MJ II - graphics problems

Posted By: grandpa68

MJ II - graphics problems - 03/28/04 03:39 PM

I have the Radeon 7500 graphics card installed and am playing the game at 32 bits resolution. Sometimes the graphics get really slow in spots. For example, before going thru the Touchstone door in that area, then pressing the buttons on the control stand near the airship. I would appreciate some help here as to what to do.
Posted By: BillyBob

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 03/28/04 05:09 PM

Wondering if you have enough memory(?). Frankly, I'm not too big on this problem solving but I think that is mostly that I keep my equipment ahead of the requirements for most games. For that reason I don't have many problems and when I do I'm usually as "stumped" as anyone else. laugh
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 03/28/04 05:53 PM

That's actually normal behavior for a computer that's slightly underpowered. You don't say what your processor speed is, but I'd guess you'd need a faster processor and/or a faster video card to get rid of the hesitations. The minimum requirements listed on the game box are certainly underestimated. I can't imagine anyone playing MJ2 on an 800 MHz computer and not getting a serious headache.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 03/29/04 11:42 AM

My processor is 1100 MHz, Jenny.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 03/29/04 04:18 PM

I played MJ2 on a computer with a 1.2 GHz processor and an ATI 8500 video card. And there were places where the cursor would not move smoothly and one place on a hilltop near an ocean had an extreme slowdown. I think they really understated the minimum specs on this game. Someone might be able to get the game running on those specs, but the jerkiness they'd encounter would make it a real headache. I think the only way you could get it running smoothly (or noticeably smoother anyway) would be to get a faster video card. Note that the "recommended" processor speed is 1.6 GHz, which is more than either of us have.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 04/01/04 03:05 PM

Jenny, is there a way to use msconfig with this game to eliminate the unnecessary items in the background? Something to make the game think that I have a faster processor speed? I am enjoying this game but now that I have gotten to the Great Pavilion area, the graphics are running very slow and even worse with the cutscenes.Any suggestions Here????????
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 04/01/04 04:00 PM

There's not much you can do beyond getting a faster video card that would really make a difference. But have a look at msconfig and see what's being loaded at startup. Some of those things initialize at startup and then close back down again, so it isn't necessary to remove those. But maybe some things you have listed there aren't necessary. RealPlayer, for example, wouldn't be necessary.
Posted By: grandpa68

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 04/03/04 07:03 PM

Thanks Jenny, I will take your advice concerning msconfig.
Posted By: Vanje

Re: MJ II - graphics problems - 04/07/04 04:30 PM

I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm in great pavillion now and I can't get control over my movements and when I do it is pretty slow. I too have a Radeon 7500 and 1.2GHz. I can't afford to upgrade my video card at the moment.
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