Which gave you the biggest buzz..

Posted By: tigger

Which gave you the biggest buzz.. - 06/01/04 10:42 PM

Being involved in your first adventure or getting your book into print?? Oh BTW, you should have let me know when your signing sessions were, I would have taken the digicam smile
Posted By: Diamond

Re: Which gave you the biggest buzz.. - 06/02/04 06:46 AM

When Steel Sky was released it was a real buzz, particularly when it gained great reviews and sold well. The release of the book was a little better, but only because it's more personal. I created the whole thing, the content and the design of the book, so it's a bit of a landmark for me personally.

If games could be published using a similar model to the print-on-demand book publishing method, I think we'd se a larger range of professional quality games because the overheads would be vastly reduced. It would also mean that a game would never need to go "out of print". The retailer could order more copies as required and they would be duplicated and sent out.

Signing sessions? I haven't had any signing sessions. Yet.
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