Gray Matter

Posted By: hamer

Gray Matter - 11/17/10 05:47 AM

Well I am just getting into chapter1....It is a good game....

i just finished Lost Horizon and that game was absolutely awesome......I hope this one is as good..

one thing i can say is that you can tell its her husband doing the music for the game as it is so very reminiscent of Gabriel Knight games....
Posted By: Mad

Re: Gray Matter - 11/17/10 05:57 AM

I liked all the Gabriel Knight music !! So, something else to look forward to bravo
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Gray Matter - 11/17/10 10:50 PM

Sounds great hamer. thumbsup
Posted By: SkeeterUK

Re: Gray Matter - 11/18/10 07:01 AM

How is it. Anything like GK3 at all? Tried GK 1 and 2 but i didnt get into them and i actually liked GK3 and completed it which is rare for me as i can barely bring myself to complete any game the last 5+ years.
Posted By: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: Gray Matter - 11/21/10 07:36 AM

I'm just the opposite, enjoyed GK1 and 2, din't like 3 at all.
Posted By: Susie07

Re: Gray Matter - 11/21/10 10:00 PM

Hi, GuybrushThreepwood!

I loved all 3 lol !

Posted By: venus

Re: Gray Matter - 11/22/10 02:05 AM

Susie07, I'm with you! grin
Posted By: StellaStar

Re: Gray Matter - 11/25/10 04:33 PM

I just finished Gray Matter, and what a great game! Immersing story, well drawn characters, catchy music and a highly addctive (could not stop playing it)!
A must play for GK fans!

I am definetly looking foward to more Jane Jensen games in the future!
Posted By: Mad

Re: Gray Matter - 11/25/10 05:59 PM

That's good to know, StellaStar !!

Thank you thumbsup
Posted By: DaveHT

Re: Gray Matter - 11/26/10 01:55 PM

Hammer and StellaStar,

Where did you buy the game? I can't get the German Amazon to ship the game.
Posted By: venus

Re: Gray Matter - 11/27/10 01:40 AM

Thanks for sharing, StellaStar! thumbsup How did you think the game compared with the GK games?
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Gray Matter - 11/27/10 02:58 AM

Anything that can compare to a Gabriel Knight game is a must have for me. Jane's games always have very good plots.
Posted By: DaveHT

Re: Gray Matter - 11/27/10 08:02 AM

I have seen (and read using Google Translate) a number of reviews of the German version. Has anyone seen a true/legit review of the English version? I heard that the digital German release includes full English language support.

I am very mad to see that the game has been pirated widely. I have even seen some bloggers, who posted their opinions of the game, openly admitted that they were playing a pirated (I presume a leaked beta) copy.

mad mad mad
Posted By: traveler

Re: Gray Matter - 11/28/10 12:27 AM

I was just over at GOG and watched a video in which a senior producer for CD Projekt RED (of which GOG is a part) announced the upcoming release of The Witcher 2 on the same day world wide in eleven languages (five of them fully localized, six in text). DRM free, too. And they're taking pre-orders with distributors already lined up.

If this upstart bunch could do this, what on earth is wrong with Lace Mamba Global? If everyone could get Gray Matter at the same time, for the same price (adjustments have been made to the price of The Witcher 2 to make things fair for the UK and EU), it seems to me that nobody would have the nerve to make excuses for downloading pirated copies of Gray Matter and all you guys who've been waiting so long for this game to come out wouldn't have to keep on waiting and fuming with frustration.

Posted By: fov

Re: Gray Matter - 11/28/10 01:09 AM

dtp has just released a demo of the game, for those who are waiting for the English release. You can get it at the Gray Matter website.

Be warned, it's a huge download. You get to play as both characters and get a feel for some elements of the story that haven't been widely publicized up until now.
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Gray Matter - 11/28/10 01:16 AM

thanks fov thumbsup
Posted By: SkeeterUK

Re: Gray Matter - 12/01/10 04:14 AM

Posted this in the demo topic but figured it would be good in here too as a general discussion of the game instead of just location of a demo of the game.

I have to say that first impressions it is not really that great.
Click to reveal..
The animations are annoying i mean in the demo you find the rabbit and she picks it up by the ears (how cruel!!) but worse still the animation is so poorly done she isn't even touching the rabbit as it is picked up. And when pouring the water even tho you hear the sound of pouring before shes even got it at such an angle where it would start pouring. Then theirs the water bottle for the cage is just so tacky.

The characters animation on bottom of screen, the faces are sooo fat its not nice to look at at all.

The ambient sound is alright tho and music tho the music drowned out what the women in the intro vid was saying as she rang the buzzer so unless u had subtitles on u wouldn't have known what she said.

About the intro as well, i find it lazy in its animation or lack their of. Things just glided like the bike when its curving and i thought how [blip] is that how lazy too.

The nice things i can say is the gfx are colourful if a little weird on the models in the scene due to transparency antialising not working in the game (forced to in nvidia panel) which is a shame. The story might be interesting from the bit i played (stopped when i switched to the bloke). I liked the rabbit stuff but animations ruined the immersion for me.

So first impressions, potential but alot of graphical issues to be fixed imo before i even think about buying it.

Edit - Ah forgot to comment on the voice over work. From the little i played to get a first impression, the voices were nice well that of Sam. She sounded ok. The bloke which i heard just a line or two from sounded ok.
Posted By: dragonuk44

Re: Gray Matter - 12/01/10 08:04 AM

I thought that about the rabbit and it looked strange in the cage wave devilchili
Posted By: gameho

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 03:50 AM

Just finished the demo and loved it! Where can I get this game in English?

Posted By: Becky

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 05:55 AM

Gameho -- you can find instructions for downloading it from a German website (the English version is included) in my post near the top of this thread.

You can also order the German disk version, which includes the English version, from
Posted By: hamer

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 07:11 AM

This is a great game...Jane is a fantastic story teller..and the queen of this genere of games... This game ropes you into the story as you move do play as two characters Samantha and Dr Styles..while the chemistry between Samantha and Styles is not like the chemistry of Gabe and Grace....the story does work well for the two of them....Janes games have a lot more things it seems that you have to accomplish before the cut scene at the end of a chapter.....and that means things with different people all over the map that dont need to be done in any specific order which makes her games seem to be more challenging and keep you more interested....I think she did a fantastic job and hope we dont have to wait to long for her next endevour...
Posted By: gameho

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 02:00 PM

Becky, I must be so stupid because I can't find your post with your instructions for downloading. Please forgive an old lady for a little senility and help.

Posted By: MaG

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 02:07 PM

Click on the gold link - "of this thread" on Becky's post above.
Posted By: vic

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 02:46 PM

I have just finished playing the demo. I agree with SkeeterUK that the music level was too loud, but I found I could change that in the options menu (can also alter the sound effects) so the voice levels were then correct. The voices were a lot louder when playing the videos for some reason, which, as was just a transient thing, I adjusted by reducing the volume quickly just for that part.
Anyhow, I enjoyed the demo very much, including the look of it (very sumptuous feel) and the storyline. The voice acting is a of a very high stndard; I particularly liked the male voice part for Dr Styles; reminded me a little bit of Michael Caine's voice. I am looking forward to playing the game in full.
Posted By: Becky

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 03:48 PM

Gameho -- just in case you've got a different page setup than I do so the link doesn't work -- use the Search feature and search for "Google translate". Then scroll down the list of subjects until you see the "Gray Matter Amazon Germany Download" subject title with Becky as the poster.
Posted By: gameho

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 04:20 PM

Thanks, Becky, for your patience. I can't wait to play this one!


Another dumb question, I will get the game in English, won't I? I think I found the site but everything is in German.
Posted By: Becky

Re: Gray Matter - 12/02/10 05:54 PM

Gameho -- the download is for the German and the English version. Just be sure you select "English" whenever it gives you a language option.

Using Google Translate to translate pages during the purchase and installation is a good idea too -- it's all in that post where I describe what to do.
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