Morrowind Newbie Help

Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 01:53 PM

Hi Gang, I've decided to give this game a spin. Oooooooh is it pretty. Oooooooh am I not. lol I'm a woodelf - majoring in stealth. I chose to pick my own atributes....which I'm thinking now wasn't such a great idea seeing as I had no clue what I was doing & picked like NO armor or weapon skills. lol Good thief I am, eh? Next quest is to get a key. I tried to get it from Sovor Trandrel (the servant) but pickpocket didn't show it. Went to the rich guy himself & pickpocketed but no key. He caught me & I killed him. Poof- there's the key. Brought it back but Sugar-Lips rolleyes wont pay me cause I killed him.

I delivered a package to Caius Cosades who also has quests for me, when I'm stronger he says.

I'm wondering if there's any EASY quests. So far I feel like I'm way over my head. The only quests I've completed are delivering a pkg & BUYING a diamond I should have stolen. I'm a wimpy level 1 & I have no reputation to speak of. Perhaps I should start over & be someone/thing else? I haven't done that much really. Any guidance?

p.s. I'm afraid to steal anything now because I'm not sure if they are members of the Thieves can you tell?

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Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 04:47 PM

Welcome to Morrowind, Jen, probable the second most popular game on this forum (behind Divinity). Yes it is very pretty but the characters are very ugly, except the humanoids (breton, imperial, nord). Just for fun, strip down to nothing and run around town naked talking to people.

The thief classes are probably the hardest to play in this game, I suggest starting a regular fighter and joining the fighter's guild in Balmora once you get there, the first quests are pretty easy there. Before that, though, you will want to stay in Seyda Neen as there are some very easy quests there which can get you some money and other stuff to get you started.

IMO, level 1 is the most difficult part of the game, it seems to take forever to find things to do that raise your relevant skills, but eventually you move on. Just so you know, you can also join the mages guild in Balmora, even as a fighter, and do quests for them, as well as the legion, the temple, and the assassin guild.

If you really want to play a thiefy type, make sure to get at least one or two different weapon and armor skills, preferably short blades and light armor for dexterity, and focus on skills like sneaking, security, speechcraft, and acrobatics or athletics.

Pickpocketing is dependent on your sneaking skill and is very difficult to pull off at low levels. Other ways to get what you need from someone is to use speechcraft by bribing/flattering or threatening/taunting them.

Cammona Tong are not the same as the thieves guild. That said, I would not advise you to try to kill them at level 1. wink
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Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 05:56 PM

Hey Jen happydance
Good luck and have fun
Keep us posted on your adventures
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Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 06:25 PM

Ok, I'll start over again. Actually I did start over & let the game pick this time. It set me up as an assassin. Still wimpy but at least I have armor & weapon skills. I was hoping to remain a wood elf for disease resistance & marksman skills but I'm thinking they aren't the best warrior types. The magicka making and enchanting things are rocket surgery & I'd prefer just to avoid them for the most part. I'll buy 'em if I need 'em! Sheesh! There's just so many....and so little money. Who knows which are worth the price. I've been spending what little funds I have on armor & weapons. Training is too expensive for 1 measly point. The only thing I seem to be good at is athletics. All that running around up's the stats. Nothing else besides Mercantile is going up. Perhaps it will be better as a warrior. Thanks for the advice! smile

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Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 06:59 PM

Jen, if you are ever in a situation where there is a conflict of interest, like having to kill another guildmember for someone else, just let them attack you first. Then you can kill them in good conscience. You can often force them into attacking first by taunting them several times. That way your reputation doesn't suffer and no one will hold it against you.
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 09:26 PM

Welcome to Morrowind from me too Jen lol I'm playing as a female Breton Battlemage.

I had to chuckle at your first post about getting the key - know how I did it? I wound up bribing the guy in the trade house - that key cost me 1200 gold pieces evil
Posted By: asazen

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/19/04 09:58 PM

Hi Jen wave Good to see you here! I agree with everything everyone else says! (not sure about the running around naked but to each there own laugh )Wood elves can be good fighters I'm playing as a wood elf, agent, and am at level 37! She's one great little fighter. Take your time in the beginning and practice your weapons skills by zapping all the nasty critters wandering around!

Posted By: Mugsy

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 12:46 AM

Hi Jen, Glad to hear you're venturing down the Morrowind path I think you'll like this game. I played through Morrowind and the 2 expansions with a wood elf mage and she could hold her own in battle with the various swords and lots of nice just have to invest the time and cash in the training. Have fun !!
Posted By: ninalor

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 02:58 AM

Hi Jen, morrowind is great!!! In the beginning of the game I just stumbled and stumbled....lucky for me there where a few people to help me out, like Ingie (popcorneater) and a few others..

I think one of the best things to do is to concentrate on one or two guilds. Later on you can add some houses and guilds..The best thing to do is not take on to many quests in the beginning(like I did and got completely overwhelmed) but concentrate on a few so that it will give you confidence instead of feeling frustrated!

Wish you a great time!!
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 03:21 PM

I started over, this time as a Redguard (disease resistant-whoo!). I do miss the elf, but the Redguard is almost pretty, save the hairstyle. I chose my attributes, but only after I carefully considered the pre-made see what was really needed. I'm skilled in med. armor, long blade, and can wield a mean axe. laugh BTW....I'm level TWO! happydance I have no idea HOW, because I think I killed even less this time. lol But I can sure carry a lot more & my fatigue doesn't drop much. (Endurance of 85 helps tremendously!)

I joined the fighter's guild & did 2 easy quests for them. The 3rd quest involves killing 4 baddies in/near Caldera that are really bad. I haven't even tried knowing I'm way out of my league. I delivered the pkg to he Spydaddy? He gave me orders to get info from guy who wants a favor first (of course). I'm supposed to get a puzzle box. The guy on the bridge close to Caldera doesn't think that's a good idea & chased me while zapping my butt all the way back to Balmora. So at the moment I'm stuck. I've got a couple of quests but they are waaaay too hard. I'm afraid to join any other houses/guilds for fear of more quests that are too difficult (and I'm like Syd...I'll HAVE to complete the darn things! Why didn't I think of bribing? rolleyes ) I guess I'll just walk around Balmora & chat it up awhile.

Can anyone suggest spells that are really useful? I bought 2 of the same that keep getting mentioned in-game but I have no idea what they do. I think they're supposed to transport me? I haven't tried ANY magicka. cluck cluck

Also how do you kill those ghost skeletons in the tombs? No weapon seems to work. Hmph!

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Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 06:00 PM

hi jen happydance Way to go, that first one is a hard hump to overcome.
I don't remember the 4 guys in the fighters guild off hand, but wise to wait until you get your fighting legs. Someone will peek in a give better advise, but until then try a few of these.

The tombs...the skeletons are the first you should be able to overcome. There are other creatures that are harder. Just try whacking away.
You'll be able to defeat more the more you try.
You're doing pretty darn good I think, glad you have a character that you like; so important.
When you complete the puzzle box quest and returned it to the guy that wants it, go back and talk to Spydaddy again.
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Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 07:04 PM

lol I have no spell skills. 5's in all magic-type skills. I'm a Redguard, born under the Lady sign. So I'm strong as an ox & dumb as an...ox. laugh

Yeah, axes are heavy but it gave me the best all-around skill points vs. blunt weapon or spear (which are both still decent levels). Plus axes do "heavy" damage. wink

Magicka seemed waaaay too confusing to me so I tried to pick skills based on stealth & strength. I figured with the amount of spells available for purchase in the game, being able to "wear" them permanently wasn't really necessary. I'm sure it's cheaper, tho. I tried casting when I was an elf but even though I slept & recharged my Magicka bar, the spell wouldn't cast again. Once per day or something? Sheesh! I figured if I had a scroll/spell I could cast as many as I wanted in 24 hours. lol I could see how durn useful it would be. Does it also cover the expansion packs?

I'm worried about joining the Thieves Guild because you can't steal from fellow thieves..and who knows who they are?!?! I thought I'd join the Mages Guild & just not do any quests to advance. Joining just for the transporation they provide. Not sure if it will work in practice, good theory though.
Love, Jen
Posted By: fov

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 07:08 PM

[pokes head in]

Gave up on FF8, huh? That's okay, I'll muddle along without you... *sniff*

[/pokes head out]

laugh emily

ps From what I've read in this thread, Morrowind sounds like an interesting game! I like the idea of running around naked!
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 07:10 PM

lol Em, it's still loaded....Morrowind came in the mail while I was on vacation & I couldn't help myself with the screenshots on the box. I'm just still on FF vacation, that's all. wink
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/20/04 10:41 PM

Jen, if you join the thieves and someone asks you to kill a fellow thief, all you have to do is taunt them so they attack you first. If they attack you first you are allowed to kill in self defense according to the morals of this game. <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 01:00 AM

Congratulations on getting to Level 2 - that's quite a feat in this game.

I killed the ghost skeletons with a silver sword. Worked like a charm laugh

Actually, the first mage guild quests (the ones you get in Balmora) are a snap - It's the Thieves Guild ones I'm having a time with - I'm stuck on two of them right now - both involving books rolleyes

Row is right - you can kill anyone without getting thrown in the slammer as long as they attack you first (not sure about the guards - I leave them alone).

I'm not too sure bribing was the smartest thing to do - I spent 1200 gold to get 1000 back - those are the type of economics that got the state of CA in the mess it's in rignt now lol
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 03:20 AM

I killed my first ghostie! laugh Syd, you're right...that butter knife I was using just wasn't cutting it. (ba-doom-ching!) I have no idea what I'm doing other than stealing everything & selling it but I'm going up levels right & left. I guess shopping is my thing. Is there a shopper's guild? lol

I gave up on professional thievery for now. I stunk when they were my main skills. Can you imagine an ox pickpocketing? Hey, maybe I'm confused about this, but when you join the Thieves Guild can you still steal from anyone, even fellow thieves, as long as you don't get caught? duh Maybe I'm reading too much into the "rules". I thought no stealing, meant no stealing. Period. I was worried that would put a huge dent in my coin-purse. Can anyone verify?

Bought the Mark spell. Then after about an hour of failed casting realized that I also needed a separate spell to return to said mark. slapforehead D'oh! So premade magic spells aren't that scary anymore, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to "recharge" my magical weapons.

I've been stuck for hours now in some mine or cave or tomb or something underground. Lava mine? Trying to get that puzzle box for the info guy for Spydaddy. I can't find it anywhere in here. Put it this way, I've filled up on merchandise & returned to Balmora, twice. I've gone everywhichway in these twisty-turny tunnels. WHERE IS IT?!?! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 03:34 AM


as you have learned you need a tleast silver weapons to kill a ghost/skeletons

don't feel bad about not finding the puzzle box. just aobut everyone misses it.

if you have gone past the first room you have gone too far as it is right in the beginning. Go to the bottom of the entrance chamber. There are three doors on this level, but none of them are the one you want. Face the rock formation that you came down, and you will see a smaller one going up. this leads to the second floor, above the three doors on the bottom. the puzzle box is in a room on this second floor to the left on a bookshelf.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 04:42 AM

Jen you're doing great. happydance
The guide book won't make you start over, you've got the character you like. What it does do is place each quest for each guild in their section.
Very helpful and I thought the maps and directions to getting to places were a great help.
But there are plenty of folks here that have played the game and have the guide and can help you out.
So glad you're enjoying the game and sounds like you're learning real fast how to deal with some of those horrible nasties. lol
Remember to make sure you work on those Major and Minor skills.
Using the magic is not hard once you're able to cast, it just takes practice.

I remember those books!! I can't believe it, but I remember. Will wonders ever cease lol
Ingie laugh
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 04:47 AM

If you are really having trouble and think you might want to restart, a good choice would be a spellsword - a character with both fighting and magic abilities. You can fight your way out of trouble until you've figured out how to use magic.

The first time I played I joined the mage guild by stumbling in the door in Balmora, then did most of their quests before I even realized that there was ...(cough)... a main quest I had to follow.

Don't get too freaked out about whether you know what you're doing. Morrowind is so huge and long that there is plenty of room to make hideous mistakes and still become the most all-powerful character around. If you mess up a guild - not to worry - join another. No biggy, unless, for example, you invested very heavily in only one set of skills and mess up that guild. You can join all guilds up to the point where their goals conflict, and you will probably know when that point is because you will be sent on a quest that requires you to kill someone or do something that violates the other guild's code.

For fighter skills, you can join several different groups that will help you develop your skills. And later in the game when you are very good at fighting, you can spend skill points on some other attributes and become very good at other skills like magic or thieving, if you are so inclined.

By the way, installing Tribunal will help you because the journal is more orderly with the expansion added. You'll be able to track your quests more easily.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 05:54 AM

Thanks, Zanthia. I found it. Duh...right over my head. I did the "code book" quest for the fighter's guild, not a problem seeing as I hadn't joined the thieves guild yet. I just bribed her 20 gold & she handed it over. smile Nice of her. Do I want to give it to the Fighter's Guild Master or do I want to keep it? She gave me the choice....does it come in handy later or something?

Thanks for the tips but I ain't starting over again. I'm really not doing that badly..I just whine good. I'm level 4! happydance

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 02:48 PM

The code book is one of my problem books - the other one is called Withershire - (I have to steal it and keep getting caught). Unfortunately I joined the Thieves guild before I tried for the code book so there's no way that woman is going to hand it over to me - she just harumphs at me when I go by her (I really ticked her off) lol

I don't think the book has any use so I'd return it to the Fighters guild guy.

I guess I should go back and continue on with the main quest (if I can remember what I'm supposed to be doing that is) bwaha-hahahahahahaha

I've never had a problem being tossed out of a guild from stealing - Thieves included. I just seem to take at random (as long as no one is looking that is) wink

Oh and welcome to the Guild of "Not a Clue" where our official club smilie is <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/21/04 02:50 PM

Jen, you just found the solution to a problem that I never figured out when I played Morrowind. I never was able to get that code book. Now I know it's because I had joined the thieves guild but you hadn't. I think a lot of people were stuck on getting that code book.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/22/04 02:50 PM

I cheated. lol I read a WT regarding the codebook so I knew joining the Thieves would only complicate matters. There is a way to get the book even if you've joined....but you'll have to look it up yourself, I didn't pay attention to that solve as it didn't pertain to me. Sorry. duh Oh wait...that should be the official <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> !

Level 6 & counting. Just killed me 4 Camonna Tong! I'm still only in the Blades & Fighter's Guilds. Plan on joining the Thieves soon. Found out don't need to join Mages for travel advantage, they'll send you for moolah. Just lootin' & sellin' trying to get some good armor. Why is it only light & heavy seem to be readily available? Hmph! Went to a new town via giant bug. I was disappointed not to have a cut-scene or anything while riding the siltstrider. That would have been fun.

I was wondering how to up my reputation. I've only got a 1 in there & that's a recent development when I let Hides-His-Eyes go free. Have I made some wrong decisions or something?

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/22/04 05:36 PM

Unless it says that your reputation has decreased no wrong decisions were made.
I think it increases as you complete certain quests rather main story line or just plain being a nice person.
You're moving right along and seem very setteled into the role of 'not a clue club' member happydance
ingie laugh
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/22/04 08:42 PM

Found naked blue guy! Killed naked blue guy. We found the witch & when he wouldn't go for her deal I sided with her. He attacked & now he's dead. Oops. I've got a save right before this if I should keep him alive. Didn't get that axe, gave me some stinking potions instead. Cheap witch. Is there a "better" resolution to this quest?

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/22/04 08:55 PM

Well you could side with him and watch him beat the snoot out of her which is what I did laugh Then loot her body. I think in addition to the axe and the potions I got some kind of staff that I sold off and I gave him the axe - didn't really see a need for it.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/25/04 01:55 PM

Redid naked blue guy & I like the outcome better when I side with him. (that doesn't sound as bad as I think it does, does it? lol )

Anyway, now I'm completely without a clue. I needed money so traveled via mages guild to Ald Ruhn for some fly-by thieving. Got a bunch of "work" all related to one guy who's late on payment to a bunch of merchants. Got all their stuff back, but it was tempting to keep the stuff...worth more than the reward. Wondering if doing the right thing was really the "right" thing.

Went exploring in the Manor district & inside one house found this note regarding a guy imprisoned behind a tapestry. Stole the key & freed him. Had him follow me out but I had to kill many guards/faction members along the way. Was I supposed to do that? I didn't get a quest or anything & I killed about 5 people doing it. I hope none of them are necessary NPC's. frown Should I wait on this part until someone asks me to rescue him? Is he even worthy of rescue? Dumb ox me lets everyone go. HELP!

Oh, I have the boots of blinding speed....are they evil? I don't want to go blind while running fast...splat!

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/25/04 09:16 PM

I think there is one NPC you shouldn't kill when you rescue what's his face (this was part of my Redoran House quest). I think it's the first person who starts to attack you as soon as you come out from behind the tapestry. I think I read somewhere that she is part of the main quest so not to kill her. I can check for certain when I get home.

I just ran fast and didn't have to kill anyone - took me a few tries to get out but I did and 'ole what's his face followed me right along as I took him back to his daddy laugh

As to the boots - I have them too but haven't used them yet. I think we need a "don't let me go blind while I wear these suckers" spell, and I haven't found one yet lol
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 12:05 AM

Thanks, Syd. That's what I was afraid of. I should have stuck to my original plan of pilfering & left rescue for later. Will reload an earlier save.

BTW...bought the GOTY edition today just to get the expansion packs. lol Loaded Tribunal only, just for the journal benefits. What a difference! laugh Unfortunately the store didn't have the guide book. <sigh> Should I bother loading Bloodmoon at this point (does it have any benefits NOW) or is it purely for added mayhem? evil

It seems as if an old quest isn't solved. The tax guy from the first town? I don't know how to finish it other than find the guy's wife & give her his ring. Any ideas?

If you find that unique spell wink let me know where it is. I just love shoes.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 01:22 AM

Yup, you need to return the ring to the lady in the lighthouse and check in with I think it's the guy you first meet when you sign in. He gives you a reward if memory serves.

The only reason to install Bloodmoon is that it's already there I guess. I accidentially wound up there - man, is it pretty - forests, snow, wolves, grizzly bears laugh So now I have unfinished quests from up North also - geeeeez louise. My To Do list is looking pretty darn sad right now lol

Not to worry fellow Morrowind traipser - if I ever find said spell, I'll let you know laugh
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 01:31 AM

"Nighteye" and/or "light" are 2 spells that could counteract the blindness. I had a magic spear with the nighteye enchantment on it. When I carried it around I could wear the boots of blinding speed. I found that spear but can't remember now where. You can probably enchant any item with one of these spells and that should help you. I'm sure one of the mage guilds will have this. That spear came in very handy in some of the dark caves and I saved carrying a lot of torches with it.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 02:34 PM

lol You can actually USE the torches? Oh my, I've just been wandering in the dark! I'll have to give them a try. I didn't think the light spells were worth using my magicka....I don't have a whole lot being a warrior-type, must save for healing & quick transport.

Rowan, when you equip the spear do you have to cast the light/eye spell associated with it or is it a constant effect? I wonder if one of those "resist magicka" type spells would work with the boots? (although I hope Syd spellmakes one with that ultra-cool name she came up with. wink ) Couldn't you just enchant the boots themselves? Enchanting & spellmaking are still beyond my comprehension.

Syd, thanks for the tip. I did check in with the starting guy, no reward as I decided to let the murderer go, as usual. Had no idea that the lighthouse lady was his wife....what happened to taking your husband's name? lol Of course I'd been afraid to show anyone the ring.....

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 03:53 PM

If you can raise your resist Magaicka to at least 50%+ The Boots of Blinding Speed will not effect your wearing them.
If you're able have an enchantment placed on an article that can hold it and then wear the article(like a ring, amulet-that type of thing)
I had 50% resist magicka naturally so I never had to worry..but if not get something that will.
First buy the spell "Resist Magicka" and then find a pretty something and an enchanter if you cannot do it, and have a lot of money lol
Ingie laugh
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 05:20 PM

To counteract the blindness you need to have an item that casts resist magicka. what you should do is make a spell that gives 100 % resist magica for 3 seconds. Cast the spell, equip the boots and when it wears off the effects still last. this is an example of a positive bug.

You can also make a night eye spell. this works too if you do not wan to take advantage of a bug. But it will not work as well. There is also an armor you can find that gives you a constant 60 % resist magicka.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 07:10 PM

Thanks, ladies, I'll try that "positive bug" method.

New questions.... <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />

I took a nap & when I awoke an assassin was whalloping me! Spydaddy just stood there & smiled. Nearly killed me! So I took another nap to regain my health & WHAM! TWO of them this time. Sheesh! What's a gal gotta do to get some beauty rest around here? I started to follow the trail afraid to sleep anymore & I believe this is a Tribunal quest. Can anyone verify? I'd rather focus on Morrowind first.

Speaking of which, I can't seem to get several quests cleared up. 1) The tax man. I gave the lighthouse lady the ring & it's still in my journal as incomplete. I'm wondering if I screwed it up by not prosecuting the murderer? ARGH!!!!
2) Escort a slave Hides-His-Foot to a farm. Okaaay, I did. Why is it still showing as active? It even SAYS I did in the journal. Hmph!
3) Find some madman on a hill close to Suran. I've been all over the Arcadian Isles but I didn't see any blantant madman anywhere. Just a bunch of poor slaves that I can't free without keys that I can't find. I'm afraid to kill anyone for fear they are a needed NPC for other quests. I'm sure someone's got keys in their pockets. (not that freeing the slaves is a quest, I just feel like I should rolleyes )


laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 07:57 PM

Hi there BIIIGGG problem. every time i go into a cave place etc with slaves i free them i did this in the ebony mine camp and again in the place where d'orzoor was now the game keeps craging booboo? yes or no
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 08:32 PM

Haven't a clue, NGP. duh My game just crashes randomly, usually as I step toward a bed with plans to save after my nap. If you have a save before that you might try to continue from there if you think you made a booboo. Lord knows I made plenty & had to reload. rolleyes

Did you try the options menu? Lowering resolution, disabling anti-aliasing, etc? Might help. If you're still having tech problems I suggest posting on the Glitches & Bugs board here at GB. Also if you don't have the expansion packs loaded I know there's a patch needed for the game that might or might not help. Nothing ruins a game faster than sluggeshness or crashes, good luck!

You wouldn't happen to know how to answer any of my above questions, wouldja? :kiss:

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/26/04 08:58 PM

Well as soon as I figure out how to enchant something I will - so far I have no clue how to do it.

Jen when you killed the assassins did you take their armor? It's worth a fortune if you sell it. Same thing happened to me with them only I came out of a cave and wham - they hit me from behind (the cowards).

I don't know if they are part of Tribunal or not - I'm just ignoring them for now (well, except for killing them and taking their armor).

Can't remember where I found keys to free the slaves - found some in crates, on the ground etc.

I have at least one quest I can't clear and that's cause I lost the guy frown That is the one where you escort someone to the Koal Caves - I have no idea where he went - I got to the cave but he didn't.

I think to clear the tax collector quest you have to turn in the murderer -
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/27/04 01:00 AM

The assassins stop attacking after a while, but I forget what triggers them to stop. Their armour is great and I wore it for a while until I found something better. I was a light armoured character.

The "madman" is called Umbra and this is how you can find him: Go to the top of the stairs which are just south of Suran's northern entrance. From there levitate due east over the mountain. Umbra should be standing there at the end of a long foyada.

Not all slaves can be freed. But I read that if you free 30 slaves the game will reward you. I don't remember what the reward was, maybe an increase of reputation.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/27/04 02:20 PM

Thanks, Row. Found him but I took the long way around, being scared of levitating. He's one tough cookie & I'm no match right now. Guess I'll be keeping that quest active for awhile. But at least I know where he is!

Did clear up the Tax Man quest! laugh I killed the murderer after taunting him & checked back in with the head census guy & got my reward. Whoo! I don't care so much about the $250 reward as I do about clearing it up. 2 out of 3 problems solved ain't bad.

I'd like to clear the Hides-His-Foot quest up. When I got him to the correct farm he told me of a book in the basement of the manor in which he was a slave. I'm wondering if I need to retrieve the book in order for the quest to clear? lol Literally. He was wedged in a crevice between some stairs & rocks. The only way out would be to jump & no matter what I did he'd only run full-on into the stairs or rocks. I finally gave up & reloaded being careful to check behind me periodically to make sure he was keeping up & taking paths I knew he could handle. If your acrobatics/athletics skill is high you might be able to climb a steep incline & he/she can't. I bet your guy met a similar fate.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/27/04 03:18 PM

Hi folks
The bad boys in black will stop attacking after you go talk to the guy in Ebonheart..can't remember his name, Captain somebody..You'll find him in the inner courtyard near some stairs and a well.
To enchant something several things are needed:
1. an item to enchant
2. a soul to use for the enchantment(golden saint is the best-but you can use others for smaller enchantments)
3. Need to have the spell you wish to use(ex. resist magicka)
4. I recommend instead of you enchanting use an enchantress. They can be found in the Mage Guilds
5. Money to pay
Hope that helps a little

You can enchant any item that can hold the soul-you need the soul gems to capture the soul.

For a good view of these gems-go to the Balmora Mage guild go upstairs and look at the desk.
Steal if you can the gems...but do not ask the enchantress from there to ever enchant anything for you..she'll attack and you're booted out of there.

Always save first..
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/27/04 06:16 PM

Jen, I don't remember the Hides-His-Foot quest. But there is a Hides-His-Eyes quest which is different from what you describe.

However, something that might relate is to see Jobasha in his rare book store in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec after you have freed 5 slaves. Trigger a conversation about Twin Lamps but he must have a disposition of 70 or higher. He is supposed to give you some skill books as a reward for freeing the slaves. Then talk to a freed slave about "go free". I think Jobasha gives you some more skill books after freeing 30 slaves.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/27/04 07:13 PM

Yep, the Hides-His-Eyes quest I've finished. This one is different. Hides-His-Foot was a slave from that BIG manor in the arcadian isles (I think Orvas Dren?). It's almost a mini-town. The rest of the slaves I freed went off on their own, but he was too old & asked me to escort him to Ster-something's farm. I did & when we got there he told me of some notes in the manor basement that would help to "persuade" Orvas Dren. Got 'em but the quest is still showing active. duh I give up, perhaps the solve will come later....Dren's supposed to be the Cammona Tong kingpin. Thanks for the tip on the bookstore. I'll head over there next. All this time playing & I didn't free one slave today, but I'm sure I've freed at least 5 awhile back. Can't find the keys! Even in the dark elves pockets & rooms. I saved, then killed just to see if they had them. Then reloaded so they're alive again. No luck. Raided a few tombs/caves tho! smile

How do you open locked things that are high level, like 80-100? Can't pick 'em. Ready-made spells aren't high enough. Do I need to make a spell or is it a matter of upping my security level? I can open up to 80 by picking now.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/27/04 08:19 PM

You're doing a quest I didn't get-how cool is that? happydance
And depending on which guilds you belong to, killing O.D. will come in to sorrow on my part as I thought he was a jerk anyway.. evil
Ingie laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/28/04 10:33 PM

?. I have some beautiful armor part of at least it is the glass leg pieces , the curiass and something else and an ebony curiass and i cannot sell none of them nobody has enogh gold, not even creeper,also i do not have tribunial or blood moon are they just as good as morrowind? can you please email me back with answers somebody Thanks. I also am not talking to strangers in the wilderness i am a lone girl Breton is that wrong and will i get someone to help me like in other rpgs or am i a lonely only child wandering in the dark
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 01:39 AM

Do this to sell to Creeper:

He has 5000 units of money. So buy some things from him so that he has enough money to buy the armour you want to sell him. When he has enough money (his own + what you gave him) then sell him the armour. When that is done, have a sleep somewhere to make it the next day. Then Creeper will have more money again. Then you can sell him back the items you bought from him that you didn't want. Whenever you have items that are more than 5000 you will have to go through this procedure. If you have a lot of stuff this may take some time, but it is the best way to make money in the long run. Another hint: when buying from Creeper try to buy items that are 5000 or less. It is much easier to sell them back.

Good luck. wave
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 03:05 AM

Thanks for the help but it does not work the armor is worth 17000 and he just doesn't have enough and when i tried to sell his stuff back i got less than i paid for it any better way so that i can come out ahead
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 03:18 AM

Here is how it works: he has 5000 and you want to sell him an item worth 17000 - you buy several smaller items from him that add up to 12000 (make sure each item you buy is worth 5000 or less)-> then his 5000 + your 12000 makes him have 17000. Sell him the armour for the 17000 back. He then has 0. Sleep so you have the next day. Creeper will have 5000 again. Sell him back some of the items you bought from him. When the 5000 is used up, sleep some more. Creeper will another 5000. Sell him back some more stuff. Keep doing this until you have sold back all the stuff you bought from him and didn't want. In the end you will have profitted.
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 05:35 AM

Thank you ever so much. i guess being a gal in the wilderness has created fog . Can someone tell me if it is okay not to talk to strangers in the wilderness or am i missing something . I am just doing the house, guild and shrine things, want to be an imperial soldier but don't know how . Well that is more than 1 question hahahaha. Also how do i do temple things if i cant be a lay person.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 05:42 AM

You're really moving right along happydance
You can talk to the folks in the wilderness.
You can usually get easy quests and some great items for performing said duties..
For the guards when you ask one, they will tell you where you must go and whom to speak to about joining.
I didn't do the Cult quests, but I know some of the other folks did...I think Nickie and Tami..
Hopefully they will poke their heads in and help.
If you have the guide..or go on the website, under the Guilds you're wondering about it will tell you where to go and what steps to follow in your quests to get up the ladder.
Glad you understand the dealing with Creeper, takes a while; but worth the money to do so.
Have fun happydance
Ingie laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 06:33 AM

Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 07:10 AM


when you are at creepers , you don't have to leave to rest. Just click on the rest key and choose to wait 24 hours and he has his 5000 back. once ouy get the hang of it, its very easy to do and goes pretty quickly.

this is the only way to sell high priced items with the game as is.

you do not have to speak to anyone in the wilderenss but you will miss out on some of the best items including the boots of blinding speed. tired of moving so slow, than you want these booots.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 12:56 PM

Aww noble,
I'm sorry I thought you understood the trading thing!
Zanthia is right of course. happydance
When you buy enough items from him to cover the cost of the high price stuff ( I never bought anything over the $5000 he can buy back)
then sell him the high pricey stuff deplete his funds. He'll have the orginial $5000 + what you bought. Sell it to him, he'll have $0.00 left.
Then press your "T" key, slide to 24 hours and a day has passed right in front of him and he once again has his orginial $5000. Now start selling him back the items you do not want. Everytime he gets down to 0.00 or as far as you can go with him.
Press the "T" key and slide to 24 hours..he once again resets and although in game time a day has passed-a few seconds have in reality and you don't ever have to move..
Hope this and Zanthia's advise help you out!
Ingie laugh
Posted By: syd

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 04:23 PM

You want to hear something sad? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anway laugh I lost the soul gem I pilfered from the mage's guild that was worth 60,000 gold eek Yep - it's gone from invetory. I have a feeling I've accidentially set it down somewhere and of course have duh where the heck I put it [sigh] I could just scream.

I did find something called an Index however. It is two stone columns with lights bouncing in between them. I'm on my way to the Nchurdamz dwemer ruins on a fighter's guild quest (boy is it a long walk) and came upon this massive stone building/city thing and went in one of the rooms and there it was. It did tell me I didn't have something I needed to use it (can't remember what it was - maybe a scroll?)

At any rate that's where I am now - still pretty low in the level department - only 13 - but I seem to be holding my own against most of the baddies laugh
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 05:36 PM

Grim, it works for any amount. You just need patience to do it. Pretend it is your "day job" where you earn your $ to get a paycheck. The rest of the time is for adventuring. smile It's a necessary evil and the only way to make decent money in this game. Toward the end of the game you can be a millionaire if you are willing to put the time into bartering with Creeper.

To sell a 35000 item, you first have to buy ebough items from Creeper until he has 35000. Then you can sell your ebony armour, rest, and sell back all the other stuff you bought, resting in between so Creeper can get his reserve fund. You use this method for any amount that you want to sell. If you don't do this, you will not make enough money to buy the spells, enchantments, or best equipment that you will need later in the game. Don't forget that as your levels improve so do the difficulty levels of the bad guys and you will need money to buy things to counteract this.
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 11:53 PM

okay thanks i tried it but still having problems i buy his stuff but i buy it all and then what happens is that i still sell and buy or what . i just do not understand. go over this step by step someone please. tslk to me as if i am five years old.
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 02/29/04 11:55 PM

how do i do this how do i by enough when his stock doesnot repliisn how do i do this when i am out of money and he is too i just dont get it stupid huh
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 12:36 AM


try reading the first few notes in this thread . maybe that will explain it better for you.
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 04:12 AM

i have and just don't get it i buy stuff than sell it back until he can buy my armor am i right , if that is correct than what happens to his supplies cause they are gone and i can"t buy anymore.I also don"t see the profit i buy stuff than sell him stuff i can"t because when i go to sell him my armoer he still does not have enough. i read the threads and still do not understand i am not going to pick up anthing off a dead body again ever if it don't match i do not want it if i had somwhere to buy all of the ebony armor hat on down to shoes or the glass i would be happy cause i would just forget the whole mess and drop the s*** on the ground that is how angry i am for not understanding or getting creeper to work this is NOT fun anymore
Posted By: asazen

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 04:40 AM

Noble, it might be that you haven't yet sold him enough other stuff for it to cover as much as $35,000. Try just leaving the ebony armour on the floor near creeper, (no one can take it ) continue with the game, get a lot of other stuff and sell it to him, eventually you will be able to sell the really expensive stuff to him by the method the others have explained!!

good luck, asazen
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 06:42 AM

still dont get i quit
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 06:46 AM

where else can i buy glass armor or ebony armor full set if i can do the i ll sell my imperial stuff.Where can I buy an ebony blade or glass blade that is enchanted. i aint going back to creeper if i can buy what i want elsewhere ill drop what i dont want in a fighetrs guild trunk or something
Posted By: asazen

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 07:03 AM

I have no idea where you can buy that stuff. Maybe you can only find/battle for it! That has been my experience. Before you change armour remember to check its rating!. The ebony may be expensive and look good, but it's protective rating is not nearly so high as some of the more mundane stuff!

good luck, asazen
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 08:35 PM

okay what is the best bang for the buck armer and sword wisei just cant do the creeper thing i dont get it
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 08:43 PM

where is the mudcrab jen told me about
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 09:51 PM


there is no best bang for the buck armor and wepaons. you can only buy very basic stuff. you need to find it all and there is a ton out there all over the place. you will soon be swimming in glass, ebony and deadric items. you will end up dropping half of it where you found it.

as far as armor oges, only use what you are skilled at if oyu are early on in the game. you methioned imperial, glass, and ebony. ebony is heavy, glass is light and i think imperial is medium. stick to the one that is in your major or minor skills.

mudcrab merchant is a lot harder to find and not centrally located. he has more money- 10000 but doesn't buy nearly the stuff that creeper does. he doesn't buy gems which is a great source of making money. just have 5000 worth of trapped soul gems and go to creeper every so often and sell them. you will build up money quickly.

take out your paper map and look for vivec. look east for the ruins Mzahnch on the map. the mudcrab is on a small island to the east of the ruins. be careful not to kill him as he looks like any other mudcrab. just try talking to any mudcrab you see. if none do than try a differnt island nearby.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 10:46 PM

Let me try this again for you:

You have armor worth $17000.00
You want to sell it.
Go to Creeper, begin dialogue
He has $5000 to spend on items...not enough
You MUST have at least $12,000 to buy items from him to equal his having the amount for the armor.
Buy items worth the $12,000 you need him to have
You buy and have the items, Creeper now has $17,000
(His original $5000+the $12000.00 you just gave him for items you purchased from him).
Sell him the armor worth $17,000.
You have sold him the armor, he has the armor and 0.00 money. You have the $17000 for the armor
Touch your keyboard key T and slide the slider to reach 24 hours.
Begin dialogue.
Creeper has $5000.00.
You have items you purchased from him that you do not want. Sell them back to him up to his $5000
Each time he cannot buy anymore from you.
Press the keyboard key T, slide 24 hours.
He has $5000 each 24 hours period.

I always made sure I would buy items under the $5000 mark so I would not have to repeat his having to sell me to in order for him to have more than $5000.

Does that help??
You would have to do the same for the Mudcrab-only his amount is $10000.00, but he is harder to find and so out of the way...

Ingie laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/01/04 10:50 PM

Forgot to put in that in this case
I would have bought proabably about 4 items.
$3000.00 for the 4.
That would mean I must do the T, little box appears, slide the slider for 24 hours 4 times.
$3000 for each item..he only has $5000 each day, so would only have $2000 left over after the $3000 purchase.

Ingie laugh
Posted By: hagatha

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/02/04 05:33 AM

I think I spent at least half of my Morrowind game days waiting in front of Creeper! I probably bought and sold the same items 100 times over, but I ended up amassing a fortune of over 500,000.

I think I remember seeing a mod that either increases merchant cash or installs a rich merchant -not sure which, but it mght have been on the official forum.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/02/04 02:40 PM

I remember that too Hagatha
I remember one session being in front of Creeper and pasted several seasons with him..
That's a long time but again..I had lots of money when all over with and I was quite happy about the out come..
I went once to mudcrab..but just way too far and to much hassle for me..once was enough. And I found he was a little more picky than the Creeper about what he purchased..

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/02/04 03:05 PM

lol I just spent spring break there. My bank book shows over 375K. laugh

I tried to join the Thieves Guild but they said I was unacceptable. Must be because there's no showers in Morrowind. The Mages Guild accepted me, though. Guess they smell just as bad. I've also joined the Imperial Legion, although I haven't taken any orders yet. If I knew ahead of time that I would have to lug around this Imperial Curiass just to TALK to any of them, I'd of held off joining. Thankfully with all this money I've trained even my miscellaneous skills fairly high & can now wear light armor effectively, saving pounds of weight! I'm trying to organize the Figher's & Mage's quests into general areas to save time to-ing & fro-ing. Of course many of them are in areas I've never been to before so finding them is the greatest challenge.

Did anyone get the Love Bandit quest? You find a lady who's been robbed of jewels but has fallen for the bandit. I delivered her glove to him & then delivered his note to her. Why isn't the quest solved? duh I've re-talked to them both & they just say soon they will be together. I'm stumped.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/02/04 04:19 PM

Jen, that Imperial cuirass gave me a major armor chaf when I decided to sell it and forgot to whom I sold it! For the longest time I was snubbed by those soldiers and I couldn't do any of their quests because no one talked to me. Then I discovered that no one sold a cuirass like that! I was pulling my hair out. I finally killed a soldier in Caldera right in front of the mages guild and took his cuirass. Then the whole legion there chased me to the mages guild from where I travelled to Balmora to get the bounty removed from my head. After that I stored the cuirass in a box in Balmora until I felt like doing the legion quests.

I did that romance quest but I don't remember how get it crossed off the journal list.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/02/04 07:35 PM

I did it too, but I think that's pretty much it..
I think he does ask for a kiss from you and after that it pretty much takes care of itself...
How are you doing? Any luck with the selling yet?

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/02/04 09:25 PM

Spoke with Noble via email it's not that he doesn't understand what we're's his computer. When he hits the "T" key nothing happens. He can't wait. lol too funny! I didn't realize it was SPECIAL armor, figured any ol' Imperial duds would do. Thanks for the tip. I'll be careful not to sell THAT one. Whoo boy!

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 02:25 AM

I can't remember the t key if use capital or small case has he tried it both ways??
Ingie laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 05:37 AM

I am not a he and yes i have sent a saved game to bethsheda they said the disks they sent me were corrupted and so now is my poor baby so i have to maybe get off my but and buy tribunial and bloodmoon pacake any body know where i cam git it cheap, What is with the reappearing ghosti killed one in a room and went back and there he is again and joined house hluua and ladies did cassius ask you to strip. do we? i am going to keep playing until she dies ao i do this game aint going to beat me just aggreviate me
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 06:51 AM

Oh I'm sorry NobleGP..
For both:
one in saying he and
two in your computer-How awful for you. frown

Yep, the old turkey does ask the females to strip..
and to proceed with the House you must or you get no further quests and he's the one who levels you up.(it's only the one time)
After performing the "ritual" for him, you can then put your clothes back on and ask him in dialogue about further business.
I also had the expansion packs and loaded all three, the original and Tribunal and Bloodmoon
It did take care of the patches needed and I didn't have to download any others happydance ....
Hope all goes well for you and your computer..
Ingie laugh
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 08:50 AM

Noble, if you don't have either expansion pack your best bet is to get the morrowind game of the year edition. this includes the orginal morrowind and both expansion packs and sells for 29.99 everywhere.

there is a patch for the expansion packs. i don't know if the GOTY edition has it included.
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 03:35 PM

blush So sorry, NGP! My bad!!! I assumed you were male slapforehead for no good reason. It's difficult to tell sometimes based purely on screen names. Please forgive my error. :kiss:

If you can't find Tribunal used, then Zanthia's suggestion of Game of the Year edition is the way to go. Hope your computer feels better soon.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 03:40 PM

well i dont hav e a good store in my area is their a good place on line also what about that ghost is it a house quest and what about twin lamps what is it ? thanks for the apologies and she is so sick my baby but i aint quitting
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 04:09 PM

I'd suggest taking a look at for used games. Perhaps you can find someone there willing to sell it cheap. I saw eleven Tribunals available there. Maybe you can even find a trade, which is the cheapest of all.

If not, both & offer free shipping on everything...including that game of the year edition. smile AND the elusive game guide!!!

I have no idea about the "ghost" problem you're having. Someone else may have better news. The "Twin Lamps" thing I'm just getting into now. It has to do with freeing the slaves. Check in with that rare book dealer in the Vivec Foreign Quarter for more info. You might have to persuade him to talk about it. Also can ask freed slaves or persuade captive ones. duh It's a secret organization is as much as I know right now.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/03/04 08:46 PM

Thanks jen i think it s a telvnania house quest and now it is my journal and i cant solve it the inn keeper told me to go talk to so and so mouth and i did and she wont say boo about the ghost just tels me that i cant join that house so i assume it is a house quest anybody got ideas
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/04/04 01:09 AM

HElp I was in vivec and went exploring in the canal works and opened a dooe got some blessings in the ancesteral tombs and went and killed a rat opened the next door a neve something or other came after me and i killed him barely and 3 others came up what did i do wrong
and where is that jackdawring or the canton
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/04/04 02:19 AM

I remember the ghost quest I think.
It's at the "hotel" in the Ebonheart area. You have to kill it or get it to leave..I think he's on the 3rd level around the bar area where you'll see some folks worth talking to.
Vivec is hard to navigate at first.
I thought of it as a huge barn. With front and back double doors that lead outside, all the inner side doors will lead to inside levels or stores.
When you go to the Double End Outside doors, take an immediate left or right and you'll go down a ramp.
That ramp then leads you to the outside walkways..
If you go all around the outside area you'll see the boat person - I think they will have a building behind them. Talk to them; they are your travel guides for the other buildings.
If you can you find the way to the top level where you had to meet Carius-the person who wanted you to strip down then you can find the outside area you need to get to the cantons. Head for the double wide end doors then go out those doors and take a sharp right or left and see the ramps.
Hope that helps a little happydance

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/05/04 07:51 PM

Is there a way to cure corprus "on other"? I know how to cure myself. I had a Vivec quest about some skooma sucking husband & rather than try to cure him of corprus, I just killed him. Just wondering.... lol

NGP, don't feel bad about Vivec....took me forever to notice the ramps up & down! lol I levitated around instead for the longest time. I finally dedicated 2 days to exploring Vivec, & STILL haven't mapped it all in. rolleyes That is one giant confusing rat-maze of a town!

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/05/04 10:57 PM

corpus cure there is a spell rilms cure but dont know where it is one of the priest to d me JIC
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/06/04 03:26 PM

How are you doing?
Have you been able to get around Vivec yet?
I can't remember if you can cure, but I think one of the quests involves the "Hospital" for those with the disease and that may be how you find out, just can't remember for sure.
Ingie laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/07/04 01:06 AM

okay just out doing temple qust i see there are a lot of book quest going to some guy in vivec and some gul named casiuss cordias ??? Will someone please tell me all the books i will need from these 2 iread some and go up in level others for quest if someone would give m e alist than one stop shopping good idea or does it screw up the games and creeper and i finall did businees ket the glass found othe places in game picked up some it feel so good not to have to worry about corrupted data THSNK YOU ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOO
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/07/04 06:07 AM

Great Big Yahoo on the Creeper dealing happydance
The books..
I don't have my game here and the Strategy Guide is with my son and game..
I remember that Joshua's Rare Book store is in the bottom level of Vivic, but I can't remember which books he has that you'll need-but check there first as he has a lot..
If you do not have a Strategy Guide I think you can go onto the Morrowind Link found here at Boomers and look up the books you'll need.
There are quite a lot.
It's a good idea to read any book you come across, meaning pick up and open don't have to actually read them, but you will can some XP on quite a few of them.
Ingie laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 06:57 AM

Well can anyone help mw with this one rich kid stiffs trader for belt forgot where trader is i think i lost the kid too his name is inaruas.
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 09:38 AM


the name "inaruas" does not sound familiar to me.

if you can give more detail about the quest and where you got it, etc it would help. what does the journal say?
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 02:29 PM

My guess is NGP is doing the quests involving the town under the Skar (crab shell) with that man who owes a bunch of traders. duh


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Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 03:47 PM

Tiras Sadar and .ienaus sarandas and what is it no one has a list of books that i can buy one stop shopping in vivic also what is it with the man in the water with no pants on is there a nudity code here should i take off my clothes and just run around naked
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 06:51 PM

If running around naked makes you happy! lol

Why not try talking to Mr. No-Pants & see if you can help him. wink

I sent you a link for location of all books via email. They don't have a Wal-Mart in Morrowind so no such thing as "one-stop-shopping". lol Jobasha's Rare books does have quite a few & there's also a book dealer in Balmora.

As far as the "rich kid" quest goes, talk to all the merchants in that town. You'll get even more quests related to him. Don't worry, you don't even have to leave town to solve them. Rich kid is around there somewhere, but you're better off talking to ALL the merchants first before you go to the rich kid. Persuasion is the best way to solve this rather than violence. Hope that helps.

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Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 09:26 PM

Is there a nudist theme here : First a man wants me to get naked eek ,than a naked blue man <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" /> than a no pants guy, : and now no shoes . WAit I have it there is a nudist colony rolleyes and its name is Twin Lamps Am i right huh huh huh
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/08/04 11:09 PM

Well I found yet ANOTHER naked blue guy. This makes 2. Same thing as the first, witch took his special axe & his clothes. Talk about themes! lol I'm not sure the Twin Lamps is a nudist colony wink , but in that strip club in one town....nudity is hard work! lol

Check your email for the book list link, I resent it.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/09/04 06:23 AM

thanks but i swar naked naked naked
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/09/04 06:24 AM

Does any one know where i can get info about twin lamps
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/09/04 04:11 PM

NGP, The Twin Lamps I think is more of a red-herring quest. From all the walkthroughs I've read on the subject, there isn't a direct quest involved nor a location to find "them".

What it involves is being rewarded for freeing slaves. Free 5 slaves & then talk to Jobasha (Rare book dealer in Vivec) who will give you a tiny bit of information about them. After freeing 30 slaves go back to him & he will reward you with 3 books (possibly ones that will up skill levels). That's it. Nothing more. I agree it's intriguing, but nothing you really need to do as it doesn't do anything to advance the story, just gives you a reward. (and a warm fuzzy feeling for freeing so many slaves smile ) Don't bother with it & concentrate on the real quests.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/09/04 04:17 PM

I never really understood the Twin Lamps either. I just did what you said, Jen. But then, maybe I missed a lot of information because I didn't truly "read" all books that I came across. I mostly just blew off the dust and opened and shut them.
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/09/04 11:05 PM

devil Ah
shucks i thought it was the local strip club everbody running around naked and nude . I just wanted to help if I am going to take it off for old "uncle" i might as well do it for pay is there a call girls guild if not should be evertime i talk to i guy he says sure love too it has been a long time for me what am i some kind of party girl slapforehead welcome
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/14/04 12:03 AM

who and where is hasphet antabolis also i have been working on just aguild at a time should i now go do the main quest since i can challange th main wizard for leadership or should i continue working my way thru guild any advice
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/15/04 04:10 PM

NGP, there's 2 ways to become ArchMage (head Wiz) of the Mages guild. From a WT....

First way (violent) :
"In order to achieve your last guild rank of Arch-Mage you must replace Trebonius Artorius in the Vivec hall as the guildmaster. This isn't much of a surprise if you're familiar with Trebonius, he seems a bit light headed to be head of the Guild. Once you've finished all of Skink's quests, and reached the rank of Master Wizard, talk with Skink to be given what amounts to Trebonius's pink slip (he's being fired by the Empire). Once you talk to Trebonius and give him the note, you will receive the last rank.

Similarily, if you've finished all of Edwinna's quests, talk to her about Trebonius and then talk to Trebonius about becoming the Arch-Mage. He will challenge you to a duel to the death in the Vivec Arena. He has some great equipment if you can manage to defeat him and become the new guildmaster and Arch-Mage."

Second way (non-violent) :
"There is a non-violent way to becoming archmagister of the mages guild. If you do all of the mages guild quests, Skink in Tree in Sadrith Mora will ask you to deliver a letter to Trebonius from Ocato (spelled correctly this time). In it, Ocato asks Trebonius to promote you to arch-mage. Trebonius will, but he won't step down; you end up both being arch-mages, and you get a higher reputation bonus (+2 confirmed) than if you kill him. The downside is the only way you can get his equipment is by doing the dwemer and Telvanni quests he sets for you."

You don't have to do this now, you can at any point....I don't think you really have to ever. The only things you must do are the main quests.

As for Hasphet Antabolis...he's in the Balmora Fighter's Guild. smile

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/16/04 10:26 PM

laugh I found out by sheer luck that if you put certain spells on your armor, clothes, weapons etc., they change. I put a fire shield enchantment on a mauve robe and it turned bronze then I put a lighting shield on my helm and it now glows purple in the dark cool huh. Wish i had more clothes soul gems and such i would make a fortune maybe lol
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/18/04 02:56 AM

help help help went to a tomb fouhd this man called crazy someting or other he attacked me i killed and oops i saved only to find out he was not to suppose to what do i do
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/18/04 06:15 PM

More clear cray brotus i think tried to kill me well i killed him and daved right after .found out he is a link to the main quest any help do not want to restart my other 2 saved games are corrupted
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/18/04 08:08 PM

NGP, killing Crazy Batou does give a warning message about not being able to complete the Main Quest. Do not worry, this is a bug. He is not necessary. Keep playing as normal. smile Whew!

I suggest deleting your corrupted saves & start a couple of new ones....just incase something like this happens again. I usually keep a days' worth at a time & delete the previous days saves. Just for safety's sake keep at least two, I'd recommend more if you're able. If you need help deleting the old/corrupt saves, email me.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/28/04 03:47 AM

hi there long time help please where are the pages that skink wants looking for the library in the justice hall cant find it any ideas
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/29/04 06:52 PM

NGP, sorry I was away for the weekend. Hope you've solved this but if not I'll try to help. There's a locked trap door in the floor of an upstairs OFFICE in the Justice Hall. There's 2 "people" in the room. The trapdoor is in the corner, half hidden by a rug. You either need to have a high SNEAK skill to pick the lock or taunt the two witnesses until they attack you before you pick the lock. Once that's done you can go down into the secret library.

There's a librarian who will tell you to leave if you bother talking to her & there's an Ordinator (golden guard) who will say the same. Just don't talk to them & start searching the shelves. The book you need is between the first & second shelves from where you entered. You'll see the Ordinator through the shelf. This means he will also see you. You'll need to use SNEAK again to take the book. When the book is in your inventory, you can walk out the same way you came in without sneaking.

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Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/30/04 02:46 AM

hi there found it now haing trouble decideing what to do master of figher guild and high mage what next
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/30/04 01:59 PM

Are you already Master & High mage? If not, do both. If so, then finish the Morag Tong Guild, Thieves Guild, Temple, Imperial Legion, or perhaps join a house & do their quests. There's more than just Fighters & Mages! smile If all else fails....keep working on the main quest.

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 03/31/04 05:14 PM

i am working om the rest of the thieves duild and working for hllua could any one ttell me where i can find all the prophhon devices are the are called indexes and i have been named neveraine by one of the tribes
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 04/02/04 01:58 PM

Wow, NGP, you're really moving along! You're further than I am. I've only found 4 of the indexes. The website I've been using for help is down so hopefully someone else will come along with some help for you. I think most of the indexes are located in the dungeons of the buildings where the glowing pillar devices are. Be sure you check the bodies of the baddies once you slay them. I know I bought one from a seller somewhere.

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Posted By: NobleGrimPoet

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 04/05/04 04:49 PM

hi there got stonghold what do i do with it
Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Morrowind Newbie Help - 04/06/04 02:51 PM

Um, I'm not sure! lol I've just got mine built as well & as far as I know you do nothing with it. You can sleep there & stash your stuff. Course you can do that anywhere.... duh I think it's just another side-quest. Did you make it as big as it can be? There's a few quests related to it so you can make it grow.

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