Please help with slow problem

Posted By: Michael

Please help with slow problem - 06/06/03 10:30 PM

Hi! I need help. Just in the last 2 days my computer has started to be VERY slow when it first starts up loading windows XP. It feels that after it gets through loading I can access my prgrams pretty much alright. Please help me...especially since I don't have an XP disk so I cant utilise that option to fix anything. First; Heres what I've done to try to fix this step by step.
1. First I went to start run msconfig and took out alot of stuff in the startup section that I KNEW I didn't not have to have. (Got a good knowledge of that area)
2.Ran RegScrub I run this quite often in fact.It pretty much finds the same 5 or 6 errors over and over again. I tell it to fix the problems. It fixes them. A little while later (at some point) the same errors show up in RegScrub again, IMPORTANT NOTE; These errors have been showing up for a LONG time ....way before I started having these current problems I am having now.
3 Checked DxDiag..It says no problems in Direct X 9 drivers none in Video Drivers None in Sound Drivers
4.Checked Device Manager No Red Exclamation Marks. No Yellow Exclamation marks.
5.Checked System Confiuration Utility Checked Boot paths in Boot.ini Says that is alright.
6.NOTE; After doing EACH of these things individually it made no difference in the EXTREMELY slow start up speed.
7 Cleared the cache in Netscape Internet Explorer
8. Downloaded a piece of software called Tune Up Utilities ran that. Didn't make it worse-Didn't make it better.
Virtual Memory is currently being taken care of by my machine not by me...yet when I run certain programs it talks about my machine needing more of this and I may experience a slowness while it increases virtual memory.
8. Outside of this can anyone tell me by my description of my problem what piece of hardware in my machine may be failing by my description?
If you can is there any test you can tell me I might could download to rule IN or OUT what piece of hardware might be failig?
10. Lastly (of course) Do have Virus Protection kept up to date consistently. Norton 2003 It finds no virus. Have a Firewall. No Trojans.
11. ANYTHING you could tell me would be GREATLY appreciated! I can't afford to have my technician out here at the mnoment. I want to thank you again profusely. You all are a GodSend!!! Michael 609.695.0993 <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted By: BillyBob

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 12:24 AM

I know little about XP but I do know that it is a hog on memory. How much RAM do you have? My neighbor managed to load XP but couldn't get it to boot up all the way because of low memory. With XP and a bunch of other programs loaded I imagine it would need a lot of memory for it to run properly.

Of course, CPU speed and the size of the harddrive would be a factor, too, I would imagine. laugh
Posted By: Michael

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 01:01 AM

Well my memory currently is 256 megs of RAM I figure thats enough. Only reason I figure this is this problem has only been occurring for just a few days now. I tell you this is really driving me mad (as if I'm not mad enough already *teheheh*) No but really I am just at my wit's end. The one thing that is bizarre is this,. Every time I boot my machine and upon startup, RealPlayer starts itself automatically. Well of course it's going to be easy for me to take it out of the start menu but what is strange is how it appears when I first boot up my machine. It puts itself on the desktop like I would place it if I were getting ready to utilise it and and at the the top of the Real Player (in the section at the top where wording goes) it says in big bold letters-the same thing every time I boot up my machine. It reads and I'm quoting "SYSTEMBOOTHIDEPLAYER" I really and truly hope this has something to do with my problem but I don't know. Once again I'll let you know I've run Norton 2003 which is COMPLETELY up to date. It finds no virus. Can anyone tell me if this is part of my problem aned what I can do to try to fix it? I thank you VERY much! I am always grateful and thankful for your VALUABLE assistance. Michael 609.695.0993 <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> wink
Posted By: Michael

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 02:23 AM

Well I removed Real Player and it's reciprocal agents from the Startup. Well I get none of that mess I was describing in that last thread. The thing is this thing is puzzling me. I just don't understand. When I rebooted just now the startup to load Windows Desktop was even slower. It rebooted and it took about 4 minutes before it began to load my desktop. I know I'm not a technician but that just feels to me like it's a hardware issue. I know know what could be going though? The Power Supply is less than two months old. So is the motherboard (which by the way is a replacement from the company because the original was defective)...which leads me to think that "Well,it seems a bit skeptical they would send me a replacement montherboard for the original and this one go bad in less than four months (thats how long I've had this one.) And everytime I do a full scan disk with error checking and fixing...the whole she-bang it says the hard drive is ok with no errors. This is really and truly baffling me. Something is wrong. Does anyone know if there is a downloadable piece of software (free) on the Internet that will tell you if something is seriously wrong with your Windows system itself? (XP Professional in my case) I mean I really trust that RegScrub but its like I said it has been finding the same five or six errors for months now and it fixes them and they come back but I just really and truly don't believe those errors are causing this.Because this has only been occurring for two days now, You know it could be the memory but I promise you that test that you run (I forget the name MemTest or something like that) I never finished the gosh-darn thing. You have let that thing run in DOS for a solid WEEK (i'm not kidding either) in order for it to run through every cycle of memory. I just don't have a whole week to let that thing run. Does anyone think this problem may be the memory,. I know a little bit about the memory thats in my machine. Its one WHOLE block of 256 RAM. Does anyone know of a test that will test your memory without having to sacrifice 72 to 140 hours wait time? Now you all I want you to correct me if you think I'm going down the wrong diagnostic path. I do NOT claim to be a technician. But I've got to do something. Well I'll wait to hear from y'all,here. I appreciate it. Michael 609.695.0993 <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted By: BillyBob

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 02:57 AM

Did you add a program or a piece of hardware/software two days ago just before this problem started? Sounds like something changed about that time. If it wasn't something added then it sounds like something just went wrong in the computer. A power supply or memory unit.........anything can go bad at any given moment. I was working on something the other day and the test equipment was bad. That drove me up the wall for awhile. I've installed 3 new pieces of equipment and all three were bad. That will run you in circles, too. My first CD RW was bad and I thought for a month it was my not understanding what I was doing. For once, that wasn't true. lol All this is just to get the point across that you can't assume anything. You have to find some pattern and make some tests to fix almost anything unless you get a lucky guess! laugh

Maybe you can borrow some memory from someone and replace yours (be sure and get the right kind) and give it a try. Maybe, as I said, you added something to the computer that threw it off. laugh
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 04:49 AM

I remember a while back that someone discovered that a certain Windows XP update really slowed down their computer. Check here to see if it might be your problem.
Posted By: granny

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 05:20 AM

A little while back my Win98 was getting slower & slower & slower, a Defrag would take over 30 hours, it took at least 10-15 min. for a start up. These wonderful GBers gave me all the things to try that you have, and none of it helped. One of (I think Jenny100's) thoughts was that my hard drive was could be going bad.
Well, I didn't act on that thought quickly enough and do a back up, so naturally within a few weeks the hard drive just wasn't there any more, and I lost EVERYTHING!!!

You might want to do a full back up now, even if it does take an extremely amount of time, just in case.
Posted By: satch

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 11:11 AM

If deleting the Windows update Jenny100 mentioned doesn't help try this.

Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Pick a date before your current problem and restore your system.

I deleted the update Jenny100 mentioned and it help my slow computer problem.
Posted By: tigger

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 02:16 PM

The other thing which most don't think of is checking that your C: drive isn't running low on space.. this can affect Loads of things!! C needs space to switch round files etc at all times..

granny, I had Just the same prob as you.. didn't heed the warning signs and mine went Bang last Sunday!! Got most of my stuff back from our server, but some of my savegames and Sims are lost forever frown

It could be something as inconsequential as a memory (ram) chip strting to wear out.. this is quite common.

tPS.. just thought about something.. make sure your fans are working correctly as if the system keeps overheating it can cause such probs!!
Posted By: tigger

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 02:22 PM

Just read your previous thread about changing music files so you could use em as startup sounds for windows.. after you had done that, is That when your probs started??

Posted By: Rckasea

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 02:23 PM

Hi Michael,
Question, after you do get to windows,then system info,what percent memory load are you at?
What apps. are running? I was running 40% memory
load on my 256 RAM,when doing nothing,XP is a hog.
I just put in 512 RAM. I should have done this a year ago. This is more important than clock speed.
Also, do not run auto updates for service pack 1.
Do them on yourself. After checking for faults.
Anyhow, on the web, go to PC, they
can check your system and give help.
Best of luck,
Posted By: Michael

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 04:59 PM

Hi! When I pull up System Info (as regards to memory)- I puill up :
Total Physical Memory 255.42MB
Available Physical Memory: 101.24MB
Total Virtual Memory: 874.97MB
Available Virtual Memory 504.05MB
Page File Space 619.55MB
PageFile C:\pagefile.sys
Ok the patch situation I covered a while back.NOTE: I don't have the XP Pro CD and I cant get Windows XP Service Pack. ..(refuses to let me download it) HOWEVER my machine has been working just fine until two days ago.I'm going to go over to P.C. Pitstop now. Does any of this info here sound like I may have a memory problem? Thank you SO much again!!! Michael 609.695.0993 <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted By: Rckasea

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/07/03 09:49 PM

Hi Michael,
I think that Virtual Memory is tiied to your hard drive (C)and is not true RAM. What GB's do you have for your hard drive? How did you make out @ PCPistop? Could it be, with two teams from NEW JERSEY(NHL&NBA)in the finals, other things just slow down? Good luck to both teams.
Anyhow, By your specs.,you are at 59% memory load without running anything, WOW!!!!!! DID you check the fan vents? I know,I know, yah right.
What happened when you used XP restore system to say lasts Monday or Tuesday?
Best Wishes,
Posted By: Michael

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/08/03 01:49 AM

Hi I know this sounds foolish but it took me a LONG time to figure out how to make a copy (picture rather) of my RegScrub software screen with the errors on there. Will someone please help me? I would like to ask if there is anyone who will receive an e-mail from me with the RegScrub picture included? I definitely know how to send this. Of course I have Norton Anti Virus 2003 and it is up to date. My last scan was a few days ago and all of my incoming AND outgoing mail is scanned before it goes out. I want you to know I know enough about the registry that if you simply told me what value to change or whatever I could easily go in there and do that. I do not know frankly at all whether this would solve my problem but I have to try something. PitStops Diag Test (and I did a bunch of em over there) said my drive was REALLY fragmented so I did Defrag. I got it o percentage of fragmentation but unfortunately that ain't the problem. I turned off system restore because I only have an eight gigabyte hard drive. There is no dust on the outside of the fans..No blockage. If anyone can help me please e-mail me and let me know. Thank you again for your assistance. Michael 609.695.0993 <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/08/03 04:36 AM

The problem may be related to the size of your hard drive. XP was really made for much larger hard drives than 8 GB. Did you check how much free space is left on your hard drive? A hard drive that is almost full will run slower.
Posted By: Rckasea

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/08/03 01:39 PM

Hi Michael,
Still slower than Funny Cide in the mud huh?
Lets see, an 8 GB with a bootleg XP(NO DISK).
Were you running WIN 98 before? Click,My Computer,then cursor on C Drive. How full is it?
Between WIN XP and NORTON 2003,lots of GBs. Is NORTON on auto,or do you enable when needed?
Are there any removable DISKS/DISKETTES left in your other DRIVES(A,B,D,E)? I do not know what
Anyhow, clock speed is what,500 MHz? If you play
around with your REGESTRY FILES, your in some deep
stuff,over my skills. Last question,did you close
all programs running and run DEFRAG from system tools, not from NORTON utility? I try to run all
three,defrag/scan and clean disk each week.
Keep at it,
Be good,
Posted By: Michael

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/08/03 10:14 PM

WEll Ok I've got 2 gigabytes of free hard drive. I always keep at least a gig free No this was an original install of Windows Xp. RegScrub cleans up errors in the registry.I let it choose what to clean. I don't do it myself. I did Defrag No frags after I completed that.I do it pretty much regularly.Norton stays on auto always. I ran Windows XP Defrag first in Windows Desktop Interface and then went into Safe Mode and ran it there. XP says the drive is healthy.My two main problems now are this.
1.Windows XP is taking a LONG time to load up at startup. AFTER it loads up I can pretty much utilise ALL of my software and I DON'T notice a slowness. I don't sense or SEE any problems.
2.My CD-ROM drive is not functioning properly. I don't beleive it is broken. I feel VERY sure it is something I did to it unintentionaly but I can't trace back to what it was. Windows sees the D Drive in Device Manager. It identifies it and says it is enabled and working properly.I can put a music CD in it and it will play it. If I put a CD-ROM game in it it boinks me back IMMEDIATELY to my Windows Fesktop with no error message or anything like that.If I go to My Computer and look at D (My CD-ROM Drive I see it labels itself as simply "CD Drive D:" It's supposed to say what it says in Device Manager which is "Sony DVD-ROM DDU220E" I dont know how to label it in the My Computer section. There are no drivers to roll back. It has the same driver that was in there originally. The one that was assigned by Microsoft. What I DESPERATELY would like to know if the two problems I have described here are related to one another. I don't know but I certainly trust the expertise here. PitStop told my machine was slow but it thought the reason was a fragmented drive. This wasn't the case. Every tool that I have here in Windows XP says it finds NOTHING wrong with my hardware. That is why I was hoping someone here could look at the picture of the RegScrub I made and tell me if they thought these seven or eight errors are what is causing this. I seriously doubt it but I've got to do something.
Posted By: Polo

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/08/03 11:28 PM

what programs are starting up when windows kicks in? ie realplayer quicktime antivirus software and [blip] like bonzi buddy,

to check out whats starting up with Windows hit:


and click the startup tab

and untick everything ""EXCEPT"" CTHELPER & UPDREG and your virus scanner of course

thats all i left and my system is happy as can be..

try it out and see if it helps... also scan for viruses and run adaware through ur system just incase

get ADAWARE here

Posted By: Michael

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/09/03 12:01 AM

Ok I'm going to do that now.. I have one important question... Um you don't mean permanently taking all of the rest of the stuff out do you? Because I need a lot of that especially my firewall and all that. You mean just for a test right. I want to make sure II am understanding right. The reason being because previously I went to start-run -msconfig I did first Diagnostic Start up Subsequently I utilised Selective Startup next. I unticked each component separately each time I tested Process System INI then later on Process Win INI Then later Load System Services Then later Load Startup Items None of this worked. I have one very important question relating to the nature of problem, number 2 I mentioned (which may correspond with problem no 1) I just read about a file called MSCDEX.EXE Ok, I am using Windows XP Professional. I did a search whilst with the Windows XP Desktop for such a file called MSCDEX.EXE I searched in both categories "All or part of the file name" and also "A word or phrase in the file" It located no such file named MSCDEX.EXE Please pardon my ignorance but I'm not really sure....Within my OS Windows XP Professional, Should this file be in my system and if isn't (as it appears not to be) Could this be why my Sony DVD-ROM is not playing CD Games? Thankl you so very much. I still have that RegScrub Picture if anyone is willing to look at it. The reason being that I've found this extraordinary site where they have LOTS of drivers you can search for and get free but I don't know whether these files in RegScrub are Drivers or what. I don't know how to identify what they are and what is wrong with them. Thank you so much here! I am mighty grateful 609.695.0993 <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />
Posted By: BillyBob

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/09/03 12:42 AM

I'm just butting in here on a whim. Haven't read every word of this thread but I'm wondering if 1 Gig left on the harddrive wouldn't affect you in a negative way? Also, how much RAM do you have? Having said that, I'm outta here! laugh
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/09/03 04:51 AM

MSCDEX is for CD drives in DOS or DOS mode. You have XP which doesn't use DOS.

In Windows 98, if a drive is not showing up properly or is otherwise misbehaving, one of the first things you try is to go into Device Manager and remove the drive from the listing. Then you reboot and let Windows 98 redetect this. I don't know whether the procedure is the same for Windows XP or not.

I don't know about Windows XP, but in Windows 98 the drives in My Computer are not identified beyond their letter.
Posted By: Agent Provocateur

Re: Please help with slow problem - 06/09/03 11:46 AM

If your computer is slow to start up, you can use a utility supplied by Microsoft called BootVis to check which components are loading slowly and isolate the problem.

Search the Microsoft site for bootVis and see if that helps any.
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