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PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 02/27/07 07:06 AM

okay i am dying.
on the stupid meat circus level.
at the first spinning target, you hop on a knife and go to the next phase.
then you hop across the little meat thingees and again at another spinning target.
every time i try to hop to the next slap, i never land on it or even catch the ledge. what am i doing wrong?
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Re: PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 02/27/07 01:18 PM

Joel I think this is more of an action game. I'm going to scoot you on over to The Darkside. Just click on the link to follow your thread over to that forum please.

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Re: PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 02/27/07 02:16 PM

thanks sue~
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Re: PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 02/27/07 09:43 PM

Hi joelsprayberry wave

I don't really remember this part as I played it so long ago. However, would any of these walkthroughs help at all?

Hi Sue! :kiss:

Rusty smile
Posted By: Robert

Re: PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 02/28/07 05:41 AM

I remember the Circus level being very difficult. If you're trying to jump from one of the spinning wheels with the knife stuck in it, wait until the wheel turns you as close to the platform you're jumping to as possible before you take the leap.

This level is just one of those where you have to keep trying until you get it. I was having trouble with the part where you have to climb across the flaming nets and jump from one to the other. I kept getting fried by the flames or falling when I tried to jump.
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Re: PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 03/02/07 02:26 PM

alright guys, thanks for all of your help. i finally found my solution. i never could hop over to the 2nd slab from the wheel...but i found that if you jump close enough to it, and hit a net on the way down.....then the default return makes you appear on that slab. plus, tiny bunny boy is no longer being attacked.
Posted By: nickie

Re: PSYCHONAUTS help!!!!!! PC - 03/02/07 04:08 PM

Glad you worked it out! My memory of the game is I kept falling in crevices and couldn't get out. laugh
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