Vampire - Redemption

Posted By: Rowan

Vampire - Redemption - 02/11/05 04:20 PM

Started this game and am loving it. When I bought it I got only a folded insert that describes how to install and some of the keyboard shortcuts. I didn't get any other manual. So there are a few things that I don't quite understand:

1) What is the "discipline pane" used for? So far mine is blank.
2) What is the purpose of increasing "faith"? I haven't seen this in other RPGs.
3) Ditto for "intelligence, perception, and wits". What's the difference?
4) I have rats and holy water in my inventory. How do I use them as weapons? They won't go into my armour and weapons slots.

Sorry to ask so many questions. I wish I had a manual to look this up myself so I wouldn't have to pester you with stuff I should know.
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/11/05 09:36 PM

Hi Rowan, glad you like the game. I don't know why the manuals were left out of the game - I bought mine years ago & didn't get one & a friend of mine just bought the game & didn't get one. Not to worry - I'll help if I can.

Have you become a vampire yet? If not, you don't have any disciplines yet. "Disciplines" are just their word for "spells." Intelligence , wits, etc. are attributes that you can increase when you make levels. You'll need to have a minimum in some in order to learn some spells. You don't have to worry about "faith." I think it goes up automatically.

Where are you in the game? Save your holy water for the silver mines. You can use it against a big bad monster in there. To use a healing potion, right click on it . To use the holy water, pick it up & right click it on the enemy. You can't use the rats until you become a vampire. Then you can drink their blood! smile

If you're still human, you should start out with a sword. You might be able to get something better or some armor at the blacksmith's.

Have fun,
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/12/05 02:13 AM

Thanks, Barb. This is my first night as a vampire. I am trying to kill Mercurio but Wilhelm and I keep getting in each others way when fighting. We are such a clumsy pair. I wish there were a health indicator for the enemy just to see how close I am to killing him. Any suggestions to beating him?
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/12/05 04:18 AM

Run back thru the entrance to Level 2 so you can heal. Mercurio should follow you as far as the door, but not through it. (It may take a couple of tries to get him to follow). Then you can fight him and zip back & forth to heal until you have him. I think I may have even done some of the fighting alone.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/12/05 03:16 PM

I will try that, Peggy. Will try not to trip over Wilhelm on the way out the door. Don't know how to make him stop following me. I've tried turning that little green button on and off but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I have several unidentified objects in my backpack. How do I get them identified? Can I use them in unidentified form?
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/12/05 04:16 PM

Even if you have the green light off, Wilhem will go through to a different level with you. After you get through the door, turn off the light, & he should stay put. When you go back through the door, he will go with you.

Not sure about unidentified items. I don't think I ever had any. I wonder if IDing items is a skill. Do you know, Peggy?
Posted By: PeggyH

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/12/05 06:57 PM

To identify items you use Spirit's Touch, a sub-discipline of "Auspex" (like Aura Perception). You will find and can sometimes buy scrolls of Spirit's Touch.
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/12/05 10:19 PM

Ah, thanks Peg. I've played the game at least 5 times & never knew that! blush
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/13/05 12:17 AM

Thanks, ladies. Got passed that one.

Is there a site that explains what all the scrolls are for? Was a manual ever published? This makes no sense to create a game without one. I'm literally playing in the dark - rather appropriate for a vampire. smile
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/13/05 12:37 AM

My game came with a big manual. Must have been an earlier version. You might find some help in this forum--I saw a question about scrolls:

Vampire the Masquerade Forum

The Gamespot game guide looks like it might have some helpful information:
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/13/05 10:46 AM

Thanks, Pokey, there should be some good info there. here's another good site:

It doesn't make sense that so many of the games came without a manual. These are probably a newer version - the original didn't allow you to save anywhere you wanted, but later ones, or the patch, did.

I was able to see a copy of the manual at, but the site seems to be down right now.

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/13/05 10:40 PM

Thanks for all the links. Every bit helps when you don't have that manual. thanks

Can anyone tell me if the game becomes more generous with loot? I'm still in Prague but every last coin is always used to buy blood potions. I'm making too many trips to the monastery for feeding time also. I hate that part of the game. Yuck!
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/15/05 02:54 AM

There is more loot in Vienna. I was getting a bit desperate in my poverty.

How do you use the Cauldron of Blood scroll and what does it do? I've tried using it but nothing happens.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/21/05 01:06 AM

So what is the secret to killing Mr. V at the end battle? What weapons worked the best for you?

Also how do you buff up your group all at once? Doing them individually takes too long. I don't have a manual so am missing some info.
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/21/05 01:34 AM

Hi Rowan, Vukodlak is tough! I used the rocket launcher. I had to sell just about everything I had to buy rockets and blood. Wilhem used it & I had him cast dark cloak of shadows before going in. I let everyone else die & Wilhem could just walk around the room at will. I put him in a corner & fired rockets at V. It took a long time & I had to leave to buy more rockets several times. I've also done it keeping everyone alive & just going out the door to heal & going back in to get a few shots off. Being invisible is easier, I think. smile

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/21/05 07:50 PM

Thanks, Barb. Two days later I finally did it! happydance

BTW, I wish that lady who sells scrolls would choke on her scrolls. I couldn't stand her voice and dreaded needing to buy blood from her. evil
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/21/05 10:22 PM

Congrats, Rowan! Did you like the ending?

Emelia is quite a character, isn't she? If Christof had given her what she really wanted, you probably wouldn't have had to pay for blood! lol

Are you going to play Bloodlines next?

Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/21/05 10:49 PM

No I didn't like the ending. The flawed religious theme throughout the game bothered me. To me the ending was not a Redemption at all. I know it is only a game and it doesn't bother me when a game "religion" is completely invented but in this game it had elements of known religions so to me there were too many conflicts of "truths". I'm not sure if I am expressing myself properly but am curious if others had similar qualms during the game. The idea of a fallen nun redeeming herself by becoming a vampire doesn't sit well with me.

I will probably try Bloodmoon but don't have it yet.
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/21/05 11:58 PM

I thought the ending was absolutely wonderful, but I can see your point. It's my all-time favorite game & my favorite ending.

When you get Bloodlines, come join Lucca, Pat, & I at "Vampire:the Masquerade."

Posted By: Invar

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/22/05 06:13 PM

I've just come out of the Monastery to sell stuff off after Level 2. I have a few newbie questions.

If you drop stuff on the ground, will it stay there forever? Or is there a good place to store stuff? I'm thinking of the unidentified femur in particular.

How do you level up? I think I'm ready, but I forgot what to do.
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/22/05 06:40 PM

I think the stuff will stay if dropped on the ground but not entirely sure. I have gone through areas that I have been before and found things that have either been dropped or missed. The only storage place that I know about is the chest in the Haven. I never did use the femur. It and many other things are not identified. It is worth identifying them because they sell for higher than the cost of the identifying spell so there is a margin of profit.

To level up go to the Haven and click on the coffin. A scree will come up and you can choose where you wish to level up. Don't forget that you can also level up your spells on the right-hand pane. I didn't figure that out until near the end of the game. I hadn't discovered that you can grant yourself a permanent Awaken and Walk the Abyss spell. That came in very handy for the end fight in the game plus it saves a lot of money and inventory space.
Posted By: Barb

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/23/05 12:48 AM

Hi Rob, Welcome!

I don't think stuff ever disappears on the ground, but I can't say for sure. I never used the femur, either.

Rowan, I didn't figure out you could learn Walk the Abyss & Awaken, either, until late in the game.

Rob, when you click on the box in the haven, a screen will come up with all your stats. At the top, under "earned" are the points you have earned. Put your cursor on the skill you want to increase & it will tell you if you have enough points to increase that skill. I always put points in "Common" discipline first - Feed, Blood Healing, and eventually Walk the Abyss and Awaken.

Are you enjoying the game?

Posted By: Invar

Re: Vampire - Redemption - 02/23/05 09:44 PM

I'm getting into the game, but I've got to figure out what Serena is good for. I already noticed that you can learn new spells by spending EP's.
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