I liked the crates, and the jumping

Posted By: Clare

I liked the crates, and the jumping - 06/01/04 01:46 PM

Yes, it's true! I *really* enjoyed BS3 (and the first two), including the crates and the jumping. I liked the fact that it was like Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, but in BS3 you didn't have to be good at the timing and alignment of the jumps - you just clicked on the jump icon and George or Nico executed the jump perfectly for you. So, unlike Indy, there was no re-doing the jumps over and over again because you had sent the character to a vertiginous death.

Well, here is my question. The crates and jumping weren't the only things that reminded me of Indy. George's outfit in many of the scenes was almost exactly the same as Indy's. So, the question is: how much did you use the Indy games as inspiration?
Posted By: Diamond

Re: I liked the crates, and the jumping - 06/01/04 02:57 PM

Glad you liked the crate puzzles. Thanks.

We rarely look to other games for character inspiration. The best places to look for inspiration for 3D characters are films and TV, but that leads us back to a similar question. We didn't plan George to look like Indy, but there are only so many ways you can dress someone and make them look "adventuresome". Brendan Fraser in the Mummy and Alain Quartermain (have I got that right?) have a similar look.
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