The Lost Crown

Posted By: old lady

The Lost Crown - 03/04/08 06:48 PM

I've been playing for about an hour. This game is every thing we expected from Jonathan and more. The graphics are superlitive, the sound is great and the story is just beginning to unfold. It loaded with no problems. Oh boy, are you going to love this bravo
Posted By: Cathy1

Re: The Lost Crown - 03/04/08 06:55 PM

What OS are you playing on OL ? XP or Vista ?
Posted By: Phoebe

Re: The Lost Crown - 03/04/08 09:12 PM

Oh my goodness old lady!Is a great news, I do not see the hour of mine to arrive!
Posted By: ssgamer

Re: The Lost Crown - 03/05/08 12:03 AM

I ordered on trust, and mine is on the way. Hope Jonathan has another up his sleeve. As one old lady to another, aren't games great?
Posted By: dragonuk44

Re: The Lost Crown - 03/05/08 09:44 AM

Good I have mine on its way of Dave .I am totaly confused at the momment .I am getting greedy and want to play so many .I have Experiment 112 and Sinking Island at the momment .Lost in Limbo on the sides and I m still ordering .Think I have lost it crazy
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: The Lost Crown - 03/05/08 10:25 AM

I'm so looking forward to The Lost Crown! Thanks for sharing the good news old lady.
Posted By: old lady

Re: The Lost Crown - 03/05/08 01:13 PM

Hi Cathy1, I'm playing on XP but knowing Jonathan's insitance on technical excellence (and many thanks for that) I would not worry about playing on Vista. If Mr Boakes says it will work I'm quite sure it will.
The controls are simple and easy to use but it did take a minute to find the quit button, it's right down in the right hand corner.

I made the old man go down to the pub ( I'm a cruel person ) so I could enjoy the opening without any interuptions and it was worth every minute. lol
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