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Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 02:27 PM

NEWS: - - - Rhem 4 release in spring 2010 - - - Rhem 1-3 games are incompatible with MacOS X 10.6 but Rhem 4 will work on MacOS X 10.6 - - - RHEM
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 02:31 PM

Thanks Greyfuss. Do you use a Mac?

Ana wave
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 02:36 PM

Hi Sheriff

No I don't. I am assuming that this Rhem will be a Hybrid Win/Mac disk like the first 3 games and Knut Muller is just informing us that this game will also run on the newer Mac Operating Systems. The release date of Spring 2010 is what excites me.
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 02:46 PM

Unfortunately, I believe it's the last of the series if I recall from Beckys interview. It's always sad when a good series ends. I know they have lots of fans.

Ana wave
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 02:58 PM

This is exciting news, and probably the game I'm looking forward to the most. On the other hand it is the harbinger of the end of Adventures for me. All that's left for now seems to be 1st person spooky games - nothing against those, but I'm going to miss good solid exploration games with layers of puzzles.
Posted By: Becky

Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 03:04 PM

Spring 2010 for RHEM 4 sounds great!

Colpet -- I don't think Knut Müller will stop making games after RHEM 4. I'm hoping he'll start a new series after that. thumbsup
Posted By: GreyFuss

Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 03:17 PM

Yes it does sound great. I am getting a few notebooks together and sharpening my colored pencils already.

I hope you are right Becky. The Rhem series is in a class all by itself for pure logic games and I will be the first in line for any game that comes out of the masterful mind of Mr Muller.
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 03:33 PM

Ahh-Rhem 4 how wonderful!!!
A happy GreyFuss.....priceless grin
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 03:39 PM

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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 04:32 PM

Never mind GreyFuss being happy, it's Molars that needs to be placated! eek
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Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 04:57 PM

Glad to hear info on Rhem 4. I really enjoy his games..they're hard for me but i enjoy the exploration in them and amazes me how he does it! Enjoy NOT having to click repeatedly for dialog which can be sooo tedious. I am also very thankful for the walkthroughs!
Posted By: ikonius

Re: Rhem 4... - 11/05/09 05:27 PM

Great news indeed!

If Greyfuss gets any happier we'll need to widen the avatar window for that grin of his to fit grin
Posted By: Kaki's Sister

Re: Rhem 4... - 11/06/09 09:50 AM

I'm excited! I love the Rhem Games! They are truly unique!
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