Posted By: Mr 2 u

Deponia - 07/11/12 11:05 PM

Just a short note to let the U.K Boomers know that Deponia has been released!

I'm getting my copy from Amazon smile looking forward to this one, I've been waiting ages for it.
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Deponia - 07/11/12 11:16 PM


Ana wave
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deponia - 07/12/12 04:10 PM

Mine arrived today, finally !! thumbsup
Posted By: MaG

Re: Deponia - 07/12/12 04:48 PM

Have fun, Mad.
The walkthrough is forthcoming! laugh
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deponia - 07/13/12 06:33 AM

Wow !! Thanks, MaG happydance I'm sure to need it laugh
Posted By: venus

Re: Deponia - 07/13/12 09:37 PM

Mad, does your version have limited activations, or is it just like a regular disk copy one would have received before that terrible DRM was introduced?

Also, if Mad's answer is positive, does anyone know if Dave at Interact will be getting this game? smile
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Deponia - 07/13/12 09:47 PM

I haven't asked Dave to get this one because the last few times I recommended a wanted game to him, the games end up getting a bad rap for something and then I don't know if the games are being purchased. If it ends up being wanted after it's found out what the DRM is and if people want it, then I'll whisper in his ear.

Ana wave
Posted By: venus

Re: Deponia - 07/13/12 09:51 PM

Thanks, Ana. Yes, I can understand that. It's really too bad that publishers feel the need to add this type of DRM. Not liking this new trend at all. frown

Oh, well, nothing to do but wait and see what the people who purchased it have to say, I suppose. smile
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deponia - 07/13/12 11:16 PM

I just installed the game from disk and wasn't required to do any form of "activation" at all.

I launched it and played for a while and everything was fine smile

I bought my copy from Amazon UK.

[I'm not continuing with it right now though as I already have other games in play and want to finish at least some of those first .... even though it does look rather temptingly good !! grin]
Posted By: venus

Re: Deponia - 07/14/12 01:42 AM

Thanks, Mad. That's great news! happydance

Here's hoping it's available at Interact at some point. smile
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