China the forbidden city in XP

Posted By: bonte-kraai

China the forbidden city in XP - 02/16/05 05:00 PM

I like to install China the forbidden city in XP.
I doesn't work.
Does anyone have any experience with this ?
Posted By: lakerz

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 02/16/05 10:48 PM

What error message are you getting? Does it seem to install okay, but when you try to play it the game crashes? Or does it error out during the install portion? The more details you can provide the better.
Posted By: bonte-kraai

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 02/16/05 11:02 PM

The setup wil not even start
I get the following message:
C\windows\system 32\ is not a suitable system.
Then I got teh choice between stop and ignore but what ever I try the set up wil crash.

I'm afraid I don't know what it means.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 02/16/05 11:23 PM

I don't know if it's compatible with XP.
Have you tried installing and running in compatibility mode with visual themes and advanced text services disabled?

Do you have SP2 installed? If yes, you may need the patch from Packard Bell. It restores a file that installing SP2 deletes.

It's hard to get China working acceptably on fast computers even with Win 98. Even if you get it working, you may need a PC slowdown program to make the panning controllable.
Posted By: TuesdayNext

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 02/17/05 05:23 PM

Jenny100, What file is not available with SP2? Do you know the link to PB's patch? Thanks.

tuesday next
Posted By: TuesdayNext

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 02/17/05 06:08 PM

Nevermind, I saw the link up at Inferno's computer tips. Is this patch only for computers that have installed SP2 separately or is it also for computers that originally had SP2 installed along with XP?

tuesday next
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 02/17/05 08:12 PM

It's meant for computers that have had SP2 added to the original installation. I don't know if it helps computers that came with SP2, but I don't see how it can hurt. All it does is restore a file that the SP2 update deletes - a file that compatibility mode uses. If you already have that file, I doubt you'd see any difference.
Posted By: bonte-kraai

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 03/25/05 10:51 PM

I found an interesting solution on a dutch newsgroup. Perhaps it is not new but it helped me a lot. You can download a little progam/patch that will repair your 16-dos-system in windows xp.
I installed the patch and everything worked fine.
You can find it here:
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 03/26/05 05:37 PM

Here's the scoop on the SP2 patch:
It fixes a number of files in the NTVDM
(NT Virtual DOS Machine) and WOW subsytems which allows Windows XP to "emulate" DOS.
Most of these patches as:
**The HP SP2 Patch (either the sticky thread at the top of this Forum or My General Drill Page)
**The FIX Patch that Blsbet Found

They put back the following files

The first patch is the easiest to use because it is self contained.

However, these are not the only files which can be corrupted or deleted in the subsystem by either MS HOTFIXES or Service Packs or SPYWARE or TROJANS, VIRUSES etc.

There are a few more files which if corrupted can cause certain error messages to appear.
You can test you NTVDM and WOW programs to see if they are running correctly by taking a look at
the following articles in: The General Drill

and the articles that is recommends reading.
expecially this article:
Troubleshooting NTVDM and WOW Startup Errors

Here are some of the other files which may be missing or currupted and need to be replaced, many of the files you will have on the Original Windows XP CD, but I don't think that they are present on either the Pro cd or Home CD if it contains SP2 but I could be wrong here as I don't have XP Pro or SP2, yet not to worry if this is the case ... I belive that the HP SP2 patch restores all of these files. As many gamers who have used the HP patch and have Pro or SP2 ...once it is applied, many of thier DOS games play just fine.


Posted By: corana

Re: China the forbidden city in XP - 04/08/05 10:14 AM

I had troubles with Nirvana The Road to India when I first started to play it on XP, but, after many trys I found that saving it often eventually led to my not having to, and, after that, thoroughly enjoying the game (It's now on The Trading Post for trade)

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