Box games in the UK

Posted By: monbron

Box games in the UK - 11/08/12 12:36 PM

Where are G/B members in the UK buying their games now, I used to get a lot from Dave at Interact, thats gone, I have clicked on Amazon UK and they have a lot of Auto and Sports games and games for Xbox etc but hardly anything a gameboomer would play, I know there are downloads but I do prefer a hard copy and I haven't figured out how to copy to disc yet or even which disc to copy to, can I use Win 7 to copy or do I need Nero etc., - I thinks thats enough questions for the minute - all answers are very much appreciated. think
Posted By: misslilo

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/08/12 01:22 PM

How about
I've often gotten games from there smile
Posted By: monbron

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/08/12 03:30 PM

Thanks Misslilo I had looked there, they were a bit better than Amazon, but not much,I do pretty much have a lot of the current games already but what worried me was that I didn't even see those there.
Posted By: Mad

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/08/12 04:24 PM

I mainly use Amazon and Play.Com if I'm looking for disk versions (in the UK).

But I have used several good Ebay UK suppliers too.
Making sure to check their customer ratings first, of course.
[And I've found some great older games from them, too.]
Posted By: monbron

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/08/12 07:56 PM

Thanks Mad I had forgotten about E Bay, I'm just champing at the bit because I preordered the latest Nancy Drew, it was sent on October 12th and still hasn't arrived and I WANT TO PLAY IT... I'm off to check E bay to see what else I can find mad
Posted By: Carla

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/09/12 11:26 PM

Same here:Amazon, Play and Ebay are my usual suppliers smile
Posted By: RayB

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/13/12 11:02 PM

Since I live in the US I typically have to buy my games now from the UK anyway. The site helps me to find the best prices that are typically lower compared with ebay offers. In the past games would normally arrive in one week postmarked from the UK seller. Things have changed though. In separate orders I bought The Book of Unwritten Tales and Deponia from The Hut. Both games took almost three weeks to arrive and were posted from Belgium. Two weeks ago I ordered Testament of Sherlock Holmes from Zavvi and that one arrived today. Belgium? Nope, Sweden. Just thought I'd share.
Posted By: monbron

Re: Box games in the UK - 11/15/12 08:13 PM

Funny that you live in the US and buy in Europe crazy I recently ordered the latest Nancy Drew from HER (October 14th), I always used to order these from Dave at Interact, but I thought he wouldn't have it, its now November 15th I still haven't received it, I have been chasing it and latest e mail from them today advised me to call USPS??!! Why when they posted it to me and I am in the UK, I have been so polite up to now but things might change in the next few days, including a strong letter to their management. hardwall
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