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Posted By: lorrapaw

Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 09:10 AM

Can anyone reccomend any good games to try, i like the sherlock holmes games and the black mirror and aura type of games
Posted By: Becky

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 12:30 PM

Lorrapaw -- I'm sure others will have even more recommendaitons (there are so many good mystery and some good fantasy games too, though for some reason we don't see as many fantasy games published as mystery games).

Just to get you started:

The Nancy Drew games
The Delaware St. John games
The AGON games

You'll find links to reviews and discussion for these games in The GameBoomers' Review Central at the Boomer Reviews forum.
Posted By: JennyP

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 12:48 PM

Lost Crown
Barrow Hill

Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 01:28 PM

I bet you would enjoy the Nancy Drew series.
Posted By: lorrapaw

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 01:34 PM

I tried a nancy drew game once but found the controls very slow, especially the speech in the game.
Posted By: Winfrey

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 03:19 PM

Lost Crown, The
Moment of Silence, The
Posted By: wysewomon

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 04:00 PM

Dark Fall
Dark Fall 2, Lights Out
The Longest Journey

I could go on and on just by looking at the shelf next to

Posted By: Cathy1

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 07:08 PM

Still Life is also a good game. It's a little gory in some parts though.
Posted By: Mad

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/01/08 07:59 PM

Hi smile

The Agatha Christies are pretty good, I feel grin


Mad wave
Posted By: Trinny3

Re: Game reccomendations - 09/02/08 08:48 PM

Hi Lorrapaw wave, Everyone has already named most of what I would have suggested. Another one I may suggest is Dracula Origin. You said you like Sherlock Holmes games and Black Mirror which were on my favorite list. Dracula Origin remind me of those games happydance.
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