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Obduction - 10/02/16 05:10 PM

I am a great fan of the all the Myst type games... However... This is the second time that I've had to start Obduction over because there isn't any save feature. The first time the game crashed and when I went to start over the auto save was corrupted. This time I ended up in a very dark spot that I've spent 20 minutes trying to get out of. My son is playing this game and has had the same type of problems. At this point I would not recommend this game unless Cyan gets some of the bugs out of it or at least adds a save option.
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Re: Obduction - 10/02/16 06:10 PM

Sorry you had issues with the game.

Ana wave
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Re: Obduction - 10/02/16 07:02 PM

I just finished the game. There is a weird manual save system. Here's the explanation from the Obduction manual.


● Load Game: Choose a previously saved game to continue from

○ Each individual new game session will be placed in its own save slot.

○ Each save slot can be cloned or copied to another slot with the ‘Down arrow’ icon. This will allow you to preserve a save without it being overwritten by an autosave.

Here's the link to the whole manual (pdf):

Obduction Manual
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Re: Obduction - 10/02/16 07:08 PM

Thanks Becky wavegirl
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Re: Obduction - 10/02/16 07:51 PM

Hey Marita! hamster
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Re: Obduction - 10/02/16 07:54 PM

Thank you so much Becky! Its my next game to play this will come in handy!
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Re: Obduction - 10/02/16 09:43 PM

Thank you so much for the save information!!!! You people are great!
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Re: Obduction - 10/03/16 12:49 AM

Hey Ana! lab

TRM -- it's an odd save system, but better than no save system.
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Re: Obduction - 10/03/16 07:49 AM

Much better!! wave
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