Cameron Files

Posted By: Jenny100

Cameron Files - 01/25/04 12:02 AM

Not related to Jack the Ripper, and it may be too late to ask anyway, but I was wondering if Galilea plans to continue the Cameron Files series. I was somewhat disappointed with Pharaoh's Curse, but I liked the Cameron character and thought the series had a lot of promise.
Posted By: Philippe Gaude - Galilea

Re: Cameron Files - 01/25/04 04:28 PM

So far the sales of this series has been disappointing, and though we already had the concept for two sequels we had to cancel. Maybe Cameron will rise again later, who knows ?
Posted By: Susie07

Re: Cameron Files - 01/25/04 04:36 PM

Hi, Philippe!

I'm sorry to hear that because "Secret at Loch Ness" and "Pharoah's Curse" were two of my favorite games.

Posted By: gatorlaw

Re: Cameron Files - 01/25/04 06:56 PM

Oh that is bad news. I also liked the series very much. Cameron was one of the few unique gaming figures to originate in quite a while. I was looking forward to his further adventures. frown

Here's hoping that the future will breathe life back into the series.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Cameron Files - 01/25/04 08:10 PM

I liked Loch Ness a lot (except for the timed underwater stuff).
I was hoping to see more games with Cameron exploring old haunted castles and that sort of thing.
Posted By: nickie

Re: Cameron Files - 01/26/04 08:30 AM

That IS bad news! frown I really liked the ghostie stuff with Loch Ness, and enjoyed playing PC even more (just wish it had been longer).

Re: Cameron Files - 01/26/04 06:58 PM

Loved Loch Ness; well Pharoh's Curse not so much because of the over used Egypt factor.

Let's get back to the Irish or English countryside and explore those haunted castles and moors.
Posted By: clatterNdin

Re: Cameron Files - 02/06/04 05:28 PM

Darn it! I like Alan Parker Cameron and wish he'd continue with his adventures also!
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