Beyond Good and Evil

Posted By: burpee

Beyond Good and Evil - 03/25/04 10:29 PM

I just finished my first mission and am going into the the underground headquarters to get a pearl back. I've made it this far without cheats but only because they didn't work with my version of the game lol

Anyway, I need to rebind some of my keys if I'm going to get into harder and harder fighting and I can't seem to figure out where I can do that. Any hints or outright explanations?

AND...if anyone wants to share some working cheats "just in case" (like the final boss fight)...I'd be eternally grateful.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/26/04 03:30 AM

A weird thing happened the last time I double clicked to run the game...I got a setup window in there I found the key binding option. I also found that the setup menu is available in my start menu. I had been using a shortcut to run the game and I couldn't find any controls while running it. Thank you anyway smile
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/26/04 03:49 AM


i see you found out that htere is a separate config program. i never lile that when you have to go outside the gmae to change keys.

i played wihtout the patch and there are no wroking cheats. i don't know if there are any trainers that work with thepatched version. no cheat codes though.

i purposely did not install the patch as i read that there is a dead end bug in it.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/26/04 04:14 AM

I did not apply a patch. What was it suppose to fix? The game seems to be running's just getting harder and harder lol I also don't care for some of the controls when the camera is fixed and that makes moving Jade difficult sometimes. Other than that, it's an EXCELLENT game smile

I call it "intelligent". There's lots of people around and they look at you and are interesting. Even the bridge moving when Jade runs over it is cool. Very nicely done. Now, if you could just bypass the hard parts laugh
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/26/04 01:15 PM

Hi Burpee,
I made it to the final boss and then gave up. I managed to get all the pearls and pictures of the animals, with the help of my Granddaughter a couple of times. I couldn't beat the final boss.

I would have loved the game, if they had put in a easy mode for some of us who are not very good with the keyboard. The game disc you get for getting all the pearls sure isn't worth all the trouble you have trying to get some of them. You don't need all the pearls to finish the game.
Good Luck!
Kay smile
Posted By: LorLor

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/26/04 04:37 PM

Zanthia, I thought I knew what trainers were (as in the beginning of Hobbit). I think I have seen you mention them before and now I'm confused? Please explain. wave

Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/26/04 10:12 PM

a trainer is a 3rd party program. you run it in the background while the game is on. because it is based on a game's exe file, it will only work if your version of the game is the same as the one the trainer is made on. this includes patches and even what country the game is from, so a trainer made on say a UK version for the gmae may not work with the US version. cheat codes are always preferable to me as they are not version specific.
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 09:48 AM


you asked about what the patch fixes-- BG&E what\'s new in patch
Posted By: LorLor

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 11:33 AM

Thank you Zanthia, I WILL be back with future questions. If you have any kids you know what you're in for!! (No I will not be asking why the sky is blue. I couldn't care less. . .unless it's part of a game. lol )

Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 03:34 PM

burpee, I just finished the game yesterday, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who asks. I'm glad you're giving it a go.

I'm useless when it comes to combat and driving, yet managed to explore most of the areas in the game. I gave up on the races, but enjoyed the paddle game with Francis. I found a combat power up in Ming Tzu's shop to be invaluable, especially towards the end. You'll need to learn how to use it effectively, though. In the aerial phase of your standard power up attack, tapping the left mouse button will send out homing projectiles. Very handy for taking out flying enemies, or lots of nasties at one go.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 03:52 PM

Thank you Zanthia...looks like I don't need it since I'm happy with the way it plays and looks. I also have not had any crashes (fingers crossed smile )

Hi Feardust, I will go back and get the combat power up. I didn't bother buying Ming's pearls either as they are very expensive and I'm not that keen to get whatever prize I win at the end.

I loved the races and beat 1 and 2 easily. I couldn't win at the pallet/paddle game if you paid me though, haha. Funny how we each are good at something different. For the races I used the arrows to guide the boat and held the power down the whole time. For the pallet/paddle game..well, I just can't aim or do it fast enough smile
Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 05:29 PM

Hi burpee. If you're enjoying the races and winning most of them, you don't need to buy pearls. There are more than enough in the game world for you to complete your missions, if you don't feel the need to unlock the mini game.

If you want to take advantage of Ubisoft's internet code to unlock yet another game, however, a large number of pearls could work in your favour.

The paddle game is frustrating at times, but I've noticed that Francis doesn't seem to be any more difficult to beat regardless of if you decide to play a training session or for the pearl.

I was so bad on the races that during one course I was completely disorientated after a collision and ended up going the wrong way around the track. I kept wondering why I didn't see the other racers!
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Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 07:55 PM

Hahaha, I drive like that everyday laugh

Ok, I'll give Francis another try. I sometimes get past him on training but not often. If winning the pearl is about the same difficulty, I'll try it smile
Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 10:54 PM

Good Luck! smile
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/27/04 11:19 PM


did you have your granddaughter try the final battle. if she could get help you get all the pearls i would think she could do the battle.

i had to have my husband do many part so the gmae including lots stealth parts and the some of the boss battles as well as the races. i was only able to win the first race and do a couple of bosses on my own. he still couldn't win hovercraft race 4 or do the last 2 slaughterhouse races. yet once he got down the strategy for beating the final boss he said it wasn't hard at all. after doing hte first paddle game, he never even tried the second. there was no point as i wasn't going ot get all the pearls anyway and i was going to have more than enough to get everything. I was able to win a couple of times in practice( first paddle game) but couldn't do it when it counted even though it wasn't any tougher
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/28/04 03:22 AM

Hi Zanthia,
I made it through part of the final fight, but when I got to the part where you had to hit him so many times without being knocked down, I couldn't do it. I did ok with the left, up, and right, but when he was above me, he knocked me down every time. I couldn't get out of the way.

It took both of us using the keyboard to win Looters Cavern 4 and the last 2 Slaughterhouse races, but we had fun doing it.
When I get her back over here, we will try the final battle again since your husband said it wasn't too hard. I just need to figure out how to get enough hits in without getting knocked down.
Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/28/04 11:50 AM

Kayc, with regards to the section of the final battle when the boss is above you: you shouldn't try to dodge it. You need to activate your range attack and quickly fire a disc at him. It will then repeat its pattern of attack.
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/28/04 06:06 PM

Hi Feardust,
Thanks! I went back and tried that today, but by the time I activate it and fire the disc, he has already knocked me down. I guess I'm just not fast enough. lol
I will keep trying for awhile. I have enjoyed the game even if I can't finish the final battle. Thanks smile
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/28/04 10:47 PM


this is what my husband said to do:

To beat this boss you need to hit when he appears on the Left, Right, Left and Right. He will then hover above you. When he is above you, you need to dodge him (right mouse button). After you dodge him he will then appear on either the right or left side - hit it. The pattern will then repeat itself. Important note: If you don't dodge him when he's above and then hit him on the side, you will not beat him no matter how many other times you hit him.
Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/28/04 11:18 PM

You're welcome, Kayc. I didn't realise that there was an alternative solution until I read Zanthia's post. Her method sounds a lot easier and far more elegant. I must go back and play through the final boss fight again; I rather enjoyed it.
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/29/04 01:07 AM

Hey Zanthia, and feardust, happydance
I did it! I finally beat the final boss. Zanthia go give your husband a big hug for me. Tell him thank you very, very much. His tip to use the right mouse button to dodge is what I needed to do. A little later, it took a while getting use to hitting on the reverse side but wasn't too bad. Thank you all so much, I didn't think I was going to be able to finish this game.
Kay happydance
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/29/04 09:10 AM

great going Kay bravo

gave him a big hug for you smile
Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/29/04 09:30 AM

Wonderful news, Kayc. smile
Posted By: vik

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/30/04 01:30 AM

Hey Zanthia,

I never even thought of dodging when I was playing (I wish I had, I might have beaten it faster). I just timed (though it had to be perfect and released just right and I got it wrong more than a few times) a charged attack and was able to hit him when he was above me.

Congrats, Kay.

Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 03/30/04 09:57 PM


i didn't think of it. WHen my husband was doing that battle and the boss never seemed to die, we realized something must be wrong with the way we were doing ht ehitting when he was above. so i went to the official forums and that is where i learned of the dodging is the easiest way to do it. other methids were mentioned including i thihk what you described as it did involve perfect timing.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/04/04 02:58 PM

I tried (and died) to play through the final boss fight yesterday. No matter how many times I hit him, he didn't die. I come here and read the above. Now that I know I'm doing it wrong (haha) and want to beat him, I have a couple of questions.

#1) I have gotten through the game fights by just wildly hitting buttons. How do I attack to the left or right? What buttons exactly do I hit to make her do certain moves? Let's say she facing the the big boss, straight front and the 3 eyed thing appears on her left. What do I do?

#2) The super attack never worked for me during the game because I was always hit while powering up and that negates the powering sequence. I would hold the left mouse button until I saw a purple power glow, then release then tap wildly. If I held it any less nothing ever happened. Is something suppose to happen?

I never beat the pallet game and this doesn't look any better, not when precision is needed frown
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/04/04 06:01 PM

Ok, I've figured out that I have to use the arrow keys. I'm stuck at the reverse control part. It took me long enough to remember the unreversed part.

I also figured out that I only need to send 3 pigs into the boss to end that part of the fight; that's a big help. I also was able to use the pink energy thing to kill the double H's. woohoo, I'm on my way...right?

I have to say that I am not enjoying the reserve control part. There was a part like this Arabian Nights and it wasn't fun either.
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/04/04 10:05 PM

You almost have it made now. Hitting on the reverse side was hard to do, but you will get use to it after trying for awhile. I didn't enjoy that part either. Good Luck! smile
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 12:00 AM

Thanks Kay smile I like the support!
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 01:22 AM

Well, I think the game took pity on me and let me finish, haha. Don't know how I managed the last two hits needed as that thing would follow me around the platform as I dodged it. I went around 5 times once before it struck me dead.

I watched all the way to the very end of the credits. What's with that thing on Pey'j's hand? A sequel perhaps?

How can one post a finishing score if it didn't let you save after the end fight? I'm off to Ubisoft to see if I can make sense of that smile
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 01:38 AM

Congrats, Glad you made it. The code you have on your last save before your final battle is the one everyone has used, since you don't get to save after the battle.
I couldn't tell what was on Pey'j's hand. They just showed it for a second. Let us know how you rank on the board. smile
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 05:30 PM

Well I did horrible I guess. I didn't think I did that bad while playing the game but I do save a lot and I would run all the way back to save points after having successfully attacked enemy. Didn't realize there was a time issue on this game. I ranked 7830. I should have at least tried the pallet game on easy but didn't know that it counted either. Seems that the pallet game was more important than the races.

What's the Yo Yo Pearl thing? Also, where in the world would you get a hint for getting past the password for the first mission? Is it something from the game or should I descern it from what I see on screen? Have you gotten past it?
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 08:54 PM

i am going to load up my game and get my internet code.

burpee, i also constantly went back to save spots. i think the time issue only applies to getting a good score. it doesn't affect the ending.

i still find it hard to believe that a person can complete the game the first time through in under ten hours even without getting all pearls and photos.

and the devoted fans who replay and replay so they know the game inside out to be able to finish the game in less than 3 hours doing everything doesn't seem physically possible. i know they say they reload a lot and avoid battle as much as possible to keep the time down but to finish in such a short time-- wow!
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 09:50 PM

Maybe it's just my eyes but I thought that the person with the lowest score took only 9 minutes to finish the game. I also saw mention of FAST PLAY. I don't know what that is but I assumed it was a patch or something.

My feeling about the game is that I enjoyed it, it was beautiful, tough in spots, innovative, I did not find it short, some of the camera view controls stunk but I'm glad I played it and I'm keeping it.

I haven't taken it off my computer yet just in case someone tells me what Yo Yo pearl competition is and I need the game to play. If I don't it's coming off and another game goes on. I'm looking at Black Mirror...hmmmm smile
Posted By: Kayc

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/05/04 11:19 PM

Burpee, When you get all the pearls, the game gives you a game disc, called the pearl game. It was like your save game disc. I didn't get anywhere with it. Maybe that's what the Yo Yo Pearl competition is.
I enjoyed the game and sure was not in a hurry to finish it fast. I'm like you, I didn't know there was a time issue on the game. If I had, I still wouldn't have gone any faster.
I know, I raced that 4th race over 100 times.
I'm going to forget about the Pearl game and play Syberia 2, if it ever gets here.
Kay smile
Posted By: girlgeek

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/06/04 12:07 AM

I have this game for GameCube...and I just can't seem to get into it much. Do I need cheat codes or something to make it more fun, or am I just being too impatient??
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/06/04 03:12 AM

Kay, If I had Syberia 2, I'd be loading that one up too. Have a good time with it smile

Geekgirl, Do you like these types of action games? Can you tell me what aspect of the game is stopping you from enjoying it. Maybe I can let you know if there is more or less of it later on in the game.

Part of the reason that I liked it was that game made me care about my character. I liked the story development too and thought the puzzles (rather missions) fit into the storyline flawlessly. I really like 3rd person so that helped too. The fighting style is not much to my liking but that's because I haven't done much of it. I could find no cheats for the game and the trainer that I found didn't work with my game version. I think it is worth persevering a little more with the game. Photographing the animals is mostly in the beginning of the game to garner you some money to spend on goodies.

Don't know if this helps since it's only my opinion but I'd like to see you give a little more. smile
Posted By: girlgeek

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/06/04 01:28 PM

Mostly for now, I'm just stuck and cant' figure out what to do next. That short guy is trying to fix something in the cave...I've snapped a few some money....gave it to him, I think....but now I can't do anything...have some sort of tool thing, but can't give it to anyone. I don't know...the graphics are lovely....can't figure out what to do next though.
Posted By: burpee

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/07/04 03:42 AM

Have you tried talking to Pey'j? Your companions ususally will give you a suggestion as what to do.

You have to collect enough pictures of animals to make enough money to bring the protective field back online. There are plenty of different kinds around to make enough money to do that.
Posted By: Zanthia

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/07/04 08:19 AM

i checked out my code and it took a while to do this as i kept getting invalid code. My final save had a score of 6126.

kay, i think you are correct about the Yo Yo pearl being the game you get when you get all the pearls.
Posted By: feardust

Re: Beyond Good and Evil - 04/07/04 10:38 AM

Zanthia: That's a very respectable score. Well done.

I'm quite certain that the Yo Yo pearl mini game is the prize for collecting all 88 pearls in the game.
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