Has Anyone played Titan Quest?

Posted By: nickie

Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/21/06 07:04 PM

Hi everyone! I've missed you! wave
I'm not too far into this game, just got to the Highlands. So far just a lot of killing and some easy dungeons. And what a teensy tiny inventory! Do things get more interesting? Not that it's a bad game at all, but I just wondered what others thought of it that had played the entire game.
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Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/22/06 02:31 AM

Hi I'm playing this game now. I'm in the second world Athens. It gets a bit more challenging. Though I have not found a need to use a trainer or cheat codes.
As the game progresses you earn "bags" that enlarge you inventory.
I noticed that when you die everything you killed stays dead unless you reload.[you come back to life at a recovery well NOT your last save] It also seemed to me that the Bosses did not recover from you attacks either. Unless you reloded.It's a fun game and the creatures are neat.
Posted By: maryjo

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/22/06 02:46 AM

Also the creatures drop items called Relic Shards and Monster Charms. You cannot buy these items. They enhance your weapons and armor. If you complete a set you recieve a bonus.
If you want to level up. Just reload the game [after saving] and all the baddies will be alive along with the treasue chests refilled. :]]]]]
Once you complete a world and have moved on. You can always go bact to a previous world by useing the portal.You also have a portal stone from the begining of the game. Just click on it :]]]] You received the stone when you powered the one up in the 1st town. Cuts down on alot of walking.
Posted By: PeggyG

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/22/06 12:32 PM

Nickie, Marian sent me here because I suspect she was soooo tired of hearing me talk about Titan Quest she jumped at the chance to palm me off on someone else!

Seriously, though, I did enjoy the game quite a bit and played it 2-1/2 times. While it doesn't take the Diablo experience to a whole new level or anything, it is very player friendly in the "normal" level of difficulty and very accessible.

Like others have said, you will get 2 additional bags for inventory.

There are 3 worlds, Greece, Athens, and the Orient, so the scenery and legend will be a bit more diverse, but to be frank, the fun part of the game is the running around and killing baddies. What keeps you going on is the virtual shopping...meaning, finding that treasure chest that will yield the dress, I mean armor, of your dreams or the weapon that slices, dices, and exorcises! Leveling will enable you to increase your warfare or magic skills, and it will bring a major giggle the first time you've increased war wind enough so that 3 baddies go flying in the air upon hit.

Folks farm certain areas, too, in order to fight baddies again and check out the now-refilled chests, so don't be in a hurry to move on.

I've not found the game to be short at all, but then I pretty much did everything...all the various subquests. In normal difficulty mode, the game really is fairly easy as long as you stock up those health potions. You can pretty much kill everything and anything with enough potions to keep you going while you're actively fighting.

In the next level of difficulty, Epic (which is accessible only after you complete normal), you start the game with negative numbers to your resistances, so combining that with harder baddies made for a much more difficult game, one where having enough health potions didn't matter so much; you had to have an actual strategy to play the game. This is where folks feel the game starts to shine, that the Normal difficulty was almost a tutorial for the "real" game. But that's all relative, of course. Me, I just wanted to play in Epic mode because the drops are better. You get many more blues and purples.

After completing Epic, I went to Legendary, the next level of difficulty. Here the game became more frustrating than fun, as your resistances dropped even more, baddies thought better than I did, and certainly fought better than I did. So I only got about halfway through.

For me, this is one of this easy pick-up games. Just need to blow off a little steam after work, so I'll load up an epic level and just wander around. It's just a catharsis to whomp on things and looking purty while I'm doing it. At least, that's the overview!
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/22/06 02:42 PM

Thanks so much MaryJo, Peggy H and Peggy G for responding!

Thanks for reminding me about the portal MaryJo - I've only got the two portals so far, but I can see where it will be a real help to avoid some treks! And I didn't realize you couldn't buy the relics, so I fear I haven't been picking up everything I could - yes, my sweet but inventory challenged hero is essentially lazy ( not me of course lol )
Peggy G, is Marian holding her hands over her ears and saying she won't play this one? lol That's interesting about the differences between the modes of play. I think I made an easy game easier by putting all my spell points in the lich, and while it is terribly amusing to have him floating after me wherever I go, he shoots lightning bolts at everything and kills darn near everything before I have a chance to. I've left the countryside littered with loot, so hope I haven't missed something good! smile
Posted By: PeggyG

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/22/06 04:56 PM

Nickie, you might be pleased to learn that you'll eventually encounter mystics in some towns who can change your skill tree around for a price, if you're so inclined. So if you wish you hadn't spent so many spell points on your lich, for example, you can take some away and spend them elsewhere. Again, this is one of those player-friendly niceties.

As maryjo said, you can't buy relics; they're dropped. Do pick up the relic shards and keep in mind that if you get 2 of the same type, right click on one of them to combine them with the other. You'll not only save inventory space, but the relic shards--when totally whole (the shard will tell you how many pieces will make a whole)--will be more powerful and have a bonus. You can apply incomplete shards to an item, too. Let's say you have a relic shard that is incomplete at only 2 shards found out of 5, but it still has a nice bonus that will enhance your sword. Go ahead and apply it to your sword for an immediate benefit. Then later on as you wander around, if you uncover more of that same shard, you can apply it directly to your sword, enhancing it even further.

Using the portals are truly wonderful. Don't forget that you can transport yourself to any portal you've uncovered at any time in the game, no matter where you are. So if you're in a dungeon and overloaded with goodies, you can transport yourself immediately to a town, sell off your stuff, and then go back to exactly where you were in the dungeon and load up again.

After fighting any baddie or clicking on any of the bone piles, hit your ALT key and the names of everything on the ground will show up. Then you can easily choose what you want to take or leave. Anything that has a color to it (yellow, green, blue, or purple) is a special item and you should take it. If you can't use it, sell it. Of course, pick up any and all health and energy potions. They don't cost much now, but believe me, they will go up in price! You can alternatively hit other keys to show the items on the ground. For instance, if you just hit "X" it will show only non-common items; ALT shows all nonbroken items; "Z" will show everything on the ground, but that's a waste, as broken items won't do you much good.
Posted By: maryjo

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/22/06 05:26 PM

Loot: White = Standard: found everywhere
Yellow =Magical:has with magical propteries
Green = Rare: Magical items may have
powerful bonuses
Blue = Epic:Unique magical items have names
histories,and bestow powerful bonuses
Purple = Lenendary:Rarer than rare. They
are generally superior to any other
equipment in the game
Note; there are broken items on the ground also. But they clearly are not worth picking up:broken splintered,rusty ect.
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/24/06 12:25 AM

Hi, Nickie. I'm still playing Titan Quest. Am currently partway through the Orient part of the game (the 3rd third). A pretty good game, I think, but, because of the save system and the respawning, I'm just gonna play it through once. I'm using the good CheatHappens Mega Trainer for game version 1.15. I mainly just use the Unlimited Health and Energy and No Skill Recharge options, but I also used it to give my character all 8 Masteries and every active skill I wanted, including every summon skill. That's my kind of game balancing. wink
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/24/06 11:44 PM

Thanks Sig, I made it out of that place, and am now trying to get out of Crete. I'm finding the hardest part of the game for me is finding those exits laugh
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/25/06 03:32 AM

Yeah, some are harder to find than others. Some o' these RPGs really impress me with their . . . uh, what do they call it? . . . level design? . . . the clever layout of the various areas, particularly the exterior areas, which, in this game, are plentiful and expansive. I'd be interested to know how they plan it all out. On wall-sized sheets of paper? On floor-sized 3-dimensional models? On supercomputers, a phase at a time? I wonder. think
Posted By: gremlin

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/25/06 06:07 AM

Usually starting with legal/A4 sketch pads, then wall sized sheets of paper, then (often custom built) level-designing software.


Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/26/06 08:55 PM

Thanks for the answer, Gremlin. So my guessing was fractionally correct.

Yeah, let us know when you get into it, Maggie. I think one of the best things about this game, since I just alluded to it and I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere, is that you really get your fill of surface exploration. Of course, this would go a lot faster without a monster gang fight every 10 feet, but that sounds kinda boring to adventurers like us.

Nickie, that master blacksmith's camp is in the Lower Delphi area, up a woodsy hill just before the bridge into Crisaeos Falls. He sells some good stuff, so you might wanna backtrack for that, and also to complete that side quest and get the XP for it.

I also wanted to mention that I like how the developers conceptualized and rendered the various historic sites in the game. Something like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World) is a particular treat to walk through. Another example, the Parthenon, is still around, just not in mint condition. The much-touted 30-foot statue of Athena no longer exists in the actual Parthenon, but it does in the game. Even Giza Plateau was interesting to me because I've been there in real life---took a bus tour there from Alexandria when I was in the Navy in the mid-'70s. Went inside the second-biggest pyramid and rode a camel there. And, as you may know, there's been scholarly talk of a secret chamber beneath the left paw of the Great Sphinx, but the Egyptian government won't let archaeologists excavate it. It was even nice to see the face of it before cannoneers in Napolean's army used its nose for target practice---the idiots.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/26/06 10:36 PM

Thanks Sig, but I guess I'll forego the points for a while, as I'm still beating myself over the head and shoulders for backtracking for it once without finding him. I unfortunately chose to do it right before I left on the ship for Egypt, made a portal elsewhere and lost the first portal, so I got to go through that labyrinth a second time. slapforehead laugh Not too bright of me, although the boss was a piece of cake this time through.
I've really enjoyed the scenery! That's so interesting that you were actually in Giza. Did you also visit other places as depicted in the game?
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/27/06 01:27 AM

Well, some of the historic sites in the game don't still exist, but, of those that do, I think the only place I've actually been to was the Giza Plateau. But we've probably all seen places like that and the Parthenon and the Great Wall of China on TV and whatnot, so that's good enough to make you appreciate exploring them at their prime. I think it's great they put these in a CRPG, and also the Satyrs and Centaurs and Harpies and such. Makes me wanna rent and re-watch "Jason and the Argonauts" or "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad" or one o' the good ol' Steve Reeves Hercules movies, if you can find one.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/27/06 04:50 AM

Absolutely! I can see watching those movies again after playing this. I've been actually thinking of Cleopatra. I've never been to Egypt, but I did see the statue of Nefertiti ( is that like I haven't ever...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express???) laugh
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/27/06 05:58 AM

Yeah, Liz Taylor did make a good-lookin' Cleopatra. I actually think Egypt is a little overrated, but I did enjoy the camel ride. Did you see that statue at that King Tut exhibit that was going around? And you're one up on me because I've never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. lol

BTW, I just found the first error in the strategy guide. The jade figurine you need to complete the Wealthy Collector side quest in the Orient part of the game was in a different cave than the book said it was. My only guess is that its location varies depending upon the difficulty level you're playing on, but that's still weird because you can't even play the game on a higher difficulty until you've played it through the first time. Whatever.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/27/06 11:49 AM

I was thinking more of Richard Burton myself. razz I saw the statue at a museum in Berlin.
That's good to know about the strategy guide. There were errors in the Morrowind strategy guide as well - and I always thought before that the guides were infallible...
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/28/06 05:04 AM

It's not bad, Pib! It has its flaws, but I've played a lot worse for sure. The scenery is very interesting, although not graphically entrancing like a Dungeon Siege 2 or Morrowind, good music, and a big variety on skill options. It's very easy too, which is good or bad, depending on how you look at it. laugh
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/28/06 11:01 PM

That's right Sig. That voice...sigh. I wish I could say that with the same dreamy tone for the voices in this game, but I sure can't. And the dialog cuts out. Did that happen for you as well? I know I can look up the important dialog with the quest tab, thank goodness.Off to the tomb of Ramses, I believe...
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/29/06 08:09 PM

If you mean the dialogue breaks off when NPCs who are talking get bumped by a summoned creature of yours, they fixed this in, I believe, the 1.15 patch, so you might wanna check that. There are incremental patches available, so you can just patch it from this version to that version in the middle of a playthrough. Of course, the 1.20 patch came out the other day, but I have to wait till October 2nd to install that, cuz the Mega Trainer for that version isn't available to the public till then.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/30/06 02:50 PM

Is that what is happening? Even when my creature isn't near the NPC? I'll be darned! Thanks! I always try to play through these unpatched first if I think there's the possibility I might do a review.
You must be about finished with the game, huh?
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 09/30/06 08:57 PM

Yeah, that's probably what's happening. Playing with a trainer, my character has all of the summon skills, so I can tell you that all of them, except for the wolf, move around when you're talking to an NPC. The 1.15 patch (I believe it is) fixes how NPCs break off what they were saying when bumped by a fidgety summon. You should probably patch your game all the way up to the latest version, 1.20. Check out all the fixes in the various patches and you'll see a slew of improvements---a memory leak fix, performance enhancements like time smoothing, and much more. If your game is presently unpatched, you'll want the standalone 1.20 patch, not one of the incremental ones.

And yeah, I portaled to Olympus at the end of my last session, so I just have the endgame to knock out. That last Telkine fight had me worried. I don't know why (seems to have just been a glitch in something), but, for the first 2 or 3 tries, I couldn't hurt or tire it out at all, and I was hittin' it for minutes on end with everything I've got, which is a lot. And trying cheat options I hadn't used before, like Zero Enemy Health, Invisibility, and Enemy Tamer, didn't help at all. On the last attempt, I saw it was getting hurt, so I knew I had it then. I'll still be around to root the rest of you on, but I'll be giving the game to a local friend after beating it, and giving him the strategy guide, too.
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/01/06 09:51 PM

Hi, Maggie. wave CYE. Oh, you're one step ahead of the email reply I just sent you, but that's cool.

Nickie, that Liche King is kinda cute, for a lich, isn't he? Does a good job of protecting you, though, as do all the summons. You have to like anything that will die to protect you from anything, no matter how imposing or how numerous the attackers. It's interesting . . . all of the summons except for the Storm Wisp go after hostiles in your vicinity on their own. The Wisp likes to be more of a personal bodyguard, and will not let anything lay a hand on you without getting zapped. It will, however, go aid one of the other summons if they really need it. Nice how they look out for each other.

Yeah, the 3 Telkine fights in the game are increasingly tough, and the last one isn't the final boss---that would be Typhon the Titan---so watch your booty. I finished the game in the last session. To answer your question, I'm gonna reinstall Morrowind and play some more of that for a while. Didn't have my fill of it when I was replaying it with some mods a few months back. Tally ho!
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/02/06 05:34 AM

Yeah, I have grown awfully fond of the Lich. He just floats along, blissfully unconcerned about the rampaging hordes that are attacking us, and zaps away! laugh
I noticed that the game seemed to become more difficult round about the Valley Of Kings. Right now my hero and Floaty are on their way to find some guy in a remote place on a mountain. I think we're level 28. What level were you when you did the last Telkine battle, Sig? And have fun again with Morrowind!

Maggie, if the trainer helps you enjoy the game, well then, it's a good thing. This is supposed to be fun! happydance
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/02/06 06:27 AM

smile duh duh duh
I am lost in the maze in the Castle up on Tritons Ridge. Does anyone know of a good map. I am lost, so send food and drink please. I am now a 46 and with the trainer it has been a big help but still loveing it and having lots of fun.
Sig, if you hear of a map, can you let me know and Nickie too. Thanks both of you so much.

Maggie laugh
Posted By: Satine

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/02/06 06:42 AM

I just did the gorgon fight. I was never able to separate them but with the lich summon they really weren't too hard. He is nice to have along.

For a great walkthrough complete with full maps I am using
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/02/06 05:09 PM

Nickie laugh

It is a real bummer being lost in one of those and I like the one Satine gave all of us as it is bigger. My eyesight is not too good for the tiny one on the screen, so this helps a lot, also the information.

Good Luck Nickie

Maggie bravo bravo bravo thumbsup thumbsup
Posted By: Sig Segorn

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/02/06 08:46 PM

Nickie, I forget what level my character was in that 3rd Telkine fight, but it still had me worried. Got Morrowind reinstalled and am getting back into that, so off I go. An adventurer's work is never done. wave
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/03/06 06:38 AM

That's great, Maggie! I just finished the game, and enjoyed it. For me, I think the hardest boss character was the Bull you meet way before the end. I was covering those same tracks several times laugh
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/04/06 06:55 AM

NIckie- smile

So glad that you enjoyed it, for me it is a keeper of a game. I just came out of an ice cave into Outer Mongolia and am fighting lots of beasts as usual. I am stopping for the night as it is almost midnight here and I will play it again tomorrow. I will look forward to that beast you are talking about. Do you remember about where it is?


Maggie happydance thumbsup thumbsup
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/04/06 01:48 PM

Hey Maggie! lol I can't remember the name of the place where you meet the bull, but it's on the ridge right after you get the quest to find a woman's two sisters, so right next to the wetlands. You can't proceed without killing the bull, as its death opens up a magical gate. At your level, I'm pretty sure you won't have any difficulty though.
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/04/06 05:04 PM

HI Nickie- smile rolleyes

I am trying to get out of the city of Chang'an, I want to go to the Jade Palace, but door will not open, due to a quest and the door (?) the baddies made is out to the fields, but you can/t get anywhere.
Can you help me here?


Maggie duh wave wave wave
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/04/06 05:22 PM

Hi Maggie wave That locked door won't get you out to the Jade Palace - it's for a quest later in the game. You do get to further areas by that hole in the wall, it is just very tricky to see where those rings of ground open, so you can get out of there! I had to study the tiny map as I did it, looking for a break in the ring to get to the next. It's kind of a serpentine pattern. It's very confusing, I know. If I recall correctly, you had to go right, then all the way back left, and then right again and it opened up to get out of there. Very hard to see.
Posted By: maryjo

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/05/06 02:36 PM

Hi I am very near the end of this game and looking forward to playing the next level. "Epic "
My question is in the epic level will I get two more Mastery points ?
I like my character but I put those points in Warrior and Defence. I think I should have choosen something else besides defence. Something that would allow me to summon creatures. Do the summoned ceatures stay with you after battle ? How do I give them life potions ? It would be great if I got two more Mastery points :]]] Thanks
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/05/06 06:34 PM

Maryjo, I leveled up when I killed the final boss, and I couldn't remember if I got points or not. rolleyes Just now played in Epic until I leveled up, and at the next level got 3 more mastery points. thumbsup Remember if you don't like what you have the points in, you can change it for a fee in town - that guy that has a globe over his head.
I know at least the lich stays with you whether you're combatting or not, until he is killed. I would guess that is the same for all the summoned. That is the only being I've summoned though. I don't know of a way to give it potions, but you can of course just summon another, as soon as the spell recharges.
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/05/06 09:26 PM

Nickie and Maryjo- laugh

I started in Epic and this time picked a woman, but then would not let me start Epic, even though I had finished all of the first one. So I am in Epic, but with my first person. Any way to change this at all?


Maggie bravo bravo
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/05/06 11:08 PM

No, you have to play the same character.
Posted By: maryjo

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/06/06 12:53 AM

Hi, Made it to Olympus :]] and I'm DYING, DYING and DYING
Those Cylopes are way too many. About 6-8 in all
I've managed to run by them a couple times and made it to where the Titan is. :]] I can't kill him. I tried doing it like the guide said. Destroy statues 1st. but when I clicke on them my Hero just stands there :[ Forget the Titan He just looks at me and I die. Any HINTS or a SPOILER would be GREAT Thanks P.S. the last time I got to him the Cylopes did too !!!
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/06/06 07:08 AM

Maryjo, I didn't use a trainer and I was level 29. What I did was summon the lich and then go up and down the stairs to make the cyclops come singly. They're very slow, so you can often outrun them and they don't all chase you. I did die a couple times though, when I would let them get too close. laugh
I don't know why the guide said that, as the two times I played the game, the statues did not activate (I'm guessing they will in epic). Used the same tactic with the titan, running forward to engage, and then back out of the way, hitting him and running. I had a lot of potions, and I had to make sure I stayed out of reach. I only went so close to just barely see a part of him, and hit him with a spell, don't know if that has anything to do with it being only him. I did it a second time when I was trying to answer your previous question, and I went all the way in, and he activated three or four liches, so it was harder the second time.
Without the lich being summoned, no doubt it would have been a ton harder. frown
Posted By: maryjo

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/06/06 01:33 PM

Hi,Thanks, but I'm melee all the way. No spells or summons to use :[[ But I'll keep trying and use your tips :]] The one about running away and then back for a hit :] Maybe I should try with a bow ? I better buy a better one. HE He He the 1 I have only does 12-24 damage.I can deal alot of damage with it HE He He. If I use Maggie's trainer how do I tell which version I'm useing. I did update this game useing the update tab in the game. I'm guessing that would make it the lastest version of the game ? Knew I should't have picked Defence as a second Mastery. Thanks Maryjo
Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/06/06 05:44 PM

If you're skilled with a bow, yes, that sounds like a very smart idea. The more you can keep away from the baddie's hands, the better off you are. It takes longer to not just wade in to be sure, but hitting and running remains an effective tactic no matter what game! laugh
If you used the update, I believe you should have the latest version of the game. However, Sig mentioned on this thread that the trainer he was using did not cover the battle where you are having the problem, and he was waiting for an addition to be produced. But then again Maggie used it and so I don't know how it corresponds to which version or anything like that - I haven't used the trainers, so I'm not familiar with them, sorry.
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/06/06 07:58 PM

Maryjo- laugh

The trainer by apache I sent you is for the updated game 1.20. You can use just a little of it to help you in the game or more.

Hope you get all the baddies.

Maggie bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo
Posted By: maggie57

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/09/06 09:17 PM

NIckie laugh

In your Mastery, how can you summon a beast to help you in this game?

Posted By: nickie

Re: Has Anyone played Titan Quest? - 10/10/06 06:40 AM

I picked the Spirit mastery, and then selected "Summon Liche King" to put the points in. When I did that, I got an icon at the bottom of the screen, and whenever I wanted him, I just clicked on it. The Earth mastery has a cave dweller that can be summoned, Storm has a wisp, and Nature has a wolf. Fun!!!
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