Posted By: old lady

BS2.5 - 10/11/08 05:11 PM

I've just finished this game and wanted to tell others what a treat it was thumbsup I am very scared about downloading in case I get a virus and I did need the help of our wonderful mods in glitches. I have to say it ran like a dream.
Good graphics, logical puzzles, small invantory, in most places you cannot leave till you have solved the puzzles so you don't end up running around in places you do not need to be in.
I found myself laughing out loud at some of the jokes.
Only downside a few timed puzzles but got through them with Chrisess walkthough.
my score out of 10 - 9.9 I find timed puzzles harder as I get older.
Well done to the developers bravo
Posted By: Koalanut

Re: BS2.5 - 10/11/08 06:15 PM

I must agree old lady with you. It was a fun game like the old Broken Sword games. I worried about a virus too, but had no problems in Vista at all. Can't believe so much work and it's free. It wasn't that hard, had to use the walkthrough here and there. I agree, a big thanks to the ones that worked on this! bravo

Posted By: gameho

Re: BS2.5 - 10/12/08 06:39 AM

Is this available in the US and if so where can I get it? I love the Broken Sword games.

Duh...I am so old. I am downloading now. Approaching the big 50 so forgive the senility.

I can get the subtitles in English but George and Nico are speaking something else! Is there a way to get them to speak English?
Posted By: Becky

Re: BS2.5 - 10/12/08 09:55 AM

Gameho -- from what I understand, the English voices will be added at some later point.
Posted By: ssgamer

Re: BS2.5 - 10/12/08 07:16 PM

Great game, actually I understood some of the german, so will have to play again. Good way to work on languages. Anything with George and Nico, is my cup of tea.

Posted By: gameho

Re: BS2.5 - 10/13/08 01:54 AM

Thanks, Becky. I wonder if the game will still be free when the English voices are added.
Posted By: Becky

Re: BS2.5 - 10/13/08 09:43 AM

Gameho -- from what I understand, fan-made games based on established "franchises" like Kings' Quest and Myst are free games -- otherwise there would be copyright problems.
Posted By: Retired at last

Re: BS2.5 - 10/31/08 04:46 AM

I just finished this great game.
bravo to the makers of the game.
Hope there's a Broken Sword 5 in the making.
RAL wave
Posted By: Bernard

Re: BS2.5 - 11/02/08 02:08 AM

I'm just curious, did you mind the voices were German and the subtitles English? It would be so much easier (and cheaper!) for the developers when they don't have to do all the voices all over again for the different languages.

Posted By: lambo2655

Re: BS2.5 - 11/02/08 05:24 AM

I just finished the game. Hats off to the MINDFACTORY team who produced a very worthy and faithful addition to the series. What's more amazing is the top notch production values and here's the best part it's FREE to anyone.

Looking forward to the english speaking version as I don't speak or understand much German.
Posted By: chrissie

Re: BS2.5 - 11/02/08 09:59 AM

I didn't mind the voices being in German & the subtitles English at all.

I would welcome more subtitled games if it meant being able to play games voiced in different languages that wouldn't otherwise have an English version produced. Are there many games made in other languages? smile
Posted By: Becky

Re: BS2.5 - 11/02/08 11:04 AM

Yes. Of the slightly-more-than 30 adventures released since March 2008 (listed on the Recent Releases and Upcoming Adventures page) I believe that 11 were originally developed in languages other than English.
Posted By: chrissie

Re: BS2.5 - 11/02/08 12:27 PM

Thanks Becky! but I didn't phrase the question very well! - I was more wondering how many games are released in other countries that never get an English version? smile
Posted By: Becky

Re: BS2.5 - 11/02/08 04:09 PM

That's a bit harder. Of the games in the "waiting" category on that page, so far these have (I think) been released in another language but not in the US or UK yet -- and with no publisher that I know of currently to release in the US or UK (though they may have been released in English in Greece or the Benelux countries, etc. -- they are still difficult for people to get ahold of in English):

Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods
The Bad, the Ugly and the Sober
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
Inhabited Island: The Earthling
Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens
Tale of a Hero
Treasure Island
Yoomurjak's Ring

I'm sure there are other games in this category -- if anybody else knows more, post 'em!

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