Posted By: looney

Cursor... - 01/23/04 03:43 AM

Oh of course after all my whining, I'm late! blush
Well, I do have a question, that I didn't see asked anywhere else! I'm thrilled with the whole thing so far! But I'm wondering if the cursor is one of those "sticky" know, the ones that stick to the center of the screen...
This will not stop me from wanting the game...nothing could! haha!!! I just wondered!

Thanks!!! wave
Posted By: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: Cursor... - 01/23/04 04:16 AM

Actually, you have the choice. You can have a wandering cursor or you can have a "mouse look". Isn't that great ?
Posted By: looney

Re: Cursor... - 01/23/04 04:37 AM

Wow, I'm late and I still got a reply from Philippe! Bon soir! Merci for the answer! Yes, that's absolutely fabulous that we get the choice! bravo Gamers are all different, and like different things, so this makes Jack the Ripper just a that much better for me! laugh

Thank you!!! wave
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