What a GOOD year

Posted By: old lady

What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 02:28 PM

What a good 12 months it has been. happydance I always know when a game is good if I am really sorry when I get towards the end because I don't want it to finish.
Dracula;Origin, The Lost Crown, Jack Keane, Cleopatra, the riddle of the tomb, Ghost in a Sheet, Culpa Innata. to name what I consider the best. thanksto all the developers who have given me so much fun in just 1 year. keep them coming please thumbsup
Posted By: misslilo

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 02:29 PM

Don't forget to get/play Perry Rhodan then - great game too laugh
Posted By: dragonuk44

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 02:38 PM

and a new Nancy Drew out .Can life get better lol
Posted By: Taurnil

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 02:56 PM

@old lady

You have absolutely right! The games you mention are of very high quality. Indeed the last 12 months were really at their best consering the games that have been released but also the quality of them. Hope next year we'll have an equal opportunity for games and discussions!
Posted By: Phoebe

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 03:10 PM

Hey old lady wave

It is a great games, i am glad that you have fun! thumbsup

Love Maria hearts
Posted By: Volkana

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 03:33 PM

Yes it's been a great year indeed... Hope it will always be like this... happydance
Posted By: GBC

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 05:13 PM

old lady....I agree with you 100%. What a great year is right! I've played them all and have more pre-ordered. Who said point & click was dead? A cup of coffee, boomer friends, and a great adventure game. What more could anybody want? broccoli
Posted By: Mad

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 07:07 PM

Hi smile

Because I am playing an RPG at the moment shame and because I play so slowly grin I now have several new Adventures waiting to be played ....

I just LOVE being in that situation happydance And Long Live the Adventure Game bravo bravo


Mad thumbsup
Posted By: raylinstephens

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 08:31 PM

What can I say? Amen to all that has already been said. I played a bunch and still have a bunch left to be played.

Nothing sadder than to have nothing to play and nothing to read - well I have plenty of games waiting and more books than I can count. Life is indeed good happydance

Posted By: Volkana

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 08:48 PM

I just wish to had more time so i could play more and more and more ... grin
Posted By: marie

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 09:15 PM

Oh, yah this has been a really good year for us Adventure gamers. I've got a stock pile to play with. If it keeps going like this the rest of the year I will need a big loan to afford them all. Thank goodness from gameboomers trading post for used games otherwise I wouldn't have half the games I now own. lol yay
Posted By: dragonuk44

Re: What a GOOD year - 07/02/08 09:16 PM

Well look at it this way when we retire we won t be bored lol Cant wait lol
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