Old Game Clasics

Posted By: maggsie

Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 08:39 AM

Hi I was just wondering what do you do with all your old games I have some real classics that are just sitting on my shelf and I cant play them. All Broken Sword, The Watchmaker, The Omega Stone. All Harry Potter,Sctatches, Shzim all Myst. Most of the games that came out in that era. I cant seem to just put them in a charity bag If I knew someone who could use them it would be great.
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Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 09:24 AM

Same here, I have a divan drawer full! Again all Myst, all Black Mirror, CSI'S even the discredited 'Limbo' scared
Posted By: Mad

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 11:04 AM

What about listing them on The Trading Post here at Gameboomers ??

[ But maybe not the discredited "Limbo" laugh ]
Posted By: boidsonly

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 01:46 PM

I agree. How about listing them and give us Collector's a shot at purchasing them from you? We both get what we want?
Posted By: BrownEyedTigre

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 02:26 PM

I have all mine sitting on my shelves in my living room. laugh They will be replaced one of these days, but not ready to box them up. I suggest Trading Post too.

Ana wave
Posted By: maggsie

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 03:10 PM

Thanks for your input I will work to get a list together. It will be hard to let go of some of them. It is so sad all those super games I wish I had kept my old XP. LOL
I remember when the trading post was pages long and lots of activity with all the gamers.
Posted By: Space Quest Fan

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/22/16 09:43 PM

I was just thinking about replaying one of the Monkey Island games. I really miss the old Sierra and Lucas Arts classics.
Posted By: maggsie

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/23/16 07:25 AM

That's what I do all the time and I try and have a go on my lap top and as usual I am disappointed. I started with Schizm I think it had six cds LOL loved those games.
Hope you have better luck than I
Posted By: lexxy

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/24/16 12:01 AM

I know what you mean about keeping the old classics. I have my wxp in my den and every now and then I dust off an old game and playing it beings back memories. cry
Posted By: kazzmo

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/24/16 02:14 AM

I would certainly purchase those games!! Wow.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/24/16 02:30 AM

Most of the listed games can be run on modern computers using virtualization, emulation, alternate executable files, etc. Check how many YouTube playthroughs there are for these games. Sometimes the YouTube mentions what he used to get the game working -- e.g. RivenX on Mac OSX, or VMware. Some of the games would need a NoCD due to DRM (Black Mirror, Myst IV+V, Broken Sword 3+4, the last Harry Potters).

Broken Sword 1
Broken Sword 2
Broken Sword 3
Broken Sword 4
The Watchmaker
The Omega Stone
Myst Masterpiece
Myst III
Myst IV
Myst V
Riven on a Mac using RivenX
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
Black Mirror
Black Mirror 2
Black Mirror 3
various CSI games
even Limbo of the Lost

All of the above have been played on Windows 7, though not always natively -- depends on the game.
They can also be played on Windows 8 and sometimes 10 -- again not always natively.
And you may need a NoCD now that Microsoft has blocked the more invasive types of SafeDisc and SecuROM DRM.

The first two Broken Sword games are the easiest of all to run since they are both supported by ScummVM. Copy the data files from the CD's to the hard drive, rename the 2 files (4 for BS2) as directed at ScummVM
and point ScummVM at the folder where you put the game files.

So the first two Broken Sword games will run on any version of Windows that ScummVM runs on -- as well as any other operating system supported by Scumm (Android, Dreamcast, Mac OSX, etc.)
Check the ScummVM compatibility list for supported games.

Scratches is also compatible with Windows 7 and 8, though 7 requires you to edit a file.
There is an easy fix for the disc version in the "Windows 7 and Games" thread.
EDIT for Scratches. Inland and I found a work-around posted by the game developer. You must edit the Scream.CFG file. To accomplish this in Windows 7, go to C:/Program Files/Nucleosys/Scratches. Find the Scream.CFG file and right click. Select Properties and from within that window, change the Open With option to either Notepad or Word Pad. Change the Rate from 0 to 60. Save the file, exit and restart the game.

Got Windows 8?
According to the Windows 8 and Games thread
In Windows 7, it was necessary to access the Scratches game file and edit the Scream.cfg fileā€¦ but not in Windows 8.

And Draclvr was able to play Scratches in Windows 10, though anything that works on Windows 10 today may not work tomorrow (and vice versa) due to Microsoft changing it all the time. Interesting that Scratches is no longer available for purchase at GOG or Steam. The disc version seems to be the only version currently available. GOG doesn't seem to want to offer as many first person adventure games.

Having an old computer from the date the game was released (or not much newer) and with the version of Windows the game was made for is the easiest way to play the games, but not the only way.
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Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/24/16 08:37 AM

Thanks Jenny100 for your great knowledge but most of all that went straight over my head, I don't even know what a NoCD is. WOW you are so computer savvy. I will make a list and see if any one wants them and just hope that some of them eventually comes to Steam or GOG.
In Awe.
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/24/16 04:46 PM

A NoCD is a type of patch that removes DRM so you don't need the game CD (or DVD) in the drive. Occasionally NoCDs are released from legitimate sources (as with A Vampyre Story and Myst IV) but usually they come from hacking groups that like the challenge of cracking DRM. If you want to find a NoCD for a game, Google the name of the game and the word NoCD. For many NoCD's the instructions are simply to replace the game .exe with the NoCD. Sometimes you have to replace more than one file. NoCD's should be scanned with a virus scanner before using. I've never come across a NoCD that had a virus or other malware in it, but there is always that possibility with anything you download for free.

The intrusive forms of DRM that Microsoft blocks started being put on games around 2003 with StarForce v3. Older games than that won't have the DRM blocked, but the game still not play for other reasons, like not being compatible with a newer version of Windows, or with the drivers that are made for newer versions of Windows. In some cases the disc check mechanism isn't particularly harmful, but just doesn't work on newer versions of Windows.
I will make a list and see if any one wants them and just hope that some of them eventually comes to Steam or GOG.

The Broken Sword games are already at GOG, and have been there for some time.

GOG doesn't seem to like first person games though, so you're not likely to see Schizm or The Omega Stone there.

Scratches used to be there, but was removed. If you already bought it there, it should be in your GOG game list. If not, you may have lost your chance.

GOG's version of Myst Masterpiece doesn't work on any Windows 7 or 8 computer I've tried it on, though their version of Riven does work. Myst III and IV were never available at GOG and probably never will be. If you have the disc version of Myst III, try it with ResidualVM.

CSI games, same issue as Myst III and IV -- Ubisoft owns the rights and isn't interested in re-releasing the games.

The Watchmaker probably won't ever make it to GOG. It was unstable even on the version of Windows it was made for, and I doubt GOG wants to receive a bunch of complaints about it crashing.

The Harry Potter games from EA will probably never be DRM-free downloads because they are owned by EA.

If you enjoyed games like the Kheops games -- Nostradamus, Secrets of Da Vinci, Egypt III, Salammbo, etc... you may find them at other DRM-free sites like and but not at GOG.
Posted By: maggsie

Re: Old Game Clasics - 08/24/16 05:43 PM

Thanks Jenny100 I may have ago at that NoCD. I will have a look at the other sites you mentioned.
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