Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0

Posted By: FemmeGnosis

Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0 - 05/24/03 10:43 PM

Hey there!
I just got Phantasmagoria I and I am so excited to play, but I get the old "program error integer divide by 0". I did a search of your site and saw it had to do with a fast system. How do you all like Turbo and/or CPUKiller? How do they work? Should I download one and try? I have searched for this game so long, I'd be crushed if I couldn't get it to work!
I am running Windows 98SE with a Pentium 4.
What do you think?
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0 - 05/25/03 02:14 AM

Turbo is free, but tends to be chuggy when you have to slow down the computer a lot.

CPUKiller is not free for the full version. I think the demo version turns itself off after 20 minutes. At least that's the way it used to be.

Someone on the adventure newsgroup recommended Throttle, which is free. The URL for Throttle is
Posted By: fov

Re: Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0 - 05/27/03 01:58 AM

i've also used moslo. it's a free evaluation version and doesn't turn itself off after any amount of time. dunno where i found it but you can probably just search on google.

Posted By: ozma38

Re: Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0 - 05/27/03 11:27 AM

Hi Femme;
I assume you did the test before you started the game,that's usually when you get that error.You need to uninstall the game,Sierra folder and everything then reinstall.Start the game without running the test and you should be able to get past that error.

Posted By: Cathy1

Re: Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0 - 05/27/03 06:45 PM

What ozma38 said.
I run win/me and I have the same problems with
older Sierra games.
Don't run the test and before installation make sure your resolution is at 640 X 480.
Hope this helps.
Posted By: Arwen

Re: Phantasmagoria I integer divide by 0 - 06/01/03 03:33 PM

When I first purchased Phantasmagoria a few years back, I couldn't get it to run either. At the time, I had a Pentium 2, 533 GHz, running Win98SE. I had exactly the same problem. I wrote to Sierra and here is the response I received.

"The problem you describe is likely the result of the installation program's inability to detect newer processors. Deleting the SIERRA.INI file and saying NO to the system test during install will resolve the issue. To do this:

Click the Start button on the taskbar, go to Find, and select Files or Folders. Type SIERRA.INI in the Named field, set the Look In field to C: (if the Sierra folder is on a different drive, change C to the letter of that drive), and click Find Now.

Click once on the name of the file that appears to highlight it. Press the Delete key on the keyboard and confirm the file deletion.

The computer must be restarted at this point.

When the system reboots, click the Start button and select Run. In the Open field, type X:\Setup (for X, substitute the letter of the CD-ROM drive) and click OK.

Click install on the Sierra installation screen. At the prompt to perform a system test, click NO, then ignore the system test results and click Yes to continue.

At this point the installation will proceed normally. When installing Sierra products in the future, saying NO to the system test will avoid the problem."

I now have a Pentium 4, 2.39GHz, running XP. The first game I played on it was Phantasmagoria. It's an annual event. I didn't have to delete any files because I said no to the system test the first time around. The game runs perfectly and I didn't need a slow down utility. BTW, Shivers runs perfectly also. laugh laugh laugh
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