Morning's Wrath

Posted By: Satine

Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 07:47 AM

I recently started and I am stuck. At the well when given the choice of going back to the castle or going into darkness, I chose darkness. There I received a quest to restore light to 4 towers. I lit one tower which is the first one to the right when you walk into the area. Now I see another tower just across it which is on the left side( as you are entering the area) but there is no staircase to be found to go down to clear out an area below which is how I believe I lit the first one. I have looked all around. Plus I cannot wander too far around as there are these warlock creatures which kill you instantly.

help Can someone point me in the direction to go please? thanks

As of now I am just wandering around and am getting frustrated as I can’t find anyplace new to go and can’t go very far without getting killed.

Is there a walkthrough for the game?
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 08:19 AM

Hi Satine! wave For lighting the other towers, you have to solve puzzles - there aren't staircases for the other lights. For instance, you need to solve the bell puzzle in the area where you talked to the king ghost. You'll need to find an inventory item elsewhere in that spirit land to do this.
For me, this spirit land was too difficult at first, as some of those creatures could kill me instantly. So instead, I went back to the castle. If you go to the leftside on the first floor, there is a staircase that is now opened to you, and on the second floor and upwards, you will encounter a lot of enemies, but most of them are easier then those in the spirit world, or at least I thought so! It's important to find some artifacts so you can get some stronger spells. Also don't forget to allocate your experience points, as you gain them rapidly in the beginning, and it makes a real difference in surviving. luck
Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 01:31 PM

I really need to get this game, sounds interesting.

Nickie, your review out yet was my interest, then I forget about it..and now...well what better time?

Ingie laugh
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 06:26 PM

Thanks Nickie. I am currently at around 27000 exp and have been allocating my points all along.

One nice thing about the dark area is that you have the unlimited potion cache right near by. I went up to the castle area and you don’t have that.

I have not seen this bell puzzle you spoke of. I went back to the area near where you spoke to the ghost king and could not find it. Can you be more specific as to where it is. Will it be obvious what will be needed to solve it once you find this puzzle?

I did manage to get to the graveyard and dig out a skull and somehow survive with all those wizards around me. Will that be needed for anything? Still can't kill them.
Posted By: DoreenS

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 07:47 PM

Hi All,
I started this game then started a book but I'd like to play it again if I can figure out what to do.

Satine, there is an umlimited potion cache on the second floor of castle. Go up from stairs and all they way around to right, last room is it.

wave smile
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 09:06 PM

Thanks Doreen as that is good to know but I really would appreciate an answer on how to find the next puzzle in the dark area. Can you help?

By the way is the castle potion cache area in a "safe" room as when I was up there I did get killed so I never made it that far.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 09:44 PM

Satine, you do have to kill quite a few to get to that treasure cache that's upstairs in the castle.
You don't have to do the lights in any order, but for the bell puzzle I mentioned - there's a music chest in one of the little houses that solves the puzzle for you. Or actually, it plays a tune, and you have to play the same tune on the pillars that are in that area where you talked to the ghost king. Doing that will make one of the lights light up.
Some of those ghostly characters are very tough! Congrats on surviving to get the skull! I can't recall at the moment if that is used to solve a puzzle that lights up one of the lights, or if it gains you an artifact when you find a use for it...The game became so much easier when I could find a couple artifacts, and get a good fire blast spell, and I put a whole lot more points in making the magic stronger, and not so much in some of the other attributes like strength - but that's just how I played it.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 10:35 PM

Nickie, I have the music chest but I still cannot find the bell puzzle. I have been in so many rooms and have not seen any bell.

The only undead I can kill are the zombies that are walking around.

I may have to back to a save prior to getting the skull as I unleashed too many warlocks right by the entrance to the area but at least I know where it is should I need it.
Posted By: DoreenS

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/30/06 10:50 PM

I haven't solved it but there are four columns in the throne room and if you click on them it says something about bells I think. Still haven't gone back to playing. woozy
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/31/06 07:09 AM

Doreen's right, Satine. Look at those big pillars where you first talked to the ghost king, right when you entered that area. They should make a noise when you click on them. If you are having trouble, I'll try and go back into the game tomorrow and see if I can give you more direction.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/31/06 06:58 PM

I found the bells and got the tower lit. I hope the next 2 towers won't be as troublesome.Any tips?
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/31/06 11:29 PM

I found 2 rooms that seem to have puzzles in them but have no idea what to do in them.

One has a pedestal with an ancient book. If you take the book, you get locked in the room. There are also gears in the room and when you click on them don't seem to do anything.

The other room has several set of symbols in groups of 4. There are also 4 elemental gates with an artifact behind each one and a tomb at the end.

In both these rooms there is a statue of the prince in it.

Are these the 2 rooms needed to light the other 2 towers that will result in getting more artifacts?
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 01/31/06 11:39 PM

For that library room, you need to find an inventory item that you can put into the gears that will keep the door from closing.The book will then allow you to enter an area to the right where the gates are shut to you now, which has to do with those other puzzles you mentioned.This will get you plenty of artifacts.The gates I'm talking about are north of the area with the puzzles on the floor. As for the other towers, I'm trying to remember. Have you collected a lot of gold coins?
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/01/06 07:51 AM

I have only collected one coin. I have seen more but since items don't stack and I didn't know if there was a need for them I did not get any more. Nothing I have in my inventory works on the gears. I keep all inventory items on me in case I need them.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/01/06 06:16 PM

There's a wedge kind of thing that is what you need for the gears. And yeah, the coins are a pain, but you need a bunch of them to solve a puzzle. You can actually place them where they need to go as you get them, so they don't take up the inventory space...
Posted By: fildil

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/01/06 07:49 PM

Where can you get this game? Is it on disc or on-line? Thanks
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/01/06 09:10 PM

You can download it or buy the boxed version. There is also a demo available at the website.
Posted By: fildil

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/01/06 09:19 PM

Does everybody playing it think it's worth the price?
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/02/06 10:39 PM

I found the wedge and put it in the gears but that did not lead to any artifacts. Instead it led to one of the towers being lit.

I have the 4 towers lit. I went back to the throne room thinking the king would be there to finally get an artifact but he was not.

I still have not been able to do anything with the room with the elemental gates. I have more coins and have not found a place to use them. There is also a locked door by the graveyard.

How do I get artifacts in this area?
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/03/06 08:52 AM

No, by using the wedge to keep the doors open, you can leave with the book, which will get you into the locked gates I talked about earlier. There you will find puzzles you have to solve, which will allow you to open the elemental gates where you can see artifacts on the ground.
There is a second much smaller well nearby - why not give your coins a toss. Don't forget that there are a lot of artifacts in the castle too.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/03/06 10:16 PM

I still can't find these locked gates you speak of. I have the book in my inventory. The only thing north of the elemental gate area is the cemetary.I have looked all around.

I did find the smaller well which was in the cemetary. I must have put in around 10 coins but nothing happened.

Why am I not gaining any more experience?
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/03/06 10:36 PM

The gates are to the right of the cemetary. just a small way from the well.I think they are attached to a gold brick wall.
I have forgotten how many coins I had to put in that well - 12 I think.
At some point you max out on points, so you don't gain more.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/04/06 01:16 AM

Are you referring to the Tomb gate? The description when you click on it says "it won't open but there is no lock". This is right of the cemetery. Inside you can see a staircase leading down. I tried the Library book on here but it won't work.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/04/06 09:19 AM

Yep, that's the gates. Trying to think of why it isn't working for you - did you look at it in inventory, or maybe you have to do the well first - I really don't know. I'll see if I saved anywhere near that point and try it out if I can.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/05/06 12:43 AM

Yes I did look at the book in inventory. If you can check, that would be a big help. Thanks.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/08/06 09:29 PM

I didn't have a save, so I played the game through again - apparently the first time I played it, I did the book and killing the prince at around the same time. Getting the book for the spirit just lights the tower I guess, and killing the prince is what actually opens the gates. Not real sure on this, and too bad there isn't a walkthrough.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/09/06 09:39 PM

Well thanks for trying. Can you tell me what you need to do to get the prince to appear. Also what was the purpose of lighting the 4 towers. That was the initial quest. Shouldn't there be some reward for that or at least follow up to it. It's done, no acknowledgement. As I mentioned on an earlier post I thought going back to the throne room I would get a reward.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/09/06 10:02 PM

Yes, I agree - I thought lighting the towers would kill off the monsters or something, but nothing. Not sure if the location is random where the prince appears. And that fight was a real disappointment too. Not sure, but think I ran into him around the little well, or maybe the tomb gates.
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/11/06 02:54 AM

The prince will not appear and I have been all over. I appreciate all your help but without a walkthrough it just seems impossible for me to get any artifacts so until one is done it is time to call it quits on this game.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/11/06 08:12 PM

It's a lot easier to get artifacts from the castle. If you cross the dining room, and use the staircase that is now open to you on the left side, you have a couple floors of baddies to demolish. You have to solve puzzles mostly, to get at the artifacts, although on one occasion there is just a baddie to kill for one. Mostly though, the puzzles are inventory based, and kind of fun. Maybe the prince doesn't appear until you do some damage to all these folk, I don't know...
Posted By: nickie

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/15/06 08:52 PM

Satine, did you ever get the artifacts in the castle???
Posted By: Satine

Re: Morning's Wrath - 02/15/06 09:23 PM

No Nickie, I never bothered. If I can't get any artifacts in the basement I felt there was no need to waste any more time in this game. There is no guarantee that getting the artifacts in the castle will get the ones in the basement. Plus you said the castle ones were puzzle based. And without a walkthrough, doing this is just impossible for me.

Also I do not understand why there is such a low cap on experience. I have already maxxed it out and that is without a single artifact. At least before I was getting stronger with all the respawning. Now I am not.
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