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Posted By: joanie39

Zanzarah Question - 11/06/03 11:13 PM

I have installed this game and put in the key numbers but it says it is wrong. I checked again and again and have entered them correctly.
In the read me it says WindowXP users make sure they are logged in as administrator when installing Zanzarah. I have no idea at all what this means or how to do this. Can anyone help me?
Thank you. Luv, Joanie <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/07/03 04:14 AM

Make sure you aren't confusing a zero with the letter "O" when you type in the code.

Are you the only one using the computer? Do you know if there are other user accounts on your computer? If there aren't any separate user accounts on the computer with separate permissions set, you're the administrator.

If you've installed other games, you should be able to install this one.
Posted By: joanie39

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/07/03 10:58 AM

Thanks for answering my post,Jenny. The key doesn't have "O" in it. I am the only one to use my computer.I appreciate your explaining the administrator to me. There is a patch for this game but it is in German. Do you think I should install it? Again, thanks for your help.Luv, Joanie
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/07/03 06:28 PM

Making separate user accounts is useful for people who have little kids who like to "play" with the computer. If the parent makes a separate user account for the kid, he can limit the permissions and file access and keep the kid from accidentally deleting important files and stuff on the computer. Having separate user accounts for family members allows them to have more privacy too. And it has similar uses in office environments.

I downloaded the patch from patches-scrolls. The readme is in German. I used Alta-vista's translator and it said:


- problems with the control configuration repaired.
- errors when putting on a single player play repaired.
- "flying Pixie" errors repaired.
- various Multiplayerfehler repaired.
- various adjustments in the scenes of Zanzarah (collision error etc.).
- Voodoo3-Unterstuetzung extends.

That doesn't really sound like it fixes a problem with recognizing the CD key. frown

Can you take it back to the store and get another one? I didn't see a crack for the English version of Zanzarah at Gamecopyworld and I don't know if the English version uses the same copy protection as the others anyway.
Posted By: joanie39

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/07/03 08:16 PM

That was so nice of you to go to all that trouble for me Jenny. I won't be able to take it back as it was a trade, but it was new and unopened.
I really appreciate your explaining about different user accounts and it sure makes a lot of sense.
Do you think I should try to download the patch just in case? I e-mailed support but haven't received an answer as yet. The manual with it is in English and so is all the writing on the box.
Thanks again Jenny, you're a pal! Luv, Joanie
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/08/03 03:55 AM

I don't know if it would work to download a patch for the German version of the game when your game is an English version. I wouldn't try it unless I knew for sure that it would help. Unfortunately, I think the company that made this game went out of business so I don't know if you'll be able to get support for it. If I had my game with me I'd give you my Zanzarah CD key to try, but it's over at my brother's house.
Posted By: kwbridge

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/08/03 01:28 PM

Sorry if this is a stupid question but are you using the cd key code on the separate insert that has the 'table of effectivness' on one side and 'about fairies and spheres' on the other? I was doing a little research and some people have been trying to use a different number. Also, you said you didn't have O or 0 in your number - do you have any 1's or I's because these can get confused as well.

If you want (and if you trust me :-) you can email me your key code and we can work on different combinations for it.

Also, the patch is not for the English version of the game. The problems that it corrects in the German version were fixed in the English version before it was released.

Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/08/03 04:13 PM

Clutching at straws here, but are you getting an actual error message? If you are starting the game and seeing the empty code box, you only need to hit start to start up the game. This confused me when I first started playing.
Posted By: joanie39

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/08/03 07:06 PM

Hi Kim, As one born and raised in Philly,I would trust you with anything. My game didn't have an insert. The CD key was on the plastic holder of the CD.
Jenny, How can I ever thank you too. I checked with a friend and got her key and it worked on my game.
burpee, thanks for telling me about just hitting start.
I just love this place and all my Boomer Buddies.
Thank you all again. Luv, Joanie
Posted By: burpee

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/08/03 07:44 PM

So glad you got the game up and'll just love it. Write that CD key code down somewhere in case you ever trade it. The insert that has it on it, is very important, or at least I use it constantly during the game. You can also get to the information by hitting the F1 key. If I had a scanner, I would send you a .gif of it.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/08/03 08:15 PM

I'm glad to hear your friend's key worked for you.
I'd write the key on the CD itself with a Sharpie pen to make sure not to lose it.

My CD key was also on the plastic holder. I think they may have had a packaging problem and some CD's were placed in the plastic holder for games with a different code.
Posted By: kwbridge

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/09/03 12:10 AM

Out of Philly into Lancaster County :-) I am not, however, a native of Philly - I've been here 9 years - I'm from New Hampshire with a decade spent in Tucson in between - pehaps that makes me more trustworthy :-)

I'm so glad that you got the game running!!! I hope you have a lot of fun with it. And use the F1 key like burpee said - I used that info from the insert all of the time.

Also I posted a link to legal downloads of mp3's from Zanzarah in the RPG forum if any of you are interested.

Posted By: joanie39

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/09/03 12:34 AM

Hi Guys, I have this code in many different places throughout the manual too. Well now that I'm in the game it will take a while just to learn to walk around,let alone fight!!!Shall we meet at the hints board!!!! thumbsup
Posted By: kwbridge

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/09/03 12:39 AM

Also check out the RPG board - a lot of people over there have played the game and can help you out.

Posted By: joanie39

Re: Zanzarah Question - 11/09/03 03:17 PM

Thanks again Kim! wave
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