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Violett - 02/05/14 01:11 AM

Violett is a third-person, point-and-click adventure game that was released in January 2014. I just finished playing it from Steam and despite some shortcomings, it isn't all that bad. It is virtually a reincarnation of "Alice in Wonderland" but told though a Polish company developer and publisher,Forever Entertainment SA. Younger generations will like the lovable characters that Violett will encounter during her visit through the mouse-hole.
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Re: Violett - 02/05/14 02:10 AM

I read that it was mostly a puzzle game.
Glad you got through the game. Thanks for giving us your thoughts.
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Re: Violett - 02/05/14 02:16 AM

Thank you for the info. wave
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Re: Violett - 02/05/14 02:18 AM

Thanks MaG. Apart from a "Labyrinth room consisting of steps and doors where every other room is accessed from, each room has its own puzzle. While some are openly visible, you can use logic to them, but with the majority, most puzzles are trial and error.

There is an inbuilt hint system that works within 4 quadrants, each taking about 15 minutes to lapse before a clue is given. Even then, the clues are in the form of crude sketches which don't help all that much. There is no "skip" mechanism to bypass any puzzle.

It has no more puzzles than any other adventure game would have.
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