curse eye of the isis

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curse eye of the isis - 03/15/06 06:19 PM

could someone help me i just started playing this game and i have the truncheon off of the cop and when i get to the next guy that come alive i cant seem to get my controlls to hit him with the bat i have use the mouse and the space and everything else i can think of cant someone help me with this i hit two differnt key together or what
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/16/06 08:46 PM

i have this game and only have been playing it off/on for past months...(come back to it when no good point/clicks to play)...but thisis a combo mouse and keyboard(i used the directional keys) game. move to the target (up/down or left/right arrow keys). you need to face your target (move mouse) and having already selected the weapon youwant to use , use the left mouse button to smack 'em . seems to me also you can use the Right mouse button (locks onto targets in range (depending on weapon used and if you are close enough)-)AND tapping spacebar. this last combination is what i used. but...since i really **** at action games i am also using cheat codes....but nevertheless you still have to be able to wallop the baddies! for the Truncheon i did this: select (F4), R mouse + spacebar...but you still have to use arrow keys to move you in closer if needed and you always have to face the target. i hope this helped i am not very good at explaning things. good luck w/the game.
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/17/06 05:07 PM

i finally figured it out ..but you mentioned cheats how did get get any to work the only thing i saw was the hex edit and i thought that was dangerouse to use if your not familair with how to do it
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/18/06 05:39 PM

What I used when I played the game was the trainer which can be downloaded here:
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/21/06 05:26 AM

sorry...i called the trainer a cheat code, just had chance to visit site, and see how you were doing..i am a sort of newbie to cheats so i usually call /em all cheat codes. The trainer is great, and i can tell you how new i am w/them i kept trying to get it to work and using either 1 or 2 on the keypad and did not work, BUT by trying something new found out it is the numeric keys above the alpha keys that got it to work. don't know why.. seeing you playing this game got me fired up to get back to it and try and finish i did.!! i enjoyed it...liked the 'creepiness"..if you like this you would also enjoy 'Undying' and 'Wheel of Time' (they both have cheat codes available, i don't think they are trainers as i can remember). i guess a'trainer' is another program that you run before beginning a game, but the cheat codes can be done without adding anything or running anything else? anyway i can only play these types of games if they have good codes ...'cause i have arthritic hands so fast motion/coordination really sucks!! thank heavens for gameboomers!!!!
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/21/06 04:09 PM

i put the cheats in but i get like 9000000 item of each thing so my inventory is full and i have tried everything to get the cheats out because it says you can hit 0 and it comes out but not mine i have hit 0 0 O and the 1 & 2 and even tried to put the file in recycle bin i cant get rid of all these item any suggestions for this
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/22/06 07:08 AM

putting the trainer program in the recycle bin will not remove items from your game. This trainer is fine, you just have to 'manage' your inventory. The thing is...the way it is designed is when you select to use the ammo/items it is all or nothing. perhaps because of the way the game was designed this is the only way a trainer could be written at all. i don't know... You can't select what items/ammo you want to have multiply. Once you pick up ammo/or and item "Bam!" there it is! But i played the entire game with all the just have to think about what to give to abdul and/or Darien or Victoria and what to keep. i ended up playing either as Victoria or Darien using just the revolver and shotgun and sometimes need the flamethrower..(so you will need those fuel canisters and fill them!).and i kept always the amulet(cause those you still need to use it) and i gave all menthol and salts always to Abdul. later in game i even quit picking them up. but other items you keep and sometimes you even have to give them to abdul, but if you find you need something you just have to trundle back to him and get it--maybe swap something else out of your inventory for the time being. the only way i can think of to keep stuff out of inventory is NEVER to pick it up. because once you pick up an item or ammo and you activate the trainer ALL that stuff will be multiplied. i suppose if i were to replay (using the trainer) i possibly could play the entire game w/o ever picking up any arrows or bows. BUT i did not realize it at the time. or i could replay and not ever pick up the shotgun but use bow/arrows....i don't know for sure. Anyway, i enjoyed the game and glad i was able to play it which i would not have been able to do w/o this trainer. i hope you will hang in there and enjoy the game too.
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/22/06 12:52 PM

i have like 9000000 of each thing even keys there is no way i could give everyone of those to one of the other players it would take me 1 week to get rid of all of them
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/22/06 02:00 PM

well i finished this game i am glad it was diffucult since i couldnt get rid of anything it made it longer cause i kept having to give items to abdul so i had to keep finding him..........getting ready to play arx fatalis
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/23/06 04:21 PM

i am glad you finished it...i did not explain very well things i don't think....w/the trainer on, just consider the item(s) of each kind as 1. and with the trainer running it should've transferred ALL of that item into other's inventory. and it would combine like items.
Good luck w/your next game.... have you played Undying? it is a good action game and creepy!! (and if needed you can get good cheat codes for it...specific ones for diff things) it is a great play!!
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/23/06 04:45 PM

I just played a sewer scene and got to a guy that has a silver key but I couldn't pick it up because my inventory was full. I had picked up an extra parrifin canister. When I tried to go back to Abdul, Darien would not climb down the sewer ladder so I had to start over razz (start over from my last save that is..not too bad really)

Still really liking this game. The baddies pop out and scare you half silly, lol.
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Re: curse eye of the isis - 03/23/06 05:06 PM

GAMENUT-when i went to transfer the items over it didnt take them like one i transfered 1000 items like arrows and it took it off of the 9000000 i could have never gotten them all transfered just thought maybe some one had this happen to them
BURPEE-i had to be in the just right position or she wouldnt go down the ladders
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