Minsc and Dynaheir, and the odd character, maybe Kivan, maybe Ajantis, or maybe a Bard.

As for the Tales of the Sword Coast, I know that
in Europe there is released a UK version of Baldur's Gate, which have both BG1+BG2 + expansions in them. (I think they're selling for like 10
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/18/07 05:39 PM

Hi Grandpa68!
I'm in chapter 2 at the moment and did some research into what is available as far as the game goes. The common edition easily found out there is a combo of BG1 and TotSC on 3 cds which should not need any patches according to Bioware's site.
There is a terriffic site for BG walkthroughs I found with excellent maps and explanations at
I got the entire 4 game compilation from Amazon UK on DVD with the help of one of our UK members (with deepest thanks). It's not available in the US. And even with the DVDs you still have to keep switching out the DVD.
Good luck and enjoy!
Andrea wave

Edit: The unpatched version plays just great on XP for me.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/18/07 08:01 PM

Hello everyone, I have just started Chapter 2 and have some questions again. At what level should my PC be before dual classing him to a Cleric? Imoen is a thief and at what point should I dual class her to be a Mage? When I pick up Montaron and Xzar at the crossroads, how do I dump Xzar and keep Montaron as a fighter/Thief? My proposed party will be: PC-fighter/Cleric, Imoen-Thief/Mage, Montaron-fighter/thief and Kivan(when I find him)-Ranger. As for my combat skills, I am a beginner in this. How should I set up my party? For example, when I find the Ogre to kill, who should be in front and who in back? I don't enjoy being killed at all and in other RPG games I use a cheat to become invincible for the boss fights. Is there a cheat here that I could use in BG?? Any help will be appreciated very much.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/18/07 08:33 PM

Generally people dual class Imoen at level 6 or seven, because by that point her thieving skills are good enough for the rest of the game. If I plan on dualling Imoen at that level, I have put most of her skill points into lockpicking and finding traps, with a small amount of skill also put into stealth (there are boots available in the game that will increase stealth greatly). She is not really able to pickpocket.

If you want to dual class your human fighter to a cleric, concentrate mainly on one type of melee weapon, start out by giving yourself two skill points in a specific melee weapon; give yourself a ranged weapon skill as well. I usually dual class a fighter after the first level up in which I get an additional weapon skill. That way I end up with a thief or mage or cleric who can also fight well and has a reasonable THACO.

If you want to keep one of a pair of characters such as Monty and Xzar, you can send the one you don't want into battle by themselves (evil way); or, have your PC take that one character into a house or tavern you plan on never visiting again, and reform your party to get rid of them. When you come out of the building the other one won't know what you've done.

When you see a high level enemey, all characters should immediately start using ranged weapons and spells on it. When it gets closer, your fighters and rangers should switch to melee weapons and front the attack, leaving the weaker characters to use ranged weapons or spells.

Use the pause feature at the start of combat to tell your party members what to do, and use pause throughout the battle to plan your strategy. Usually it helps to have all party members concentrate on one enemy at a time.

I urge you not to use cheats. Combat in these games requires strategy, and if you cheat your way through you will rob yourself. There is no boss battle that can't be won with the right stratagey. I have found battles that are too much for the entire party of six using weapons, but a bard with a couple of well-placed Grease and Fireball spells can win it by himself.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/18/07 11:57 PM

I think that during your encounter in the Forgotten Realm's Sword Coast, you will find
some very nice things like different wands.

Some of these wans are used to summon animals.
I usually do summon the animals, then let the summoned animals act as sort of buffer, while
I (and my joined NPCs) start pummeling the boss with ranged attacks like hagatha had adviced you to do.

The one thing to remember is:
Keep your mage in the back, your thief sort of
midway, and the ranger and yourself in the front.
I would strongly urge you to pick up Jaheria and Khalid. You get a so so fighter in Khalid, but a very good healer in Jaheira. It can be difficult to be both healer and figther if you're the only one with the healing abilities if you're dual classing your fighter to a cleric, too.

As for dual-classing, I think it is wisest to do around level 6 or 7, just as hagatha has adviced you to do.

As for dumping Montaron and Xzar, I just sort of them led them die in an epic battle involving spiders.

As for defeating the Ogre (very nasty thing...)
well, the battles in Baldur's Gate requires a bit of strategy. You can use Imoen's Hide in Shadows feauture to have her --- erm --- hide in the shadows -- and then use her to scout ahead to see any enemies head.

Then you advance a bit, and when you see the Ogre, you can a) send Imoen to backstab the Ogre, or b) start pummeling the Ogre with ranged attack.

Then send your fighter in melee with the Ogre, then use Montaron's ability to cast spells (I think it is Montaron which is the wizard?) like
chromatic orb, sleep, magic missiles, grease and such low level spells. Imoen should fire arrows away at the Ogre using her bow.

Please also note that you have a formation bottom which let you change formations. This means that you can have a triangle formation or a double line formation or or kind of circular formation. Be sure to learn how to this feature, since it do come in handy --- at some point in the game.

Also, in this game, BG1, there is no shame in admitting that you're way in over your head --- and run away. When you have grown stronger --- well then just revist the area(s) again --- and get your ---- justification (or revenge wink ).
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 06:23 AM

I came to Bergost(spelling) to buy supplies rather than heading towards the Friendly Arms Inn like the walkthru suggested. After reading the above posts I have some more questins to ask. Hagatha mentioned dualclassing after the first levelup. Does this mean that the PC is at level 2 and then goes to Cleric? How many levels should the cleric have before returning to the fighter level? I have started with the PC using the Long Sword. Should I keep him at that or is there a better weapon to use? Will not having the TOSC expansion hinder my progress in the game, such as different items to find or places to visit? Someone mentioned picking up Jaheria and Khalid for the party and use Jaheria as a healer. If this is so, then my PC won't need to be a Cleric and I should keep him as a fighter??? Well, I guess that this is enough questions for this session. Please get back to me when you can.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 08:39 AM

If you dual-class a character, the second class has to reach one level more than the first class before you can use the first class again. So If you dual class Imoen at level six, she must reach level seven as a mage before she can use her thief abilities again.

Bear in mind that the character will not be able to increase in the first class any more. It will always remain where it was when you dual-classed the character. Imoen can reach level 7 or 8 as a mage, but will always be a level 6 thief.

If this is your first game of BG, then you might want just want to keep your fighter as a fighter, although there are a few good fighters in the game.

For dual-classing make sure it's what you really want. I would not dual-class a fighter until he or she has already become a useful fighter -- in other words, at least two levels in a melee weapon and two in a ranged weapon, and good THACO -- possibly at around level 4 or 5.

I dual class Imoen right away sometimes just for a change. There are other good thieves in the game, so you don't need to have her be a thief. For another neutral-aligned thief you can pick up Safana, in the southern part of the coastline (near a lighthouse). Montaron is evil, so you could end up with alignment problems later in the game, but you can use him for a long time before that becomes a problem -- plenty of time to pick up Safana if you want. And in chapter 4 there is Coran, who is a fighter/thief. So you can dual-class Imoen any time, really, as long as you have another thief.

THE TOSC expansion has some great areas, and yes, there are some good things you can pick up in those areas. But if you do all of the quests your character will still probably reach the experience cap, at around level 7 or 8, depending on character class, and ther's lots of great stuff to find.

Jaheira and Khalid are good companions for a first run through the game. In addition to being a decent healr and having some good druid spells, Jaheira can fight, but I wouldn't put her on the front line. Khalid is a good fighter, though.

One little trick. Each character gains health points when they level up. You don't always get the maximum number of points, so save before you level up, see how many points you get, and if it's not a lot, reload and try again. Fighters can get up to ten points, I think; mages, thieves and bards get fewer.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 02:33 PM

The TOSC expansion is really an add-in in the game, meaning that you can go to Durlag's Tower anytime you want as well as go to the main area in TSOC.

However, I wouldn't recommened going to this area
(Ulgoth's Beard) before you're at least level 5 or 6. [I once traveled there when I was level 3 or so, and I got beaten very easily ---- ouch].

You are free to go anywhere you want, so if you want to go to Beregost, that's OK. Just be aware that sometimes there could be someone out to get you...And that if you want Khalid and Jaheira to be in your party, you really do need to go to The Friendly Arm Inn. (here you can also get the quest involving the spiders I was talking about

And yes, if you pick up Khalid and Jaheira, Jaheira would do a decent job as a healer. However, you could still dual class your fighter since having two healers in a party really is a help sometimes. Just remember then to use Khalid
as the front man along with Kivan.

Another trick, apart from the ones, hagatha has told you about, is to remember to save before you have your mage try to read a scroll so that she (or he) can write magic in order for the spell to make it into his or her spellbook.

In dungeons, it is good advice to have Imoen (or another thief) scouting for traps.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 07:14 PM

Yes, having a thief scout ahead is essential in some areas of the game. As well as looking for traps in dungeons, your thief can scout ahead when travelling outdoors, to find groups of enemies without them seeing your party. When you spot a group of enemies you can plan your battle strategy ahead of time, or go another way, if you don't think you can handle the battle.

And a high-level thief with a good stealth ability can do serious damage with a backstab.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 08:00 PM

Yes, this is the first time that I am playing BG and why does it take soo long to get experience points? I wandered around the area between FAI and Bergost but only found a few enemies and an ogre to kill. My PC only has about 250 exp at level 1. I have read the above posts and will keep my pc as fighter until he at least has 2 levels in melee weapon/ranged weapon. Someone mentioned THACO. What is this and how does it fit with my main character?
I got rid of Xzar by traveling north from FAI and fighting some hobgoblins. He died and I returned to the Temple of Wisdom and brought him back. Left him inside and went out and reformed my party. I don't know if this was the right place to do this or not. Now I have to fight the assassin on the steps to get inside FAI. I sure need some help in getting a bunch of exp points early on.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 08:25 PM

There aren't really any short cuts. Gaining levels in Baldur's Gate is a lengthy and painful process. If you feel up to it, you may go and take on an ogre which is south east of the Friendly Arm somewhere (ogres gives you 650XP each if I recall correctly)...there are also certain areas where tough opponents will spawn a lot, and you can simply rest, and wait for them to appear, then dispose of them and cash in the experience point. This is very difficult to do at early levels, though.
Just hang in there. It is not a game to be rushed. smile

THACO affects how well your character fights. The lower THACO you have, the better he/she is. I don't remember the exact system for it, but it is an abbrevation for To Hit Armour Class 0. So the lower, the better. This will increase much if you level up in a fighting class.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 09:31 PM

The fight at the Friendly Arms in can be difficult. If you have a Speed potion, use it on your PC before he goes up the stairs, and have everyone else use ranged weapons or spells if they have them.

I usually wait until there are a few guards near the stairs, because they will help you in this fight.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/19/07 10:44 PM

When I first started playing Baldur's Gate a long time ago (about 8 years ago or so), I noticed some blackened areas. I didn'tgo out in these, until one of my friends told me that it
was just darkened since I haven't discovered it yet.

After that I ventured out into the darkness, and the darkness was lifted, and I got a lot more
xp points this way.

Maybe you already know this. If you do, then I'm sorry for telling you, but if you didn't....

If you travel on the roads there usually are some bandits or hobgoblins to be killed or some pesky Xivilais to be killed.

You could have gotten rid of Xzar just by killing him. That's why I normally do.
Xzar will stay dead...

I think (but this is just me) that it probably would have been better to leave Xzar in a empty building. You may need to go to the Temple of Wisdom later in the game...

As Drizzt say, leveling in Baldur's Gate 1 is a very slow process, but you'll get there. Also, I remember fighting some bandits (hobgoblins) on the way from Candlekeep to the Friendly Arm in.

When you get into the Friendly Arm, there are one or two (or more) people who have quests for you to do. And these do give some xp points.

For the spider's quest, remember to bring
anti-dote potions.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/21/07 03:24 AM

Along with the guards on the steps to FAI, I managed to kill the bad guy. Went inside and recruited Jaheira and Khalid and then went solo up stairs and got the quest for the spiders. Now I guesss that it is time for me to return to Bergost again but will buy antidote potions before I enter the house. I picked up a Wand of Missiles from Imoen. Now who should I give it to if my pc is busy fighting? Are there spells that I can get for Jaheira to use and if so, where can I find them?
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/21/07 03:37 AM

Your Mage can use most wands, although some of them can only be used by a cleric or druid.

Jaheira's spells don't have to be learned. She will get more spells when she levels up. She does have to memorize spells before sleeping, just like a mage. This is true for clerics, as well. They have 'innate' magical abilities.

There are also cleric/druid spell scrolls throughout the game. These are one-time use spells only, good for emergencies.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/21/07 06:52 PM

Well I finally got Imoen to level 2. This was by going north from fai and finding the fishermen. Then went north to find Tenya for her quest. Boy, those Ankegs are mean and I had to reload several times to keep away from them. What level should I be before I attempt to fight them? I got Jaheira to level 2 also but I forgot to see if she has any more spells that I can use. I noticed on the map a place called Peldvale. What can I do there and when? My party is now back at Bergost. I noticed in the walkthru that there are quests that I can do. Should I do them now or continue on to Naskel and return later on?
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/21/07 08:25 PM

Ankhegs are dangerous until you have a party of about level 4 or greater. The best way to tak them out is wih ranged weapons. They cast nasty spells, so you need to take them down FAST.

It sounds as though you need to head south. Jaheira and Khalid will expect you to take them to Nashkel, and Jaheira will start complaining if you don't. There are lots of enemies along the road and in the countryside bordering the road, so the journey to Nashkel will gain you some experience as well.

The storyline actually wants you to go to Nashkel, although you can stop in Beregost for some mini-adventures. In Nashekl you will be given a quest relating to the Nashkel Mines.

In Beregost you will meet Garrick. He is a bard and can cast spells as well as pickpocket and sing battle songs. He uses a crossbow, I think. He is very useful for pickpocketing. And for pickpocketing two people in particular, one of whom has a very nice cloak; the other has a very, very nice sword.

In the carnival area next to Nashkel (east) there is a quest to save a woman who has been turned to stone. If you need a really good cleric, this is a good quest.

In Nashkel you will meet Minsc, who wants you to save someone. This is worth doing, and you can end up with two of the best compansions in the game, but I sugggest avoiding Minsc for the time being.

Do the Nashel Mine first. Minsc's quest is timed, and MUST be done within a certain time period, so you have to make sure you're ready and have lots of arrows and bullets, etc.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/21/07 08:29 PM

I would advice you to fo to Peldvale and do the Quest. Mainly because certain events will happen in Nashkell which are very nasty for low level characters.

As for Jaheira, just open her spellbook and select the spell, you want. (btw, the moon icon at the bottom of her inventory screen can be accessed at any time to get her to cast her equipped spells).

It is generally a good idea to explore all of the areas around Candlekeep, Friendly Arm Inn and Beregost fully, and any and all quests in these areas as well.

And yes, the ankhegs can be tough. I usually wait until I have a mage or so which can cast
web. Then I cast web or chromatic orb on them.
And blast them with fireball spells. My advice to you is to wait until your mage has gotten a fireball spell.

Jaheria has a nice little level 1 spell called entangle which comes in rather handy as well..
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/22/07 10:25 AM

I have been trying to get to Nashkel but the baddies are nasty along the road. First it was the hobgoblins and then further on Jaheira got killed by knolls. I have her equipped with a spear but maybe I should have her use a sling, bullets and a shield. Will this help me? I have picked up Kivan when I went to High Hedge for a bit so my party now consists of the following: pc/fighter, Imoen/thief, Khalid/fighter, Jaheira/druid and Kivan/range. I did some experimenting with setting the current XP and found that it takes me to get to level 6 with my pc before I can have 2 melee skill points and 2 ranged skill points. Almost the same with Imoen to get her to level 6 to almost max out her open lock skill and her find trap skill. I will reload to an earlier save when I continue with the game and see how many hours,days or weeks it will take me to get them to that level.
Karsten-Will my party survive the quest at Peldvale with my level 2 people? This game is so frustrating to me compared with playing the dungeon siege series that I have been playing for a long time. I hope that I can get used to BG before I attempt to try BG2.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/22/07 12:04 PM

Yes, I think having Jaheira using a sling will be a good idea. That way she can stay a bit out of the fight, which really should be left to frontline people like Khalid and yourself.

Note that Jaheira also is able to use a short sword (since she ia a fighter too). She can also use throwing weapons such as darts, trowing knives and such.

BTW, what did you you do with Montaron?? A mage, even at low level is a great help for any party as mages can cast spells like magic missiles or chromatic orbs.

Your fighters can use any weapons, this means they can use throwing axes as well as bow and crossbows.

The combat in Baldur's Gate is a bit strategic and tactical. What I normally do is having Imoen scout ahead while in stealth mode (hide in shadows). Then have her fire an arrow on the monsters or enemies. Then run her back to the party, and have Kivan shoot arrows at them, too.
Then have Jaheira cast entangle, and bless on the party. Remember to stay close together.

If you

The level cap in BG1 is about level 7 or 8, I think. This means that to get to level 6 will take you a great deal of time. I think I usually am level 5 or 6 about chapter 4 (or maybe 5) or so.

Alsom you need to take the armour, and weapons and such from your enemies or the monsters you kill. This can give you better armor that you have, while it re-stocks your weapon supplies as well. (and if you kill a wolf, remember to take its pelt, as these pelts can be sold in Nashkell).

As for Imoen, along the road somewhere, you will find a shadowy hide whic will boost your stealth as well as your find traps abilities. I'll always spend points in find traps and stealth early on as this way Imoen can be most useful to the party early on in the game.

Baldur's Gate 1 needs a lot you thinking ahead, and you actively managing the party's inventories.

You also need to think like this: What is the fighter's strenght: OK, it is to fight. Then they need to go in the front line. The Ranger and Thief --- not so much, but they can shoot arrows from afar at enemies/monsters. Druids are great at healing, and to cast spells like bless on the enemies as well as casting entangle on the enemies as well.

You change the way you party moves on the road by simply clicking the portrais up and down.
The characters with the most HitPoints need to go first, while the character with the least hit point need to go last. (usually, this means that your mage goes last).

Also, remember it is far better than to max out
your weapon's skill. If you have 5 starts in say Long Sword, then this will give you much more than having two stars in Long Sword and Long Bow.

It has been a while since I've played Baldur's Gate, so it hard for me to say what you should be doing. BUtr having looked at the walkthru at, I would say that you should wait.

However, you could try to go to Temple (east of the road ) and pick up a quest where you go to
Red Canyons.

Or you could just stay on the main road, still going strong, keeping an eye on your goal for the present time being: Go to Nashkell.

I think that this is what I would be doing right now. (I think if you wait to long to go there, that eventually Khalid and Jaheira may leave).

That is the safest move right now: Just stay close to the road, and press on to Nashkell.

This game, Baldur's Gate 1, will not punish you in either way, if you leave a difficult area, and come back some time later to --- well ----
do some damage.

Even with a walkthru, this game requires some panning. You need to plan ahead that if I go to say Beregost, this means I can do that quest, and if I go to Temple this means I can do that quest. And it is the quest which in the first part of the game, irrc, gives you more XP points than combat.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/22/07 08:25 PM

Personally, I would avoid Peldvale at lower levels. The enemies there use anchanted arrows and are deadly.

Nashkel is the place to go. That is the quest that has been 'strongly suggested' by your new companions, Jaheira and Khalid.

While there are dangerous enemies around the Nashkel mine area, the mine itself is not too difficult, except at the very end, and if you have a number of fighters and Jaheira, with her entangle spell, you should be able to do it. And there are some little quests in and around Nashkel.

Everybody should always travel with ranged weapons at the ready.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 08:25 AM

Also, your companions start moaning if you don't go to Nashkel soon enough. I've never known them to actually leave the party, but...
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 09:20 AM

Well I have my group now at Nashkell and everyone is still alive. I reloaded the game so that my pc and Imoen are at level 2. I didn't know til now that there is a level cap at 7 or 8. Should I add anyone to my group as I lost Monty at Bergost in a fight with Silke. He just disappeared with no death portrait. I will equip Jaheira with a sling to see if she lasts longer. Should I go ahead and dual class Imoen to a Mage even at her low level? How about adding Edwin at this point or will he get mad if I don't go to the area where Dynaheir is and kill her? I am at a loss for my 6th character at this point.
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 01:03 PM

When someone dies and there is NO death portrait it means that they are so badly hurt they can't get resurrected.

And do you mean he fled the scene or that his portrait wasn't on screen anymore ? If the latte is the case, this means that Montaron has died in such a manner that he cannot be resurrected.
Then you need to reload. [Please note that you quicksave the game at any time by pressing the letter Q on your keyboard].

Also, here is a good way to deal with Silke:
(I hope you have a save before you fought Silke).

I would advice you to load an earlier save, and fight Silke again. And since Montaron is a wizard, you can have him a great deal away from Silke. You then maybe need a figther, maybe Kivan, to protect Montaron.

I think giving a sling to Jaheira is a good idea.
Just use her spells as well.

As for dual classing Imoen, I haven't any experience with dual classing Imoen. However, I would think that dual classing her now would be good idea, since this means that she can't use her thieving skills before she is a level 3 wizard. (if I have remembered this correctly).

Alternatively, you could pick up Edwin.
And then discharge him again, when you decide
to pick up Dynaheir. (You need to discharge Kivan then, too I think). You need to do this,
since you need to pick up Minsc before you pick up Dynaheir.

I also think that if you discharges Minsc, then Dynaheir will also leave ??

Maybe Drizzt knows ??
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 04:19 PM

Monty's portrait wasn't on the screen anymore after killing Silke. I will reload an earlier save. This is what I did. I loaded a save that has the following group:
Montaron/fighter, thief
I am at Bergost and all of us are at level 1. Should I travel to FAI to pickup Khalid and Jaheira or forget them and travel to Nashkel instead?
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Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 07:22 PM

Yes, if you discharge Minsc, Dynaheir will leave with him/her.

If you wish to only discharge Minsc, but not Dynaheir the easiest way is to just let him die. If you're not feeling that evil, just find a room with a door, close the door around him and then discharge him. This way he won't be able to approach you. Just be sure it's not a room you're likely to enter again.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 07:41 PM

My advice would be to travel to the Friendly Arm Inn as pick up Khalid and Jaheira. And then go to Nashkell. Along, the way you could dump
Xzar and keep Montaron. (as he really is very
apt and resourceful wizard).

This means you can have Kivan in your party to.
This would mean that you travel with 5 people in your party, and this is OK. There is no rule Baldur's Gate 1 saying that you must travel with 6 people.

You could keep both Xzar and Montaron and
pick up Khalid and Jaheria at the Friendly Arm Inn. And then go to Nashkell.

After this, you can dismiss both Xzar and Montaron and travel with Minsc to pick up Dynaheir. Then you could get Minsc killed.
(or do what Drizzt suggests). And then you
could pick up Kivan.

I've found that a party with Jaheria+Khalid,
Dynaheir+Minsc, and Imoen and myself works well for a first run through of the game.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 10:21 PM

Don't you mean the other way around Karsten? Xzar is the wizard, and Montaron the thief.

I've never played with Kivan, but I have heard he is quite a decent NPC to have along. He can be found at High Hedge.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/23/07 10:55 PM

Yes, of course smile

It has been a while since I've played Baldur's Gate 1.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/24/07 08:37 AM

Kivan is a very good NPC, plus he sounds like Clint Eastwood.

Montaron is very handy once he levels up a couple of times and has some health points, because he is a fighter/thief. You can dispense with him when you run into Coran or Safana, because he will start to grumble and then make threats against you as your Reputation goes up. If you need more fighting backup, Coran is an ace archer.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/24/07 02:31 PM

Alright everyone, I will go to FAI and pickup Jaheira and Khalid to make a group of 6. Then I want to go to the fishermen and get the quest with the priestess because at the end I get a bunch of exp when her quest is finished. Then I will head for Nashkel. At what level should I make Imoen a mage? This way I can get rid of Xzar and Montaron and have room for Minsc and Dynaheir.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/24/07 02:35 PM

That sounds like a good idea...

Maybe Drizzt would when to dual class
Imoen ??
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/24/07 04:56 PM

I'm not sure I would recommend dual-classing at all in Baldur's Gate 1. I always felt there was no real reason too, since the game is likely to be over as soon as (maybe even before) the original class has reached a decent level. Dual-classing means restarting again from level 1 with the new class, and not being able to use any of the abilities one learned before. (You have to reach the same level as the previous class before being able to use it's abilities).

It works a lot better in BG2. If you wish though, I guess having Imoen at level five or six would make her a decent enough thief before dual-classing her as a mage.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/25/07 02:32 AM

If you dual-class Immy at level 6 and you have the TOTSC expansion, and you do all of the quests, Imoen will reach the experience cap as a mage.

That having been said, you can leave Imoen as your thief and use Dynaheir as your mage. Imoen will become a very good thief by the end of the game, and Dynaheir is a decent mage, who can easily cover the party's needs. Imoen as a thief, Jaheira, Khalid, Dynaheir and Garrick were the party I used in my first BG game, and it went just fine. Minsc went a bit squirrely and had to be 'retired.'
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/25/07 11:48 AM

Ok Drizzt- I will not dual class anyone from what you have told me. Hagatha- I do not have the expansion for BG1 and have finally gotten my group to Nashkel. With everyone still have level 1, the monsters are still mean to me, especially at night when I want to take a rest or go to a different location.
I guess that I will head for the Nashkel mine area and when I return I will get rid of Zxar and Montaron and pickup Minsc for his quest. Are there any quests I could attempt in the area around Nashkel for some additional xp? I am still having a lot of problems with my combat strategy, even tho I have a sling for Jaheira and Zxar to use. Imoen is using her bow but I can't seem to get Jaheira or Zxar to use their magic and could use some help on this subject.
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/25/07 08:07 PM

grandpa68, Please answer catbelly's mail and inquiries in the Trading Post. You haven't answered your mail nor checked on your thread.

(Sorry to interrupt the thread, did not know how else to do this)

Ana wave
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/25/07 08:17 PM

There is one that you can get by asking the guard who "greets" you there; it includes finding a captain gone mad. Can't remember his exact whereabouts though... There is also a small side-quest in one of the houses that includes searching the Nashkel mines for a missing husband (but you may take this when you enter the mines).

Also go visit Volo in the tavern. He's a celebrity. laugh
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/25/07 08:57 PM

If I recall correctly, you can press the rest button or go rest in a bed in the Inns in Baldur's Gate.

This I think will also heal you...

So you might not want to travel at night,
but rather travel by first daylight...

It may take you a little longer to get there,
but there is no timer as to when you have finished the main quest in Baldur's Gate.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/25/07 09:26 PM

Yes, the inns are much you will never get attacked in them. However, healing goes slowly. Be sure to cast all healing spells before resting, as this is not done automatically (it is in BG2, though).
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/26/07 02:07 AM

You spellcasters have to memorise spells every night before your party sleeps. If you click on the spell book at the left of the screen for the character, you will see a book with squares on the left page and spells on the right. Select the spells you want to use by clicking on them, and they will appear on the left side of the page.

Now you sleep.

In the morning, the spells have been memorized and can be used.

To use them click on the character. At the botton of the screen are a number of gold icons. One looks sort of like a half moon -- that is where the speels are. If you click on it, all the available spells will appear, ready for casting. Most spells need to have a target selected in order to be cast.

Clerics and Druids have a different spell book from mages.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/26/07 01:13 PM

Well I got to te nashkel mines area and have a couple of questions. How do I kill Greywolf after I have talked to Prism? I have tried everything I know and still get dead. I also get dead when I talk to Mulahey. How do I kill him??
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/26/07 04:11 PM

He's a tough opponent. If you are still level 1, save him for later; when you are done with the mines. You should level up in there. If you really wish to kill him (and get that nice sword he has; Varscona)....use any potions you may have come across. Make sure to buff your fighters as much as you can and attack him from afar with the NPCs not as skilled in close combat...A good idea here could be to run away from him, use Jaheira's Entangle-spell and then shoot arrows at him.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/27/07 01:44 PM

I guess that the above reply is for Greywolf. What do I do about Mulahey? Can I get to the treaure chest to get the scrolls and start chapter 3 and then use a cheat for the holy symbol that I need?
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/27/07 04:02 PM

Aha, Mulahey. He's also pretty tough. As before, buff your party members with everything. If you need to, backtrack up to the surface (there's an "emergency exit" in the cavern just outside Mulahey's lair you can use that will get you to the surface instantly) and buy potions and other things you might need. Using magic items and potions is essential sometimes...I know I usually hoard them because "what if"-situations arise. laugh

I'm not really sure what tips I could give; buff your party. Make SURE that you use Jaheira's buffing-spells. A "Bless" before this battle is essential. It's a low-level spell which will remarkable increase your fighting ability. You may also try using her entanglement-spell on Mulahey to keep him from charging you.

I don't know how many npcs you are playing with, but as I usually play with six, when I encounter Mulahey I let two strong characters face Mulahey and another two guard the party's back when I enter the cavern. Mulahey is a cleric and will summon many undead skeletons behind you. Between these two pairs I keep a thief with a bow and a mage. Try to make attacks on Mulahey with magic missiles or acid arrows (or any ranged attack actually). For magic attacks, try to him him when he is casting a spell as this will (hopefully) make him lose concentration.

Yes, you can cheat your way to it. There are console commands for a lot of things in the game, but I don't remember...I STRONGLY advise against it, though. Baldur's Gate uses Infinity, a game engine which is very fragile. Tampering with it may result in a broken main quest and many other bugs. Besides, I think that Journal entries also play a part in the quests, and I do not know how to add those.

If the fight is far too hard for you, there is another cheat that you may use.

Quoted from CheatCC:

"Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the line "Cheats=1" under the "[Game Options]" heading. Then, begin a game and press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function:"

Then use this command:


This will "summon" (spawn) the game's most powerful fighter to fight at your side. Not as a party-npc, but he will defend you and attack your enemies. You may also summon more than one, and I don't THINK it will cause any problems with the game.

Anyway, try with the tactics I suggested first. Lower the difficuly level, perhaps? It's a very rewarding feeling, having beat a powerful enemy in Baldur's Gate. smile
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/27/07 09:16 PM

An entangle spell cast where the skeletons appear will help a lot. Once they are entangled, you can have one or two party members take care of any that don't get entangled, and have the rest of the party concentrate on Mulahey.

As Drizzt noted, buff your party as much as you can.

Early in the game potions of Speed are valuable assets in a tough battle. If I have one, I give it to my strongest fighter.

It probably took me ten tries or so before I won this battle on my firt run through the game. Part of it is planning your strategy. What works well in one battle will not work in another.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/28/07 11:42 AM

Drizzt= Where is this emergency exit located outside the cavern? I had to walk back the way I came in to get to the surface. How do I lower the difficulty level in game? I will take a look at my cheat sheet to see if it is there. I don't have a mage in my party unless I pickup Xan in the other room first as my party has the following: pc/fighter, Imoen/thief,Jaheira, Khalid/fighter and montaron/fighter. Zxar got killed somewhere inside the mines.
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/28/07 01:25 PM


Please look here

(it is inside the cave --- so you have to find it from the inside). And fortunately, you walked back the way you came. This means that you are ablo to go through the levels of the Nashkell Mines again, and go out through the exit, which will then take you to the Valley of the Tomb.
(as this exit will collapse when you have used it).

If I can remember this correctly, I think this is
the mine you can flood ? (Put you have to talk someone first, who gives an item to be into a certain place which means that the dwarfs can get out?? Apparently, this happens later in the game].

There is nothing wrong with picking Xan up to be used in your party, and then dismiss him along the way. The game won't be punishing you for this.

To lowert the difficulty in the game, please click on your BG1 icon on your screen, then you should see an options menu. Click on the options menu.

Then there should be a slider which determines the difficulty of the game. Please move the slider all the way to the left. This will make the fihgts a little bit easier, (or a lot).
I can't remember is this also means that there won't be as much XP in rewards when you defeat the enimies or monsters in the game.
Posted By: Drizzt

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/28/07 06:36 PM

Is is the Nashkel mines, not the Cloakwood Mines, Karsten. smile

The emergency exit is located in the big cavern right outside Mulahey's lair. Just go north on the sidewalk that goes along the water and follow it almost as far as you can go. If you move the cursor around a bit you should see the "travel"-icon.

Lowering the difficulty level is not a cheat at all. It can be accessed from the game options menu.

Good luck.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Baldur's Gate - 02/28/07 08:09 PM

GP68, your party needs a mage! Xan is just fine, although he's got a personality disorder. You can cart him around until you decide you want to trade him in.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 03/04/07 09:07 AM

I would like to finish the Naskel Mines to get to Chapter 3, as I have started BG2 out of frustration on this one. I found a game editor called "Gatekeeper". Have any of you used this? The reason I'm asking is that I want to beef up my stats( ex: con,wis,intell, etc).
Posted By: Karsten

Re: Baldur's Gate - 03/04/07 09:23 AM

I have used Gatekeeper. It is really easy to use.
Please read the included 'readme' or the hints in the Help Me section.

Just remember to save after each upbeefinf of your stats. The Gatekeeper will then save the modified game save under the name of 00001.

Also, you could try creating a new character.
And keep on rolling the dice until you get
the rolls best for your character which for a fighter would be: STR, CON, DEX . You should have at STR above 16, a CON about 16 and DEX of about 16 too. (STR should best be about 17 or 18, but need not be). WIS,INTEL,CHAR is not that necessary for a fighter character.

I think you will find BG2 combat as frustrating as BG1's combat. I remember having many problems with the Cowled Wizards you meet when you first come out of the starting dungeon. The reason for this is that combat etc. are similar to combat in BG1.

I'm glad you're liking BG2. If you're up to it, try searching for the Ascensiod mod. It is a nifty little modification for BG2 (I think)
which has been written by David Gaider, one of
the (lead) writers for BG2.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: Baldur's Gate - 03/05/07 10:46 AM

I used Gatekeeper to beef up the stats of my characters. Now I will return to the mines and try to kill Mulahey but will pick up Xan first.
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Baldur's Gate - 03/06/07 06:48 AM

Gatekeeper is a great tool, but try to resist the urge to beef up your characters too much. Maybe once you finish the battle with Mulahey you can "un-beef" them.
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