Posted By: Jude

Zanzarah - 06/06/04 08:15 PM

Betty Lou tried this a little while ago and posted her frustration here before she gave up on it. I was quite baffled by the walk thru I read to try to help her, there were so many instructions on the fighting aspect to learn.

By coincidence I have just traded for this game and decided to give it a go. It is ages since I played a PC game since I became a console freak.

Initially I didn't even get as far as BettyLou and spent ages wandering round the flat. After adjusting the monitor controls and restarting the game to watch the opening sequence again I got a little further.

I have to admit to being shocked by the fighting. Shooting does not come easily to me. However after lots of practice I am improving and am starting to get somewhere.

The sounds and graphics are amazing and I enjoy the fact that being adventurous is rewarded by so many little extras by exploration. I love this game.

To anyone else that is considering it you will find your perseverance very fulfilling. Although the combat is real time shooting it is very easy to learn and not as technical as a "proper" shooter, I seem to score hits when the cursor is in the general vicinity of the enemy. The cursor turns red when it is "on target". You just have to learn when to let fly with your spell. The save game came in very handy whilst I was learning the ropes!
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/06/04 09:16 PM

Glad you're giving the game a try and enjoying it Jude. happydance
I found it enchanting.
I started to grow very fond of my little fairies and wanted to take good care of them.
Looney is playing this again I saw and makes about the 6th time; so she is the queen of questions and answers for Zanzarah. praise
If you train and treat your little guys well, they'll fight very hard for you. evil
Enjoy the game and graphics and music and story.
Don't forget to go back to London after you have over 5 of the little folks to see where they hang's a riot. rotfl

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Agent Provocateur

Re: Zanzarah - 06/06/04 10:29 PM

It is an different game all right, but the jumping is a pain.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Zanzarah - 06/06/04 10:57 PM

I'm sure glad you're sticking with it, Jude. Once you get used to the movement and the fighting, this game is so addictive. One of my very top favorite games - the graphics are absolutely enchanting.
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/07/04 09:18 AM

The manual is not very helpful. Is it possible to access the item menu whilst in a battle? I want to stop my fairies from dying and so far can only do this by swopping fairies mid fight when one is exhausted.
Posted By: acornia

Re: Zanzarah - 06/07/04 10:40 AM

Most useful screen is the one that tells you how fairies can fight against best and their weaknesses. Don't think you can access item menu in combat but if quick enough can use an item to scare off a fairy before battle starts. As fairies level up, get access to more spells. Be sure to check and see if your fairy can have a defense as well as an offense spell. When buying spells, if you get to pick one, go ahead and get one. You're paying for a selection and can use the extra spells to replace the spent ones.
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/08/04 01:01 AM

Ah! Another Zanzarah player! yeah!!! wave
Posted By: Agent Provocateur

Re: Zanzarah - 06/08/04 12:15 PM

Originally posted by Jude:
The manual is not very helpful. Is it possible to access the item menu whilst in a battle? I want to stop my fairies from dying and so far can only do this by swopping fairies mid fight when one is exhausted.
No, there is no way to heal up your fairies while in battle. Best thing is to change your fairy when it looks like losing all its health. This is what you have to do anyway, as you want all your fairies to gain experience during fights.
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/09/04 12:37 AM

Jude, how are ya doing? I'm playing too (again hahaha!)!

Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/09/04 12:22 PM

Looney, I am in the swamp. The fights are getting harder but are very satisfying when they go well. I can't change fairies quick enough when one is nearly out of health. Just have to be more observant in future. Also I keep forgetting that I sometimes have a spare attack spell and simply change fairy when I am out of manna.

I like the runes as they can save time when travelling between destinations but the exploration side is lovely too.

I started off with the Nature fairy, she is nearly ready to evolve. I can't remember the types of all of the fairies I own but I love the little water fairy's attack of a spray of water. I think she is also the one that trills "la la laa" after winning a battle, which I love. Have great hopes for my stone fairy but he is sooo slow to level up. Have loads of spells for him that he cannot equip. I now have 7 fairies but have not visited the 2 spare in London yet.

There is so much to do right now that I am not very focused and keep switching between areas. Sometimes I try to level up a particular fairy then suddenly I want to explore a new area and quickly find myself out of my league during battle.

My poor character keeps dying, first I took her over a cliff ,just to see what would happen. Then she went into the swamp and ran out of air!

This game is on my parent's PC, I will probably visit quite frequently in future. I can see how there are a lot of replay possibilities too.

I keep saying that I am improving in battle, am always short of cash so I am working on picking up coins during battle.

I am now encountering "bewitching spells" during battle. I assume that if I cannot access the item menu during battle the spells may remain after battle has finished so I have to use medicine then. This thought has only just struck me...
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/09/04 11:14 PM

Hi Jude! I'm so glad you're enjoying your visit to Zanzarah! Yes, lots of replayability here, between playing with different fairies and just the wonder feeling of coming back, keep me playing it over and over again! The water fairy you have, I think that would be Tadanna, isn't she sweet??? I have Tadanna with me in every game. I actually have 2 fairies that I use every time and they have their own names!

You are right, you can't use the medicine in battle so you have to give it to them after. Ya know what? I still forget sometimes to switch over to the second set of spells to! lol Too excited about the battle! lol

Money; if you go back to the village Endeva and go into the tavern there are 2 guys playing cards, if you try to talk them, they will tell you to go away and throw coins at you! I stayed there for a long time and got lots of coins!

You are doing great, keep up the awesome gaming!

Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 12:05 AM

happydance happydance
Looney and Jude found each other

Zanzarah alive and well <img border="0" alt="bravo" title="" src="graemlins/bravo.gif " />

Ingie laugh
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 01:10 AM

Ingie! You should play again and meet Jude and I there! wink Of course I have the edge with Turtle and Poppy! laugh I'm just getting started again, so Jude is past me but then, I'm obsessed so I hope to catch up soon! lol

Posted By: acornia

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 11:00 AM

Jude, a fast way to level up a fairy is to put it in the first spot. Then when the battle is starting, just push the number of the fairy you want to fight. If remember right, they're number 1-5 and don't use the function keys. Also can pick up extra coins in battle by running the fairy into them. Took me until the end of the game to learn how to fly--need to keep pressing the right mouse button and was just pressing it once. If you don't know where to go, look at the map and should see red mark. Also once you get air and nature cards, put a fairy of one of them first and try out the air currents or clearing out bushes. Have you been in the pixie hunter's basement yet? Think you need to have given him 10 pixies to get access.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 11:42 AM

Hi Jude
Please CYE

I have often thought whenever I see you post, I should play this again..I plan to one day..I love that place and the music ahh, such a good game.

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 12:23 PM

It is a very clever tactic of the wild fairies to drop money after a good hit as I promply forget to fight and start running around coin chasing.

Some of my fairies have died by falling over the edge of the fight areana so I was put off flying for a while. Now that they have leveled up I seem to fly abit further, but I believe flying uses energy so have to be careful.

Have only caught 7 pixies so far.

I now want to continue the game and will be quite busy this weekend. Hope to sneak some time in on Sunday afternoon.

Looney, I have made you president of the Zanzarah Appreciation Society.
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 09:39 PM

I second the nomination..Looney is the Zanzarah expert no doubt about it. praise

Ingie laugh
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/10/04 10:31 PM

Aw shucks! Me? President? blush laugh Thanks for making my addiction a good thing! haha!

Hey Jude, about the are flapping your wings aren't you? It seems like it, if you are noticing the energy loss...but don't worry, your jump/fly energy does build back up, during the fight! That jump/fly energy doesn't affect your fight energy at all either, just the ability to dodge. I never did do much jumping/flying in my fights, I fly to where I wanna be and fight from there! As you can guess, I've gotten to know the arenas pretty well...heehee...and I have my fav vantage spots to land.

There's one lone pixie that I've never caught, but I'll get him this time! Or next... lol

You're doing great! <img border="0" alt="bravo" title="" src="graemlins/bravo.gif " />
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/11/04 02:22 PM

Out of being just plain nosey,..which pixie have you not been able to snare yet?

I think I was only able to capture about 10 or so my first time, I thought when I play again, I want them all evil
Also, I want one of each fairy and each of their evolved little selves.
My favorite was "Stoney" with his little rocks puttie out of his backside and the water fairy and I can't forget the fairy of light...oh stop it or I'll load it again... rotfl

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/11/04 02:46 PM

Dodge? eek something else to learn! I am having a hard enough time learning to look at 3 different things at once, my co-ordination is going to improve for sure.

Now that I am comfortable with the game I will take the manual home for homework. I never read a manul before playing a game as I never understand it.

I'm glad that the lost flying energy is recovered during a battle. It gives me hope.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Zanzarah - 06/11/04 11:02 PM

I loved this game. Reading this thread is reminding me of all the fun that I had while playing it. I got about 90% of the way through it, though, and then got sidetracked and never finished it. I think it's just about time for a replay to the finish line. smile
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/14/04 08:54 AM

Had a busy weekend but did find time to play "just for a little bit". I've found a place with money to pick up that regenerates after each visit (I think). I am still dreadful at fighting and will have to concentrate on leveling up so I can beat the Shadow Elf in the Swamp. Did not manage to kill one of his fairies on my first attempt.

Now have 12 pixies and have been into the Cottage cellar. Should I keep the crystals for later in the game or sell them for money?
Posted By: acornia

Re: Zanzarah - 06/14/04 05:36 PM

Keep for later. Will need them to buy spells in dwarven town. Have you been in the mountains yet?
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/15/04 02:09 AM

Jude, Acornia is sooo right! Unless you are desperate for gold, keep them, you will pick up alot of crystals in the caves but you will need alot to buy spells and goodies in Monagham!

So have you got to the mountains yet? It's so beautiful!

I always have "Turtle" (who is Tadanna) with me, that would be for sweet Burpee!! And now I take my stoney guy....named Poppy...for Ingie!!! Those are my 2 always with me!

The nasty little pixie who has always eluded my bag is the one in the ruins behind Tiralin...I can't quite get the hang of those eddies on that wall to wall jump! I have got all fairies before, just not those pixies! No worries tho, I will not give up! hahaah!!!!!

Oh my, what absolute fun this is! Please. everyone, play!!!! happydance

QUESTION! Has anyone ever played with a metal fary? I'm thinking of trying one!

Posted By: Agent Provocateur

Re: Zanzarah - 06/15/04 11:46 AM

Originally posted by looney:

The nasty little pixie who has always eluded my bag is the one in the ruins behind Tiralin...I can't quite get the hang of those eddies on that wall to wall jump! I have got all fairies before, just not those pixies! No worries tho, I will not give up! hahaah!!!!!

Oh my, what absolute fun this is! Please. everyone, play!!!! happydance

QUESTION! Has anyone ever played with a metal fary? I'm thinking of trying one!

wave [/QB]
Easy Peasy! In the ruins area, look for one those shiny rock things which make ledges appear. Click on it and you can just hop across it to get the pixie.

Yes, I tried out with a metal fairy, but the nose they made when they let their spells fly annoyed me, so I "retired" them!
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/15/04 01:29 PM

No, I am still in the swamp leveling up my fairies. I always think of them as girls even though some of them make very unfeminine noises!

There are so many places to explore. Every now and then I go back to the Enchanted Forest with garlic powder at the ready in case I meet a very advanced fairy.

Another question, in Tiralin I bought a spell that is both water and nature. I can't use it on either my water or nature fairies. Do I get a chance to combine fairies at soem point in the future?
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/16/04 12:46 AM

Hi Jude! How's it going? laugh

I have never heard of a spell that can be used for more than one fairy! Tell me about this, okay?

I do know that if you can't get a spell on a fairy it's because the fairy isn't leveled up enough for that spell....look under your fairy and you'll see a dot or two dots etc...sometimes even a couple of dots and one other of a different color....the spell has to match. If the dots on the spell are the same as the dots under the fairy, you should be good to go! If the dots are more on the spell than under your fairy, you have to get that fairy leveled up more.They get more dots as they level up. I hope that made sense to you? If not, tell me and I'll try to explain better! smile

The color of the dots under the fairy match the color of the dots on the spells too...and I'll tell ya, I had a bit of a hard time figuring the difference between, say, air and ice! haha!

Anyway...keep fighting the good fight...Zanzarah needs you! laugh
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/16/04 01:39 AM

Oh no! I'm posting again! lol Actually, I just have a few questions!

Has anyone chased those chickens? I found it quite funny! And has anyone noticed how each character you met and/or walked by, looks at you as you pass? I think that is sooo cool!

Long Live Zanzarah!!! laugh laugh
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/16/04 04:10 PM

I do remember the chickens Looney, can't remember if I chased them, probably I chased everything else happydance

Also, I was wondering about Jude's purchase...sounds like a spell that could go into the slot that is available under some of the fairies to accept either their natural element ones or from water/air..two colors.
It usually I think appears in the last slot of the fairy..again leveling is a difference.

And there is a least one fairy we all know and love Tinefol that will evolve into other elements. You need him to evolve to the fire fairy before hitting the lava area. Right?
Shoot, can't remember what else you asked Looney. so the answer would be - nope don't remember rotfl
Ingie laugh
Posted By: Marian

Re: Zanzarah - 06/16/04 08:41 PM

Well, I did restart the game and am now in Tiralin. Having a great time! happydance And if I have any questions, I know I have come to the right place. thumbsup
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/16/04 10:37 PM

Marian, wave
I wanted to tell you before how nice it was to see you posting again with Zanzarah, missed your beautiful swan and warm personality..
luck this time through

Ingie laugh
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/17/04 02:03 AM

Hi Marion! I am always happy happy happy to see a new face in Zanzarah! Please feel free to ask away! I've found so much good help here!! And of course the game itself, well, we have already established that I'm a freak! Oh wait! That was president! haha!!!

Agent Provocateur! Thank you for the tip! I was alway trying to do it by the air eddie on one side! I couldn't quite jump onto the other wall! So tell me, what IS that eddie for then? Just to tease me? lol wink

Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/17/04 03:06 AM

Your face is gone..
I played the last part of the game with a couple of the metal fairies..can't remember the names but the one that looked like a spiderman when evolved and one of the females..they were great in final battle for me.

Ingie laugh
Posted By: acornia

Re: Zanzarah - 06/17/04 01:06 PM

Don't get to combine fairies, but as they level up, will get a joker circle or spell which means can use another spell that doesn't require more circles/squares. Really nice with defense spells when can use one that will protect them from their weaknesses. On offense, can sometimes sneak in a lucky hit when the other fairy is strong against your fairy's normal attacks.

If remember right the path to the mountains are on the other side of the pixie hunter's house. If you're not sure what you should be doing, talk to Ralf?. He should be pacing in the valley where you first enter the pixie world.

My fairies were both male and female. Think all the rock ones were males. The rest were both.
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/17/04 03:27 PM

I am pleased this thread seems to have inspired a few more members of the appreciation society. The week after next I will be having a lot of spare time so hope to play more on this game. The withdrawal symptons were tough today but I was strong and did some photo scanning instead when I visited my parents.

I have been reading a walkthrough and discovered that I don't need to beat the shadow elf to get the earth tablet (I think thats what I am looking for). However he has beaten me twice so I will be leveling up until I can beat him. Ha!
Posted By: Marian

Re: Zanzarah - 06/17/04 09:13 PM

Ingie, thank you very much for your kind comments and wishing me good luck on finishing Zanzarah this time. I'm really enjoying it so far, and chose a stone fairy for starters rather than the nature fairy I had the last time around. I didn't diversify enough last time and never got certain fairy groups up to high enough levels, so this time I am going to make sure that I spend a lot more time training at least one from all groups.

Looney, your mentioning the Realm of Clouds brings back such good memories! I can't wait to go there again; I remember last time what an experience it was to see it for the first time.

I am also playing the game with a video card that's a step up from last time, too, and that makes the whole world look even more beautiful than it did before.
Posted By: Marian

Re: Zanzarah - 06/18/04 12:13 AM

I am not sure if I will be doing any of the Zanzarah lovers here a favor by pointing out this link but I am going to post it anyway. This is from the German portion of the Zanzarah forum and the first post on this page has links to some of the screenshots from the Zanzarah sequel/add-on that never came to pass.

I found this the other day and it almost drove me nuts thinking that this game will probably never be published. But the screenshots are so neat that I didn't want any of you to miss seeing them. And Looney, take two Advil and drink plenty of fluids. wink
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/18/04 02:00 AM

Oh my! I want I want I want!!!

Marion, I wish the advil had worked, but I think some huge tranqulizers will be more effective! I will be seeking therapy tomorrow! frown

I wish for everyone to play and keep me company, help me work thru the grief!

Off to the Realm of Clouds...wait! maybe I should hang out in the Dark Caves for a bit? wink
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/18/04 02:11 PM

What did I miss? Advil? Grief?

Oh and those shots were beautiful..

CYE please

Ingie laugh
Posted By: looney

Re: Zanzarah - 06/19/04 12:15 AM

Oh sweet Ingie! Advil, tranquilizers, grief counselling...all as a result over those screen shots of the Zanzarah never to come! lol

Viva la fairies! laugh
Posted By: Jude

Re: Zanzarah - 06/21/04 01:32 PM

Had a great session at the weekend. Have given up on the Shadow Elves in the swamp as their fairies are just sooo hard. I now have the Nature card and, rightly or wrongly, am on my way to the Dwarf Tower. Once again the graphics are brilliant.

Have also figured out that as a fairy increases in experience the colour changes on their experience screen and that's why I thought some spells were part nature and part water.`
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Zanzarah - 06/22/04 01:36 PM

Glad you figured that out Jude and that you're enjoying the game.
There is so much to it and so many different areas to explore.
You're right in backing out of an area if too tough right now. You'll get beefed up in no time

Isn't the music as charming as the game?

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