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Puzzles/challenges?? - 03/17/04 04:41 PM

I was curious about the puzzles and/or challenges that are built into the game.

What types are they?
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Re: Puzzles/challenges?? - 03/18/04 04:27 PM

ALright here's the answer from team Kheops:

Several mysterious obstacles appear and the player does not know, from the beginning, what will be the signs of the curse. In fact, the curse becomes broader as the player succeeds and moves forward in the adventure. As the player moves forward, he discovers that he is living a trial of strength against strong divine powers.

The Game requires various types of actions: exploration, collection and combination of objects, dialogues, limited-time interactions, mechanisms, sound puzzle, deduction, mazes, tactics (tactical spell fight against an AI), spell fights (based on quick-reaction and memory), etc.
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Re: Puzzles/challenges?? - 03/18/04 05:32 PM

eeeek.. you shouldn't say the M word and Timed in the same sentence, it makes me go all shivery!!! lol

Tig wave

Re: Puzzles/challenges?? - 03/18/04 06:01 PM

Wow, sounds involved. Maybe it will take longer to play than just a week.
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